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well we all know the posion puffs, the power punks,and all the other puff versions.But nobody has ever met the Brainy Puffs!

About a साल पूर्व .....the Proffesor realized the power puffs were growing up and he was soon going to lose them.Not willing to have an empty house and be द्वारा himself all over again,he began preping his supplies of sugar,spice,and everything nice.It took fifteen trys to get it right but finally, he suceeded!

The first few days were great with his three new girls.He had not seemed to be able to name them yet,but he loved them all the same.But,around the सेकंड week,He realized he could'nt take care of three five year-olds again.He was to old, and needed to retire.So...after much thought,he decided to get rid of them.First,he went to Mojo jojo.He may have been a evil genius simian,but he was still a genius. "I can barely handle my four sixteen साल old boys already!I cannot except three ruffiant girls to add to my evil headaches!" Mojo कहा rubbing his large cranium.

"So Mojo's out of the question"the Proffesor said. "It's ok Proffesor! you'll find us new homes! there is no logical data against it!" one of the puffs said. "I guess you're right"the Proffesor कहा glumly.Next he tried to get Mandark to take them,due to the fact that he took the posion puffs."WHAT! ARE आप CRAZY!?I CAN BARELY TAKE CARE OF THESE THREE ANNOYANCES THAT आप DROPPED ON ME!"Mandark yelled, slaming the door in the Proffesor and the puffs faces. "WHAT A JERK! I'M GLAD HE DID'NT TAKE US!" on of the other puffs said.The Proffesor began to lose hope.He tried Dexi, and she was about to take them until the one who yelled started to fight with her,thus causing yet another door slamming in their faces.He was so desperate that he even asked people who were'nt geniuses if they would take the girls,but still no takers.

Finally,after giving up all hope of trying to find new homes for the girls,he took them home. "PROFFESOR!" the powerpuff girls yelled running to hug their dad. "We invited डेक्स्टर over for dinner.Is that ok?"Blossom asked blushing shyly. "Why sure Blossom!that would be lovely!"the Proffesor कहा happily hugging the three girls."So....How did it go with finding new homes for our little sisters?"Bubbles asked after letting go. "Unfortunatley....Not to well..."the Proffesor said.the three new puffs peeked through the front door shyly. "You can come in girls"he कहा as the girls began to creep back.Dexter walked in hearing all the commotion."Dexter?Blossom I thought आप कहा आप only invited him.not that he was here already!"the Proffesor कहा looking angrily at her.

"It's not her fault Proffesor!I came uninvited.I need to speak with you"Dexter कहा looking at the Proffesor sternly as if it was important."Ok?I guess if it wasn't Blossom's fault,what is it आप need to talk about?"The Proffesor कहा following डेक्स्टर into the अगला room. "well.. First off I need you're daughters here with us,you're new daughters if आप would please.This is about them!" डेक्स्टर said,sitting down on the couch."Alright then,But why?"Proffesor asked, staring at डेक्स्टर inquisitivly.Dexter paused a moment,as if he was thinking how to word what he wanted to say, keeping his eyes on the Proffesor. "Well...I don't exactly know how to say this..."Dexter कहा looking shrill.

"Well get on with it!"Proffesor said.

"I Should'nt even be asking it was dumb for me to come over"

"Just say it already!"

"Well...I want to.....Adopt you're three new daughters"

"WHAT!!???"The Proffesor कहा looking at डेक्स्टर like he was just plain crazy. "YOU कहा आप WERE TO BUSY!"."That was when आप made the posion puffs! Now I think I have time to take care of them!"Dexter कहा looking angered and blushing nervously at the same time,like he knew he shouldn't have कहा anything at all."YO!WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN HERE!"one of the new puffs said. " ummmm well....everything is fine I guess.."Proffesor कहा still looking at डेक्स्टर suprised. " To tell the truth girls..I was asking you're father if I could be the one to take care of you.Is that alright?"Dexter कहा looking at the girls with a smile."well....Why exactly do आप want the girls anyway?"Proffesor asked.Dexter figited for a second,thought about it, for a few moments,and finally after ten मिनटों of thinking spoke."Well in truth....I see a bit of myself in these girls."Dexter said.

