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posted by janesmee
the अगला दिन were standing in front of a ज्वर भाता, ज्वालामुखी all opf us holding the scythe
if आप keep me आप could have all the power in the world आप could fight awaqy that silly prophecy and आप could take vengence on shay it whispers in ,my ear and im tempted और than tempted i now have a burning desire to keep this evil weapon
we all look at each other
i know what i have to do
all at once we throw the scythe into the inferno
a blade destroyed द्वारा eternal fire
at the campout nico pulls me aside
wjhat prophecy did it mean? he asks
posted by janesmee
we finnally reached our destination
thats when every thing went wrong
nisteria was chained i was captured
i didnt even know what happened to nico
im chained in this dimly lit room with this guy i dont know
"my name is shay" he says with a look in his eyes
uh oh i know that look
the same look nisteria used to give nico
"thios is going to be fun" shay says
im chained in this dark room
"come out and fight me" i shout
where is suzie
"oh yull see" says a voivce
suddenly bright light is in the room and before me is an imagfe
it"s suzie
and shay
i thought i killed that bastard
wait why is je looking at suzie...
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posted by ilovenicod
i climb into a cubby as the sun sets
i start singin Adeles Set आग to the rain
and what do आप know it started raining
"I setr आग to the rain" as i sing the line the rain in front of the mouth of the cave catches fire
आप couldve been और specific aphrodite i thinlk as i keep गाना and tears stream down my cheeks
this cant be happening
i keep गाना its the only thing i know
the flmaming rain keeps falling
well dad did always used to say i had a powerful voice
nico comes out of the shadows
i ignoree him and keep गाना he holds me close and i have to wonder is this real
या fake
it is you" he says
"what i askj" still chocking on tears
your voice i heard it in the dream it is yuou" he says
he hands me a necklace
its absolutly beutiful
suddenly it turns into a electric guitar
posted by ilovenicod
The अगला दिन we were ready
golden drachmas
everything else
now all we had to do was survive
we trudged off into the woods
we traveled untilo it was night then we camped down for the nifght in the nearest cave
we woke to भेड़िया howls"did आप hear that" i ask
"yeah" he replies
lets go check it out" i say hopping out of my sleeping bag and running out of the cave
holyu shiznets" i say when i see the huge wolf
"werewolf" nico yells
suddenly the woplf turns into a human
"i. . .. .I I"she says before fainting
okay that was strange
"shall travel west द्वारा the night wolfs howl" recites nico
Hmm well...
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posted by sparkles3
some info: this happens immediately after the Titan war. disclaimer the only thing in this story i own is the 2 characters i made
____________________________________________________"i'll miss you, Lisha." i कहा as i lit my dead best friend's burial shroud with owls all over it. a tear slid down my face. as soon as they कहा the rights या whatever, i sprinted to my cabin, number three. on my तकिया was a sea green आइपॉड touch. i picked it up, and a song started to play:
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Annabeth looked shocked. Percy asked,"do आप even know Luke?" i shook my head. "never met him." i said. i suddenly got an idea. "forget this ever happened. remember my voice but forget the rest." i sang. their eyes went glassy. when they regained focus, they kept talking about my voice. "that spell गाना could be useful on a quest." chiron said. Annabeth nodded. "we could get the bolt so much quicker," she said. "can Lilia come with us?" chiron said, "if she wants to, she may." Annabeth and Percy looked at me like, please PLEASE! i bit my lip. "i... i need to think." i got up and ran back...
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I didn't know what to think when she was up at the entrance to the museum...

I was scared of Gargoel for the first time in my life. I usually wasn't afraid of her because, well, she was my language arts teacher. But this, this was different. I went up to the museum, but when I got up there, Gargoel was already inside. At this time, the museum was empty and echoey. I wasn't sure if the loud pounding I heard was my footsteps या my heart. When she कहा "You think of it yourself! I'm not your personal assistant!", I got kind of freaked out. It was like she read my mind या something.

She started...
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When Mrs. Goel came over, I knew I was in major trouble...

I had accidentally somehow knocked out the school bully, Ty. I didn't touch him, but I heard murmurs like: The lightning- how-It's to sunny! Then Mrs. Goel came over and कहा the usual"COME WITH ME RIGHT NOW!" I wasn't even fazed, but I was ready to go, when, all of a sudden, my best friend Nichole spoke up and कहा she did it. I was startled because she was supposedly the goody two shoes. I was forced to follow Gargoel...

I looked back, seeing my friend get so angry she kicked over a trash-can! When I saw Gargoel, she was already at the front of the museum. I didn't know what to think...

when we left Lila, she and Percy were surrounded during capture the flag...

the Hephaestus guys were coming toward us. i gulped. then i remembered a pen that my mom कहा was from my dad. it was always in my pocket. i pulled it out and clicked it. it turned into a golden bow and arrow, with a matching quiver (is that really what it is called?) i studied it for a moment, then slung it on my back, i had a better way to get out of this. i started to sing, Percy looked at me like i was crazy. "go go go away, leave us alone, go go go away, run away back where आप come." all the Hephaestus guys looked...
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the cabins on our team were: Athena, Poseidon, Ares, and Hermes. i was very anxious for the game to start so i could see how it worked. this guy came up to me and said, "i heard your in Apollo's cabin." i smiled slightly. had my arrival spread so quickly? "im Percy Jackson. im on आप side in capture the flag." i tilted my head. "what केबिन are आप in?" i asked. "Poseidon. im the only one there." "wow. that must get lonely." i said. he nodded. "I've gotta get to archery." i said. i walked/ran to the archery place. "please, dad." i thought as i nocked the arrow. i let it fly and it pierced the...
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My name is Cassy.There I was, at detention again with my least प्रिय teacher, Mrs. Goel, but everyone called her Gargoel. She seemed to especially hate me and loved the school bully,Ty. One day, we went on a field trip to The capitol building in Lansing, Michigan. That's how it all started...

