(This story takes place in Phineas and Ferb's teen years)

Isabella was sleeping over at her friend Emily's house, Isabella and Emily were watching a romance movie. "I can't hide my feelings anymore, Mark" कहा the woman on screen. "It is undeniable now." "What is it Jennifer?" कहा the man. "I प्यार आप Mark, ever since we were children I've loved you, I've tried to contain it, but I can't भालू it any longer." as the woman कहा this Isabella began to frown. She got up and got inside her sleeping bag, but Emily stayed put "Jennifer, I... don't know what to say... this is so sudden." कहा the man. "Isabella, get over here, your about to miss the kiss." कहा Emily. "No thanks." कहा Isabella glumly. "But, आप never missed a kiss." कहा Emily. Isabella just pulled her sleeping bag over her head. Emily walks over to Isabella's sleeping bag and pulls down the covers. "Okay, whats wrong, Izzy." कहा Emily. " Nothing, what makes आप think somethings wrong?" कहा Isabella trying to smile. "It's Phineas isn't it?" कहा Emily. Isabella sighs frustratingly. "It's just that I've known him since Kindergarten, and he's never asked me out, it just seems so pathetic." she says. "I know a simple solution when your crush has never asked आप out." says Emily. "YOU ask HIM out." Isabella's eyes perked wide open. "Are आप crazy, I'm trying to get him to like me, not make him think I'm desperate!" she said. "Aren't you?" Emily said. "Well yes, but I don't want him to know it." कहा Isabella. " Well आप know, if आप don't make a move, someone else will." कहा Emily.

At lunch the अगला day, Isabella and Emily are heading to their तालिका, टेबल when they see Phineas and Baljeet studying. Emily gestures to Phineas and walks away. Isabella takes in a deep breath and walks over to Phineas' table. "Baljeet can I talk to Phineas for a second?" कहा Isabella. Baljeet says "Not yet, Phineas needs help with his math home-". "MOVE IT!" Baljeet jumps up and runs off screaming. "Hi, Phineas what'cha doin'?" says Isabella. " Well I was studying until आप came along." says Phineas. "Well, आप never use that tone of voice unless आप really wanted something." Isabella gulps. "So, what's up?" says Phineas. "Well...I was...wondering...if you'd like to...hang out... with me." says Isabella. "Sure, when?" says Phineas. Isabella looks across the room where Emily is sitting, Emily gives her thumbs up. "Um, we could go to the carnival tonight." Isabella says. "No problem, see आप there." Isabella gets up to sit with Emily. "Yes!" she whispers. Baljeet comes back to the table. "Is she gone?" he says.

That night Isabella was getting ready, and talking to Emily on her cell phone. "Will आप just relax?" कहा Emily. "Dating isn't so hard." "Easy for आप to say, आप have a boyfriend who actually asked आप out." कहा Isabella. "Good point." कहा Emily. "Just talk about stuff आप like, but don't hog the conversation, oh, and most importantly, don't किस him unless आप know he likes आप cause that'll leave him shocked and conflicted." "How am I gonna know if he likes me?" asked Isabella. "Uhh...weeeeell... oh look at the time, I gotta go Isabella, have fun at your date." कहा Emily as she hung up. "Uuuuuuuugh!" grunted Isabella. "I guess I just won't किस him."

Phineas was getting ready to, when he heard his cell phone ring. He picked it up. "Hello." Ferb's voice answered saying. "Phineas we're at Mr. Slushy Burger and we're still waiting for you, आप know how waiting for meat makes Buford cranky." "That was today, oh sorry Ferb, it's just that Isabella just invited me over to the carnival." कहा Phineas. "Well आप better call and रद्द करें cause I don't think Buford can wait much longer." said. "Buford want meat NOW!" कहा Buford's voice. "I couldn't do that to Isabella, from the way she sounded I think she's been looking आगे to this, you'll just have to go without me." Phineas heard Baljeet screaming. "I gotta go, Buford's trying to eat Baljeet." कहा Ferb. He hung up.