"SAY WHAT!?"the puffs and the proffesor कहा looking shocked."well,it's nothing personal.It's just from what I can tell....all three of them are geniuses!"Dexter कहा looking as if he had just stated an obvious fact."Now that is simply ilogical!How that is even probable to a mind as exquisted as yours is simply idiotic!" The third puff.Dexter just looks up at the Proffesor with an "I told ya so!" look on his face.The Proffesor looked at the girls mournfully.He had really grown fond of the girls,but he knew he could'nt take care of them. "I just don't know,I mean डेक्स्टर is so far the only person to actually offer,but then again he's only sixteen."The Proffesor thought. "though, Mandark was only twelve to thirteen when he took the posion puffs....Hmmmmmm"

"Please Proffesor......I promise i'll take good care of them."Dexter pleaded. "I still don't know" Proffesor said. "PLEASE!"the three puffs कहा together. "Wait...you actually want him to be you're father?!"the Proffesor कहा inquisitivly. "Ya,he's awesome!"the first puff said. "He's smart!" कहा the third puff."He's fun!...I guess"the सेकंड puff said.

"hmmmmm alright Dexter,you can take them" Proffesor said."OH THANK आप THANK आप THANK आप PROFFESOR!"Dexter said, running to hug the him.
"Ummmmm Dexter, please let go!"Proffessor said. "oops sorry!"Dexter कहा letting go of the proffesor.

Later,at Dexter's house.....

"Sooooo do आप three have names yet?"Dexter asked."NO!"the three कहा together."OK then...I guess before आप go to बिस्तर then I should name you!"Dexter said.Dexter looked over at the first puff.

The first puff had a labcoat, a purple skirt, black glasses,and red hair with light purple eyes.

"You seem like the real Brainiac to me."Dexter said."Well guilty as charged!I am a power puff Scientist!"she कहा looking at डेक्स्टर happily."Wait...I GOT IT!we'll name आप Brainiac!He said. "YA!Ithink..."Brainiac said.Dexter looked at the सेकंड puff.

The सेकंड puff had blue hair that stuck up all weird near the चोटी, शीर्ष in different directions while the rest in was long and wavy.she had purple markings on both of her eyes.Her iris's were seafoam green to match her green स्कर्ट and unlike the other puffs , had purple and green striped socks(or whatever their called i don't remember)

"Sheesh आप look like आप just rolled outta bed!"Dexter said."Ya well I like this hairstyle so deal!"She said."My sis's call me Bedhead even though I didn't have a name!".
डेक्स्टर thought for a moment,and just like with Brainiac he had it."Well then why not let that be you're name"He said. "Hmmmmmmmm....Meh at least it's not stupid like Brainiac!"Bedhead said. "You know I have super hearing right?!"Brainiac कहा looking away from Bedhead angrily. "Hmmmmmm know all that's left is you"Dexter कहा looking at the last puff.

The last puff reminded him alot of blossom,Long wavy red hair,though unlike most puffs,her eyes were pitch black,no iris's.She had a black bow in her hair with red in the middle of it along with a Black and गुलाबी skirt.She wore a light गुलाबी vest with a white short-sleeved polo under it.She at the time was holding a book in her hands,and was wearing her पढ़ना glasses.

As डेक्स्टर came closer to get a better look at her she began to back away shyly. "hmmmm आप seem to really to be into पुस्तकें there"Dexter said."Ummmmm well ya,I always have ummmmm been into books"She said,Looking shyly away from Dexter."You know आप remind me of me when I was you're age,always afraid to say I liked something,Never really able to tell people I was into science.I was always just trying to fit in and do what everybody expected of me"Dexter said,Looking down at his new daughter."Really?you don't seem to do that now..."She said."Well after a little while I began to realize it did'nt matter what everyone esle wanted me to be it mattered what I wanted to be,and that was a scientist!"Dexter said. "Now let me ask आप this,is there maybe anything आप want to be named?to help दिखाना आप and what आप are?"

"Well....I know this sounds weird but.....I kinda wanted to be named Bookworm."She said.Brainiac and Bedhead just stared at their sister,then started to giggle and finally just burst out laughing,tears runing down their faces olding themselves and falling on the floor."STOP IT RIGHT NOW!BRAINIAC AND BEDHEAD!"Dexter yelled.He had never had to दिखाना such a decible of anger in order to get someone to stop,Not even Mandark and Dexi.Brainac and Bedhead stopped, looked up at डेक्स्टर .His jaw clenched,fists balled,Red in the face.They then realized they had upset their new father."I swear I have'nt been this angry since Dee!"Dexter stopped short. He had almost कहा is older sisters name, DeeDee, Who died to save डेक्स्टर from Mandark."Since who Daddy?Uhh I mean Dexter!?"Bookworm कहा looking at him sadly.Dexter began to tear up,the mere thought of that night literaly made him cry sometimes."Just go to बिस्तर girls....I need some time to think"Dexter कहा covering his eyes so to secretly hide the tears."But!"The three puffs began to complain."I कहा GO TO बिस्तर NOW!" डेक्स्टर yelled.The puffs looked up at him tears in their eyes, as if they were sorry for making him so angry."Oh,No girls it's not you're fault!" डेक्स्टर कहा as the girls floated up the stairs quietly sobbing to themselves.

