Annabeth’s point of view

Chapter 1

Hi, Annabeth here. Let me introduce आप to what has happened since Percy started officially going out with Rachel, and not me. Rachel was just about to leave Percy when he pleaded her to stay with him at Camp. We just got out of the Labyrinth, and they were finally going to go there separate ways. Since Percy was so relieved that he was dating Rachel and she wasn’t going to leave him, he went right up to The Princess Andromeda, द्वारा himself dragged Luke to a cliff, and pushed him off. Then, he smashed Kronos to 1,000,000,000,000,000,003 pieces. I was utterly amazed and was about to congratulate him with just a simple hug, when he pushed me away. With sourness in his voice he कहा they we are never going to be something. I guess Percy changed.
That’s when Camp Half Blood broke into two. Percy is the leader for the Male Camp Half Blood and I am the leader of the Female Camp Half Blood, Silena, Clarisse, and Rachel are the co-captains. Beckendorf and Nico are the co-leaders for Percy with Chiron looking over them. (Boys are a little और vicious and rowdy than us girls, and without Chiron they would all be dead.)
Thalia’s पेड़ is still being guarded द्वारा the dragon, and his role is pretty important now that all the couples come out to the पेड़ to talk and make out. (I mean Silena and Beckendorf या Rachel and Percy are there almost every minute, making out.) I feel happy for Silena and all, but I am full of disgust when I see Percy there.
We also have meeting there at Thalia’s पेड़ when we all have to discuss battle plans if we need to fight, which is practically never now that Percy defeated Kronos and no one has any guts to face us. That’s pretty much what happened, आप could say that everything is a total wreck. But I did lead the separation of Camp Half Blood, out of envy and despair of Rachel and Percy, of course.