Isabella waited at the entrance to the carnival, with an anxious look. Phineas' bright नारंगी, ऑरेंज car pulled over in front of her and she sighed with relief. "Hi, Isabella, what'cha doin'?" कहा Phineas. "Just waiting for you." कहा Isabella. Phineas got out of the car. "Isabella, I'm curious." कहा Phineas. "Yeah?" कहा Isabella. "Why would आप invite me, when आप could've inivited anyone?" Isabella gulped. "Uh... no special reason, I just...you know... wanted have fun with you." Phineas paused. "Okay." he said. "Phew." whispered Isabella.

Phineas and Isabella went on a ton of rides before they headed to the ferris wheel. "I never thought I'd have that much fun on a rollercoaster I didn't build." कहा Phineas. "Me neither." कहा Isabella. They got on the ferris wheel, and it took them straight to the चोटी, शीर्ष before stopping. Phineas looked up at the stars. "Hey Isabella," कहा Phineas. "I never told आप this, but remember when me and Ferb built that rocket ship to check out that तारा, स्टार dad named after us, it turned out it was an alien milkshake bar." "Wow, the sign must've been bright." कहा Isabella. "That's what I said." कहा Phineas. They both laughed. For a while, both कहा nothing, until Phineas said: "Isabella?" "Hmm?" Isabella answered. And Phineas went on. " आप know, we've been फ्रेंड्स ever since Kindergarten, and for as long as I can remember, I've been having, weird, unexplainable feelings near you, I thought it was nothing for a while, but it's starting to bug me, it's like your a really good friend, but, like a whole lot और than that." As Phineas कहा this, Isabella grew a smile. Phineas continued. "I'm probably not making any sense, I don't understand it myself." "Actually, Phineas, I understand it completley." कहा Isabella. Phineas eyes grew, "Really, well can आप explain it to me?" "Sure." At that moment Isabella wrapped her arms around Phineas' neck, pulled his head towards her and started a long and passionate kiss. At first Phineas' eyes grew wide open in disbelief, but then they slowly closed. Then he wrapped his arms around Isabella's back. Just then, Isabella's cell phone rang. Neither Phineas nor Isabella took notice and continued their kiss. The phone wouldn't stop ringing and eventually Isabella pulled out her phone, without parting from Phineas, and threw it off the edge of the ferris wheel, Isabella put her arm back on Phineas and continued her moment. The phone hit the ground and broke apart.

Not to far away, Emily was trying to call Isabella, when her phone shown the words: "connection terminated".

"what just happened" phineas blushing while being confused of this werid feeling "umm phineas this किस meant i fell in प्यार with आप a long time पूर्व and i wonder... do आप feel the same way?" isabella feels embrassed " i dont know ? does this answer your question" phineas and isabella किस on the ferries wheel for a long time lets just sayy until the ride ends. Isabella looks at phineas, whle phineas looks as red as a tomateo. They both get off the ride and leave.

once they arrive at isabella's house phineas gets off the car, so does isabella they both walk up to isabella's "phineas i had so much fun with u tonight and i never thought that this would happened" "i had fun to isabella now i understand my feelings for आप isabella, i प्यार आप isabella i think i always have" isabella blushes "i प्यार आप to phineas" they किस one last time i wish this could last forever i dont want to let her go phineas thinks i ca'n't belive that my best friend is चुंबन me but i am glad he is isabella thinks. once isabella enters her house phineas stands there happy and surpised of what happened that night.

at phineas house

"so ferb did buford eat baijeet" 'no thank god !" "good i guess the nerd still alive" "so phineas how did your night go with isabella" " she kissed me" "what ......." speechless ferbs mouth hangs " wow phineas must had been a fun night for you" "yep

at isabella's house

i cant belilive i kissed phineas and he kissed me back i can't wait to tell emily i am glad i broke my phone....? i can't belive i just कहा that anyway i wonder whats going to happen tomorrow

to be coutinued