DSLR Cameras are the best!
Hi everyone, this लेख is mostly on why I प्यार photography. Are आप ready?

How it All Started?

I saw in a newspaper ad about फोटोग्राफी course and after my Eastern European trip, there was where my फोटोग्राफी interest grew!

As a Job and a Hobby

Since I got a Nikon D60, I normally take चित्रो during special occasions. Especially for the Wesley Methodist Church Youth and Noah's Ark Animal Welfare back in Ipoh.

I प्यार to Travel

Whenever I travel, I would snap a चित्र because आप will never know how the place that I had visited may look like! Especially the famous sightseeing and the food.

Enjoy Snapping!

So basically, this लेख is on why I प्यार photography, although I am an amateur photographer.
I प्यार Nikon!!!