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Narrator: Another दिन of crime fighting ends with a nice evening filled with relaxtion, and...
Bubbles: Sushi!
Professor Utonium: I got it for आप while I was picking up a few tools.
Blossom: What kind of tools?
Professor Utonium: Oh, आप know, tools I use for building, या fixing my inventions.
Narrator: This gave Blossom an idea on how to build her car, but there was one problem.

Midnight, everyone was asleep.

Blossom: The professor sleeps in the lab downstairs, and that's where his tools are. I gotta be very quiet. *Slowly opens the door. She tip toes down to the lab*
Professor Utonium: *Sleeping on his bed*
Blossom: *Using her X-ray vision in the dark to locate the tools. She finds them on a drawer to her left*
Professor Utonium: *Opens one eye*
Blossom: *Tip toeing as she looks back at the professor. She sees that he is facing away from her*
Professor Utonium: *Closes his eye as he turns his head around*

The अगला morning, Blossom woke up her sisters.

Blossom: Wake up, wake up!! I did it, I did it, I did it!
Bubbles: *Yawns* Did what?
Blossom: Come and see!

In front of their house, Blossom's car was sitting out on the street.

Buttercup: No way, आप bought it, and had it shipped here.
Blossom: I did not. I built it myself. I nearly got caught too, because I borrowed the professor's tools.
Bubbles: And that's how आप built it?
Blossom: Yep. Anyway it's time to patrol Townsville. Meet आप at City Hall.
Buttercup: Roger. *Takes off with Bubbles*
Blossom: Okay. *Sits in her car* Let's get rolling. *Puts the key in the ignition, and turns it clockwise. The engine does not start* Hm. *Scratching her head* That's odd. *Turns the key again*

The engine still refused to start.

Blossom: I don't believe this. Come on!
Bubbles: *Flying with Buttercup, looking down at the streets* Those streets are pretty crowded.
Buttercup: I don't know what Blossom was thinking. She's gonna be stuck behind a hundred cars while we do all the work.

2 B Continued
 Blossom's car
Blossom's car
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Powerpuff Girls con. 2

mitch: i know the magic!
miss keane: go..
blossom: a king!
bubbles: ???
buttercup: cool! how about a ghost?
miss keane: sure
buttercup: what! I guessed that one!
bubbles: lucky आप guys.
mary: stars?
miss keane: no..
blossom: it always need a t.. telephone
mitch: environment
miss keane: uh.. environment?
mitch: yeah
miss keane: आप can take up all the environment? we are now on an environment.
mitch: then earrings.
blossom: snake
buttercup" cockroach!
bubbles: ew
miss keane: not a cockroach
blosom: egyptian scrolls
buttercup: hamburger
miss keane: no
bubbles: souvenirs?
miss keane: great job
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Powerpuff Girls con.

Miss Keane: So..
Buttercup: Ok, try is to understand, as hear is to.. I don't know!
Blossom: Just pick another so she will know!
Bubbles: I don't like waiting, Miss Keane. I want to hear the answer and learn something new.
Miss Keane: *sighs* Ok, Blossom, आप are on it.
Blossom: Try is to understand, as hear is to forget. Or.. When I hear it, I forget. When I try it, I understand.
Miss Keane: Bravo.
Bubbles: Do we have any thing fun to learn now?
Miss Keane: Yes!
Buttercup: Better and easy!
Miss Keane: So, here.. lannnnguage.
Bubbles: Hmm?
Buttercup: What do आप mean द्वारा language?
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Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles: Let's go to school! We will be late!
(flies to school)
Miss Keane: Ok, girls. आप have come right in time. Now, we will start on our lessons.
Blossom: I am ready, teacher.
Miss Keane: What comes after this? When I hear it, I..?
Blossom: Me! I know it!
Miss Keane: Now, now. I don't like people like that and आप look like a begger to me.
Bubbles: Hehehe.
Miss Keane: So, who knows it besides Blossom?
Blossom: Pick somebody Miss Keane, it looks like nobody knows.
Miss Keane: Ok, how about you, Buttercup?
Buttercup: What?!
Miss Keane: Go ahead..
Buttercup: I don't know! Wait, what was...
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Powerpuff Girls!

Blossom: Buttercup, go get the phone!
Buttercup: NO, आप GET IT!
Blossom: No!
Buttercup: Well, I am busy practicing my moves!
Blossom: Well, I am busy doing my homework.
Bubbles: Shut UP!
Blossom&Buttercup: आप go!
Bubbles: Why not?
Blossom: Thanks, आप help out everything.
Buttercup: HAI-YAH!
Blossom: Shh! I am concentrating.
Buttercup: Then go find another place!
Blossom: आप go outside!
Bubbles: Stop!
Blossom&Buttercup: No.
Bubbles: Girls, just go to your own!
Blossom: Fine.
Buttercup: I will hit आप when आप finish your homework.
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bubbles interview
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