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This powerpuff girls Z प्रशंसक कला contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

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I woke up to find Chiyeko on my arm, sleeping. I kept my window open last night; which was a good thing. It was dark outside, so I didn't have to get up yet. After a half hour, Chiyeko woke up. "So, aren't आप a sleepy spider!" I said.
"Morning, Kaoru. So, are आप going to school today?" she asked.
"Yeah. Do आप want to come with me today, Chiyeko? My class is preparing the decorations for the school dance today. I guess that you'd like to do something like that. Maybe आप can meet my friends."
She liked the idea and came with me to school. As I walked in, Miyako, Katsou, Minoru, Momoko,...
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Powerpuff Girls Z Opening 1 with subtiles.
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The girls and I are going to the boys house as our dark forms. Then something hit me. "Momoko, what name did आप choose?"
"I chose Demon. So, what names did आप choose when आप first did this.
"Boo." replied Miyako.
"Bones." I replied. "And I कहा that we're twin sisters. So आप must be our triplet that just arrived from visiting Mexico."
"Ok!" she squealed.
"And please don"t squeal. We are supposed to act dark, remember?"
"Got it." When we arrived, we knocked on the door. When we opened it, we saw that the house was clean. Actually clean for once!
"Hi!" we कहा as we walked in. Then the...
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