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Alola, पोकेमोन fans. CokeTheUmbreon here, posting an लेख in this club again. We all know that पोकेमोन Sun and Moon came out, right?

(You nod)

I've been looking up on it and finding some पोकेमोन that I would like... and moves I would give dem. Here are some that I find cool.

Good! Let's get started! (P.S.: this is opinion based.)

Ever since I saw the Bloom Sickle Pokémon, I knew I had to get it. It got me thinking about its moveset. Hopefully I get one with an adamant या lonely nature. (Or a hasty one.)
Solar Blade
Sunny दिन (if कहा Grass-type हटाइए wasn't a 2-turn move, I'd...
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A new पोकेमोन is making its debut in पोकेमोन Sun and पोकेमोन Moon! Meet Turtonator! Learn और about this newly revealed पोकेमोन on our site!
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 Umbra, use Dark Pulse! Then follow up with Payback!
Umbra, use Dark Pulse! Then follow up with Payback!
Hey! कोक here! I'm gonna throw this at आप guys. I haven't done a पोकेमोन battle story in a long time. But anyways, let's go!

P.S. it might have a couple curse words. Not a lot tho.

"Can't keep up, Manuel?" says Tyler वैन, वान Berg, a young, black tough gun as he outruns his friend Manuel Marquezo.

Aura ran past us. She bragged, "Who's ahead now?" Aura ran faster as the trio headed through the canyons for weekend fun.

Manuel panted, "Damn *gasps* you." He collapsed on the ground crying. "You and Aura run too fast! It ain't fair!" *throws tantrum*

*helps Manuel up* "You do need to hit the gym."...
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Musician and पोकेमोन Trainer Jordin Sparks shares her पोकेमोन story and memorabilia! Share your own पोकेमोन story and use #Pokemon20 in the शीर्षक for a chance to be featured on the pokemon site!
जॉर्डीन स्पार्क्स
A Cappella theme for #Pokemon20
Ash: Hi, i'm Ash!

Misty: And i'm Misty!

Ash: And this is Kanto Tv's Pokéshots!

Misty: Today's guest is someone we all know if we've ever played the पोकेमोन Games-

Ash: Holy sh*t there's a game!?

Misty:-The not so one and only, Nurse Joy!

*Applause and cheers from audience as Nurse Joy appears*

Joy: Thank आप for having me on your show!

Misty: No problem!

Ash: How does your hair make those Loopy things?

Misty: Shut up Ash!

Ash: Sorry.

Misty: So, as we all know, you've been involved in the games and anime-

Ash: Holy sh*t there's an anime?

Misty: Where do आप THINK पोकेमोन came from?

Ash: Japan!

Misty: Stop...
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