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"Where going to Pitch slap आप so hard, your man boobs are going to concave." -Fat Amy

"A toner, a musical boner." -Aubrey.

"I can see your toner through those jeans!" -Aubrey
"That's my dick!" -Beca

"This is all very hard for me to admit to आप guys." -Cynthia Rose
"We all know we're this is going." -fat Amy whispering to Aubrey
"Lesbe honest here." -Fat Amy
"For the past couple of years I've had a serious... Gambling problem." -Cynthia Rose.
"What?" -Fat Amy
"It all started when I broke up with my girlfriend" -Cynthia Rose
"Op! There it is!" -Fat Amy.

"Hey Fat Amy! Ambush!" -Bumper
*hits fat Amy with...
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pitch perfect 3
anna kendrick
rebel wilson
brittany snow
anna camp
Mike Tompkins got the opportunity to perform with the cast of PITCH PERFECT and use YOUR वीडियो to recreate Nicki Minaj's "Starships." Please share this video on Twitter #handsupandtouchthesky
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brittany snow
anna kendrick
anna camp
skylar astin
mike tompkins
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