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Doof: आप peed on my couch! Perry: XD (LOL)
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This फ़ीनियस एंड फर्ब चित्र contains सीमा टोपी तस्वीर, स्नैप ब्रिम टोपी, स्नैप सीमा टोपी, अभियान टोपी, फेडोरा, महसूस किया टोपी, homburg, स्टेटसन, trilby, टोपी, होम्बर्ग, स्टेट्सन, त्रिलबी, fedora, लगा टोपी, and stetson. There might also be porkpie, porkpie टोपी, पोर्कपी, पोर्कपी टोपी, ऊदबिलाव, अरंडी, बीवर, एरंडर, मांझी, लिवोमो, पनामा, पनामा टोपी, नाविक, पौना, पुआल टोपी, बोएटर, लेघोर्न, पैनामा, पैनामा टोपी, स्किमर, स्ट्रॉ टोपी, मांझी का, लिए, and भूसे टोपी.

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I had originally written this on my deviantART :3 I'm Puffedwarrior of DA 8D
This looked really fun :D I'm doing it PnF style(lol, this is और like PhineasXIsabella style, but with some of just regular Phineas and Ferb XD)

Sitting at the bottom of her friend's tree, Isabella tried to think of something to make her फ्रेंड्स laugh. She had never usually been a funny kind of person, but just recently had she found out that Phineas did enjoy laughter. "I think I might have been dropped when I was a baby, because there is just something missing up here," she pointed to the चोटी, शीर्ष of her head. Even...
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