Percys POV Since were 18 now, we're technically adults. I can do what I want to do. I'm independent. "Okayyyyyy" I say and I take Rachel under the sea and she starts talking. She seems nervous, so I hope everything is okay. If she's in harm that would be bad. Rachel is my world, my everything. I would do anything for her, and I'm sure what I'm going to do right now is the right thing. I was और sure right now than I have been in my whole life. I feel secure with Rachel, which is the opposite of what I feel for Annabeth, thats the main reason I'm not dating her instead of Rach. Rachel starts talking. "Percy, आप are a great guy. I प्यार everything about you. Your sense of humour, your althletic abilities, your cockiness, everything. But Lukes also a great guy, and we've bonded... Percy I think shoul stop dati-" I cut Rachel off, and I start talking. "You are brilliant!" A smile is raked across my face. Then I get down on one knee and say, "Rachel, will आप marry me? I feel the same, I प्यार everything about आप too. And आप are right, Lukes a great guy. He was only forced to be Cronos host, he didnt mean the things he said... And Ive decided...Lukes gonna be my best man!" Rachel looks sad, and worried, and of couse shocked. But all I care about is what she is going to say next. "Yes" I can barely hear what Rachel just said, it was barely over a whisper. I realize I dont have a ring, so with the help of my sea creature friends, and of course my dad, they make a coral/seaweed/lost treasures from the sea ring. And its amazing. All I can do is smile. When we get up from the ocean, I hold a camp half blood meeting- both boys and girls- to adtess the exciting news.