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~Phineas' POV~
I wish I could tell her... I thought, feeling my palm sweat as I stared into her midnight blue eyes. She looked beautiful under the moonlight, her hair glowing under the dim light of the stars. She had no idea what i was thinking, and I didn't either. Part of me wanted to take her hand and pour out my feelings for her, and the other wanted to curl up in बिस्तर and go to sleep. It had been a long day, 40 hours in fact. Heaving a heavy sigh and smiling, I managed to utter out a few words: "Well, this has been...fun." Is that all आप can say!? I scolded myself. I thought for a सेकंड of what to say next, but my thoughts were suddenly broken द्वारा the soft voice of Isabella's. "Yes, yes it has." she looked into my eyes, I stared into hers. They seemed to project a message, but one I couldn't read. Managing to smile, I asked her if she wanted me to walk her home.
"That would be great!" she peeped happily. I knew she had feelings for me, she just didn't want to admit it. I gently took her hand and smiled warmly at her, only to see her blush and smile back. "Thanks," she whispered, grasping my hand. I felt a tingle run through me as we held hands, one different than all the other times before. Obviously, Phineas, you've fallen in love, I thought in defeat, walking अगला to her across the street. I wondered what time it was; the party had at least lasted और than an hour. I stared secretly in awe at her beauty in the night, her gorgeous eyes sparkled like the stars themselves. Poor Isabella, she looked so tired.
"...Phineas?" I snapped out of it quickly to realize she was speaking to me. "You didn't reply."
"Come again?" I asked, blushing with embarrassment. "Sorry, I was thinking about...something..."
Isabella giggled. She was so cute when she laughed...I loved it when she laughed, that sound made me happy, and let me know she was happy. That made my life complete, just to hear her laugh. "I said, 'thank आप for bringing me home'."
"Oh- yes, you're welcome," I answered coolly, not wanting to let go of her hand. But I had too...she let go first, giving me that same, loving look that she always had. "Thanks again," she कहा happily, giving me a quick hug. I tried to hug her back but she pulled away too quick, quietly opening the door to her front house. "Good-night," I called, slightly waving. She waved back, closing the door softly.
Once I was sure she was inside, I let out a huge sigh and smacked my face to my palm, feeling so stupid for not telling her. Tonight was perfect, but again, I was a wimp about my feelings. The only other one who knew about my crush was Ferb, the only one I really trusted. I just wish I could tell her...If only I could tell her! If only I could, just...if only...

~Isabella's POV~
"Hey Phineas!" I called, about to shoot my famous line. "What'cha doin'?" I noticed his ridiculous outfit, and actually this time I was pretty stumped. "What's that for?" I asked in confusion. The हेलमेट he was wearing look awfully uncomfortable and pointy.
Phineas seemed proud of what he was wearing. "Me and Ferb are going to the Sci-Fi and कल्पना convention today to meet Clive Addison for the first time!" he announced, in his normal, happy tone. I couldn't help but giggle at his choice of clothing. "You look a bit...odd, no offense."
"That's okay, and I must agree." Phineas laughed. "But Ferb made his! Isn't it cool?" the red-head put his hands on his hips, and closed his eyes proudly. I giggled again, only to feel his gaze rest on me. What was he looking at? Hopefully not anywhere I hoped he wouldn't. "I wish आप could come," Phineas said. I लॉस्ट my smile and looked him a bit confused. "Really? Why?" before he could answer, I went on: "No thanks, I don't fancy going to a nerd-convention- not that आप two are. I bet Baljeet with be there, though..."
"Yeah, you're right," Phin agreed. He pressed a button on his arm, and the time projected above it. "Looks like we're running a bit late," Phineas announced, pressing the button again to make it go away. "Bye, Isabella!" he and Ferb jumped into the car, and drove off. I waved a good-bye, and sadly looked at the ground. "Bye..." I echoed. I had really thought today would be the दिन when he showed something...a sign that he loved me too...just anything.

How long will this go on? I cried in my thoughts. Does he प्यार me या not!? I slammed my head on my तकिया and groaned heavily. I beat the तकिया once with my fist, and rolled onto my back, making the तकिया still cover my face. Groaning again, I pulled it away, staring at the गुलाबी cealing, tears stinging my eyes. If only he would see...If only he would feel the same way...If only...