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Georgia gets in dead meat

Courtneyfan6: Okay, class, today's behavior card day. We'll start from best to worst; सोना to black. Here are the cards.
(Gold: Ash)
Ash: Yes! I got a सोना card!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Ash. आप are the best student ever and the best पोकेमोन master! Please go to the Principal's office to make her proud!
(Silver: May and Max)
May: Yes! Me and Max got silver cards!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, May and Max! आप get a साल off! You're my first प्रिय siblings ever! Go to the Principal's office!
(Pink: Serena)
Serena: Yes! I got a गुलाबी card!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Serena! You...
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