At the दिन of the party they had several things planned like तकिया fights ,scary movies( Dixie thought Justin biever was scary so her idea of scary movie was "Justin Biever Never Say Never" but they picked "Scream" instead) scrabble, jenga, pictionary ,karaoke,and stuff like that. They invited Isabella, Buford ,Baljeet and of course Candace and her husband to be Jeremy. The first to come was Izzie so meanwhile the boys came Izzie and Dixie chatted in the living room "No matter how many hints I give Phineas can't seem to notice me!"said Isabella. "Dont worry tonight I will do everything I can so that he will at least have a tiny crush on you."Dixie कहा "It's that या my name isn't Dixie Flynn Fletcher Garcia know I can't say my full name या we will stay here all night." When she was done she chose witch pj's Izzie should wear witch were a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt. Meanwhile she was in the bathroom she decided to have a short chat with Phin. "Hey when are they comeing Izzie is already changeing in the bath room and Ferb is falling asl....." Before she could finish Phineas interrupted her and कहा "Candace and Jeremey aren't coming"