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a pokeball
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posted by kitmolly123
Young trainer,Karie,age 12,was finally ready for her Pokemon journey.She decided which Pokemon she was going to get,Pigtric,the Electric pig Pokemon.
Karie brushes her purple hair straight and puts her trainer clothes on.She runs rapidly down the steps.
Karie:Okay mom,I'm off!
Mom:Have fun sweetie!
"I'm Karie,from York City.I just became a trainer a few days पूर्व because I started trainer school late.I'm so happy that I could explore the world with all new types of Pokemon,epecially those from other regions.My goal is to beat all the gym leaders and the Elite Four of the Ameri region!"

Youg Karie...
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Gen 1 pandering at its finest!
हे guys. Just to let आप know that Pokemon games like Pokemon Colosseum, XD, X And Y, या Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon are even released from USK 0. That’s because USK 0 is the main USK rating for Pokemon games in general like Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire या Sun and Moon. But Pokemon Sword And Shield is released from USK 6. So either there are complex texts, vulgar language या vl voice output was rated?

Definitely there will be a reason, I am curious if this will be experienced.

Generation 6 even rough story content such as betrayal या something that USK requires… Who knows…

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