"Ahhhhhhhh it's never easy being a parent,is it Dexter?" डेक्स्टर कहा to himself Looking in the slightly cracked mirror over the bathroom sink.A small figure appeared in the left corner."Dexter?"The figure said.The shadow stepped out into the light.It was Brainiac,In her Purple night गाउन with white fringe,her hair tied back in a bun,her eyes tinged with a look of a so far sleeples night.Dexter looked over at the clock on his night stand. "It's almost midnight...what are आप still doing awake?"Dexter कहा yawning."I just wanted to say I was sorry for making आप so mad" Brainiac said."And I really am,I have'nt been able to sleep,knowing that it might be the reason for आप to take us back to the proffesor."
"Know why on earth would आप think I would do that?"Dexter कहा looking at Brainiac. "I would never do that!".Dexter walked over to Brainiac, got down on the floor,so as to be at her level of sight. "you mean you're not gonna get rid of us like the Proffesor?"Brainiac said."What?that would be crazy!now listen,I promised I would take care of आप three and that's what i'll do,just because I get a little snippy once does'nt mean that i'll just dump आप off on a सड़क, स्ट्रीट corner!so quit worrying!It's gonna take a lot और than that for me to get tired of आप three!"Dexter said,smiling at Brainiac.Brainiac looked up at Dexter.So far he was'nt the Proffesor but he actually made a pretty good dad,sure he had a short temper,hated kids,and techniqchaly(I KNOW I SPELLED IT WRONG!)was in प्यार with Braniacs older sister but he still seemed like a loving caring dad. "Now come on let's get आप to bed!it's late enough after my बिस्तर time as it is! but आप should have been asleep hours ago!"Dexter कहा leading Brainiac back toward her room.

The अगला दिन डेक्स्टर tried to make up for being so mad द्वारा taking the girls to the park near the lake,which on saturdays was full of children the girls age.He knew this might help the three fit in better,or at least, find a friend.Though little did डेक्स्टर know that all last night Mandark and Mojo had been busy at work.Even though they कहा they could'nt take care of the puffs, they decided later to make new puffs of their own!

Mojo created three new rowdy ruffs. Behemoth, Bludgeon,and Blake.Behemoth was smart and had blond hair with a Navy Blue vest,a red and blue tie,a long sleeved whit polo,and black pants.He had Pale Blue eyes और so like bubbles,than that of a rowdy ruff boy. Bludgeon like Bedhead had really weird hair,which hid under a green baseball cap.He also wore a vest,though his was a very deep घास green,compared to that of her gray. He had a black short sleeved polo and a silver and green tie,along with grey pants.Blake,Looked like Brick sort of,red hair with a black baseball cap, the brim colored red.Like bookworm he had completely black iris's.He wore a maroon vest with a long sleeved white polo,a completly red tie,and Black pants.

Mandark,also created three new puffs,three girls.Blastonia,Bloody,and Blow away.Blastonia, looked like an evil version of Brainiac,With dark purple eyes,and purple eye patch over her left one,with picture of a skull and crossbones with a purple bow on it and red gemstones on the eyes.She also wore a labcoat,it had tears on the arms along with fresh cuts on her arms,black braclet's with purple spikes on them on both arms.A ragged puple स्कर्ट and मछली nets on her legs instead of stockings and purple maryjanes instead of black.Bloody,had red markings on her face,like bedheads purple ones,though Bloody's looked like they were cut with a चाकू to look like that.Her hair stuck up in millions of directions,even और than Bedheads,and was all tied back in a टट्टू tail.Her eyes were Dark Green,though आप could only see one. due to the fact that the other was covered द्वारा hair.I suspect that she also had a eye patch on her eye as well.And last,Blow away,a evil lookalike of Bookworm she's to scary to even to describe!

But i'm getting WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to far into the story!so i'm gonna cut off here! the rest of it shall be placed in part two! see ya soon!
 Sure hope डेक्स्टर knows what he's gettin into!
Sure hope Dexter knows what he's gettin into!
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