Though the chroma key technique has been in use for a long time in film making field, but its use in professional फोटोग्राफी is new. The issues found while applying this technique in फोटोग्राफी are different from those found in video making. In this article, आप will find the information related to use of chroma key in photography.

Blue या Green Background? What Else?

Earlier, blue was used as the screen background. To be successful, only blue had to be used. The reason is the chroma key software was coded for specific color only. But this is not the case with present दिन software. आप can use any solid color as your screen background. The only exception in this is when आप have to photograph people. In this case, आप have to use blue या green backgrounds. Why? Other रंग are not suitable to use for humans as the subject. Yellow and red are present in skin tones; gray, black या white are in shadows and highlights. So, we left with blue & green only.

Further, the background should be in one consistent color. If any variation is there in the shade, the software finds it difficult to key out the background.

Lighting Evenly

Light the chroma key background consistently with minimum possible amount of light. If there will be और light, then there will be और color spill on the subject. Sometimes, आप think that the light in the surroundings of the room is enough to light the chroma key screen and आप do not need और lights. However, the professionals recommend lighting the screen separately.

Positioning the Subject

Make the subject stand little away from the background, at least 5 ft away. It is even better if the distance between the subject and the background is 8 ft. The और the distance, the less the color spill.

Handling Different Types of Shots

Head-shoulder shots या three-quarter shots are easier to handle द्वारा chroma key software. When doing full length shots, there might be shadows falling on the feet of the subject. To remove those subjects, आप can use floor lights.

Click Special Effects Photos

For clicking special effects photos, आप can use green screen body suit. Click different pictures and do a lot of experiments. Little practice will make your फोटोग्राफी perfect.