I am quite the longtime प्रशंसक of the franchise known as Pokémon, and I have also read many of the पुस्तकें about it, too. Plus, since I have read this book और than once, I find it to be a great read, and I have also found plenty of good and positive things to say about it as well. :)

To start with, if I had to pick a प्रिय chapter in the book, it would be the one where James recalls his plan of “hiring someone to capture पिकाचू for (him, Jessie and Meowth)” — namely, a kid named Todd Snap (although Todd is referred to as “Snap” in the book). Although they thought Todd was great at capturing Pokémon, it turned out that Todd only captured पोकेमोन a different way, and that was with a camera.

(“But, like always, Meowth made a mistake. Snap was good at capturing पोकेमोन — on film. He was a photographer, not a पोकेमोन trainer.”)

Eventually, although Jessie, James and Meowth decide to go their separate ways and disband from Team Rocket, their separation is only temporary, as they begin to remember what their lives had been like before Team Rocket came into the picture — Jessie with no पोकेमोन गुड़िया to play with and no friends, James with his wealthy parents wanting him to get married to a woman named Jessebelle (who was always teaching James proper manners and explaining what he could and could not do), and Meowth with his heartbreaking memories of learning to walk and talk like a human in order to impress a female Meowth named Meowzie (who, he realized, didn’t like him at all and thought that he was a freak, while also falling in प्यार with a Persian and believing that humans were great).

Anyway, this book is awesome, as well as very neat and inspiring. :) I give it five stars, and I highly recommend it to all those पोकेमोन प्रशंसकों out there as well.. :)