Kristina Pimenova is in love!
Kristina's Perspective

There's a new boy at school today. His name is Vincent and he's soooooooooooooooooo cute! He कहा hi to me and I think that's a sign he likes me! *gasps* Maybe he कहा hi because he loves me! Oooohhh!! I can't wait to tell all my friends!

My फ्रेंड्स didn't believe me. They कहा "yeah, right". But I know it's true! I know Vincent is secretly in प्यार with me, who wouldn't? I'm the prettiest girl in the world, for heaven's sake! Ugh! Nobody believes me! But आप know Vincent loves me...right? Don't आप believe me?

Vincent's Perspective

There's a really annoying girl at school named Kristina Pimenova. I hate her! She is sooo stupid! I can't believe she's the prettiest girl in the world! Ugh! She's so ugly! Who calls ugly girls "beautiful"? People are sick! I have a cute crush named Nishka Reddy. She should be the prettiest girl in the world! Oh, how I प्यार her! I tried to दिखाना her my प्यार today द्वारा चुंबन her lips. I think it worked! But Kristina saw, and she ran away in tears. I think she loves me. Oh, never mind, Diary. I'll दिखाना her how much I hate her.....soon.

To be continued....
She may look beautiful, but her crush hates her soooo much!