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This सूची contains personal points of view, it's perfectly fine if आप don't agree with them. This सूची will contain possible spoilers if आप haven't seen the episode/movie the moment is from.

#10. Serena losing her first पोकेमोन Performance in "A Showcase Debut"

Seeing as Serena trained really hard for the पोकेमोन Showcase her loss was pretty shocking and upsetting. What was even और upsetting was her emotional breakdown about the loss, and I'm surprised I didn't start bawling my own eyes out because I'm a very sensitive person so when I see something sad on TV I often end up in tears. Serena...
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 Someone's astonished द्वारा Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
Someone's astonished by Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
The Valentine दिन had officially passed, but we are still a couple years away from the end of the Pokemon anime. There will be plenty और action between now and that magical दिन when Ash and everyone else on the दिखाना gets paired up with someone canonically. The ongoing XY series will undoubtedly shake things up, but for now, let's take a look the चोटी, शीर्ष 10 shippings at the beginning of 2015.

10. IkariShipping (Paul x Dawn)

IkariShipping first started back in the DP era, when Dawn and Paul spent a little time together alone with each other at night before been seen द्वारा Ash. Since then, this...
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