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Bottom row, L to R:

Bianca Di Angelo. Looking a bit gothic in her black dress and a bit shy to be surrounded by all these people. She IS the daughter of Hades, after all, so I thought she should have goth streak.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that she's the only mortal here...She was forced to tone down her outlandish clothes a bit for this picture and swapped her marker-stained jeans for a more sporty look.

Annabeth Chase. One of her hands is clenched into a fist--she's not too happy to be standing next to Rachel! Still, she's sporting the classic Camp Half-Blood T-shirt (minus the logo) and daydreaming of Percy...

Thalia Grace. She wanted to go TOTALLY goth/punk, but she was forced to tone it down a bit. Still, she insisted on wearing only black and grey...Thalia's my favorite character in the books!

Zoe Nightshade. Sporting her Huntress uniform and a finger gun, she's ready for action. Though she wasn't too keen on posing next to Thalia...

Top row, L to R:

Silena Beauregard. Looking very girly in her denim miniskirt and pink polkadot top. She spent three hours brushing her hair to make it look "perfect," and maybe to impress Beckendorf???

Clarisse La Rue. Very happy to be posing next to her best friend, Silena! She's ready for an energetic day of sports and battles in her exercise clothes.

I did not draw this!

Calypso. Feeling a little out of place with all these campers...She stands out because she is quite elegant and stately in her long summer dress. I bet that hairdo took a long time to arrange!

Katie Gardner. Impatient to return to her gardening, she's not wearing anything fancy. Just comfy, casual clothes for the camper with the green thumb!

Juniper. Although impatient to get back to Grover, she managed to look quite pretty in her loose dress and long amber hair. NOTE: I purposely didn't do green skin, because I tried it out on a test sketch and it looked awkward...

I did not draw this!
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u ever drew this, its good and bad(well, the top row is badish/good)

but still a good drawing, who ever drew it

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great really
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