Now, the special effects in the फिल्में can be created on virtual sets arranged in your studio with knowledge of green screen technique. Green screen video editing software is available for fine tuning the scenes shot on these temporary sets. Some of the scenes in the latest movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ have been shot using green screen technique only. Let’s see how this technique can help आप in creating special effects in movies.

Suppose आप want to shoot a scene दिखा रहा है earlier era या at a place which does not exist now. What आप will do? Again आप have green screen technique. आप can shoot the whole scene arranging a virtual set. Behind the set, hang green फोटोग्राफी backdrops. Create an image digitally to be superimposed behind the scene.

Now suppose the demand of the film is such that the scene is to be shot in front of some lavish mansion. As आप know, there are only a limited number of mansions across the globe. Some of them might be earlier used in other films. Some of them might be very far away from your place. For arranging a scene at one of those mansions, it would cost आप very high. आप will have to take necessary permissions from the owner या the government of that nation, pay required rent for the mansion and take your entire staff and actors to that place.

However, with green screen technique, the whole scene दिखा रहा है a lavish mansion can be shot in your own studio द्वारा creating a virtual set. How? आप can arrange some of the things to be shown at the exterior of the mansion temporarily in your set. Behind the set, hang green muslin backdrops. Shoot the entire scene on this virtual set. During post-production, add link to replace this backdrop with image background दिखा रहा है lavish mansion. If no such image background is available, it can be created digitally also. Logistics can shoot up your production costs beyond your imagination whereas green screen technique would not cost आप much and almost all the hardware can be reused at other occasions.

So, we can see that how green screen technique has made it possible for the directors and producers to apply special effects in their फिल्में without moving out of their studios. With this technique, आप can arrange any type of location. आप can shot the scene using a green backdrop and add the necessary environment later द्वारा using stock video या creating a digital image. The technique has opened up a new world of innovative possibilities. Surprisingly, the technique is very easy to learn!

तस्वीरें द्वारा ChrisGodfrey/vimeo