We were looking at a really weird place in the museum were they displayed a gigantic coal mine. आप could go inside of it and mine for fake coal. When we went to lunch, I got so mad at Ty, I heard a crackle and a flash! When I finally opened my eyes, Ty was spread on the ground, knocked out. Mrs. Goel came over and I knew I was in major trouble...

when i woke up, i was in some weird room full of medical tools. it was like a doctors office, but less high tech. that kid with the horns, i think he कहा his name was groover, was arguing with horse guy, chiron. they looked over but i pretended to be asleep still. they were talking confuseifying stuff like,"blah blah blah, shes a daughter of Apollo, blah blah blah, send word to Olympus, और blah blah, she looks powerful, blah blah blah." all i thought was, "were are the cameras, this gots ta be a prank." now someone was shaking my shoulder. "Lilia, wake up." groover. of course. what a weirdo! "what da flop do आप want?" i asked all irritated. "just get up," he replied. "you need a tour." "fine, horn head." i said. i got up and followed him out the door.

Name: Lilia Soa (pronounced SO a)
Age: 11 and a half
Looks: long black hair with purple highlights
Parents: Megan Soa & Apollo

Lilia's story:
Lilia's pov: im just so strange... a goth girl who only feels alive in the sun. i didn't understand it till i found out who i really was...
it was my प्रिय दिन of the week, Friday, and it was Friday the 13th. it was my lucky day. या that was what i thought till i was walking घर from school, and a huge frankenchihuahua jump on my back. द्वारा frankenchihuahua, i mean it was distorted, like a bunch of जानवर mashed together with the head of a chihuahua....
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posted by PeterPansgirl12
Lilly's POV

"Go to the camp, honey," my aunt told me. I was shaking and standing at the entrance of the camp. The camp was something my aunt had told me about all my life.

"Aunt Kelly, will आप be able to bring me?" I asked. I already knew what this camp was about and it didn't seem fun. I knew I was not a regular mortal. I was part god. Poseidon was my dad.
"No, I am sorry, sweetie. I'm a mortal and they won't let me in," my Aunt apoligized. I hugged her.
"Now, go! go hurry!" she whispered. I nodded, grabbed my backpack then walked up a big hill.

In the distance I saw nothing but a स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी farm....
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posted by daughterof3
I felt like i had दिया someone hope. Hell i even gave myself hope that i could get Luke out of the अंडरवर्ल्ड and here where i needed a friend. I got back to the camp site everyone was already dressed in pajamas except Nico.
"Do आप want to change Alena"? Larley held out my pajamas.
"Uh no thanks we have to be ready at any time" Larley slowly retracted the clothes. Finally we all decided to go to bed.

It was 2 am and my watch. When it came out of fuckin no where. Before I knew what the hell i was doing I had my sword in my hand and i charging. It circled around me waiting for the moment to...
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posted by daughterof3
I walked down to the stream as everyone got ready for bed.
There was a beautiful mini waterfall that cascaded won into the bubbling water. I took the coin Nico had दिया me kissed it for luck and tossed it through the water.
"Show me Luke Castellan". There he was sitting in front of me. He was Gerogous. Not in the mysterious jerk way that Nico was. No, Luke Had glistening blonde hair that fell into his eyes.
"Luke....Luke.....LUKE"! i shouted his name the last time and he turned and looked at me in astonishment.
"Hi..Do i know you"?
"Um No not yet, but i came to talk to you" He smiled and then...
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posted by daughterof3
Nico's eyes almost fell out of their sockets as they quickly flicked up and down my person. He was looking for a difference, but he wouldn't find one. I absently listened to Larley and Georgies Gibberish, small talk and Confessions of hate प्यार and fears. Nico was trailing behind me looking for evidence and all i could think of was the river. Was he so important that he could pull me away from death. Because the Nico i was seeing was not the one that saved me. ( and probably never will be) We settled for camp in the woods. We only had two tents larley and i in one and Nico and georgie in one....
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Chapter 1
I was just getting back to normal when I thought about Annabeth. Damn, I forgot to talk to her about the kiss. *Flashback* I was about to take on Telekines and she was worried about me. She looked like she was about to पंच me. Then the unexpected happened. She kissed me. She said, "Good luck hero." Then she left. *Flashback Ends* I'll go find her...
Chapter 2
I found her in the Arena and said, "Let's talk in the woods." I think she understood what this was about but didn't say anything. When we finally got to the woods I said, "About the kiss, Annabeth I usually wouldn't...
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posted by daughterof3
Nico kept prodding me for information of what me and Persephone talked about but i kept my mouth shut. I may be on a quest for a prophecy but i had a new objective and i had to do it secretly.
" Alena we need to leave now" We were standing अगला to the river Styx Persephone gave me instructions before i left I Knew what i had to do. Earlier i slipped my sword into my pocket.
"What"?! He was angry, he didn't like being here.
"I dropped my sword, I need to go back for it"
"But ill go with you".
"NO! आप go back up ill get it and meet आप up there". He looked at me and turned his back larley...
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posted by daughterof3
Persphone sat in a high backed chair that seemed at least six feet tall and just stared at me.
"Is there something wrong"?
"Alena do आप have any idea what you're getting yourself into"?
"What do आप mean"?
"Getting yourself involved in this qoute on qoute family, bowing to hades, going to quests with nico"?
"Did i do something"?
"You only did everything,do आप know who won the great battle"?
"The one were it was demigods agaisnt the one that turned".
"Yes, Percy and annabeth won it and a boy named luke was the turned one and he died". Silence only followed. I never heard about a luke. But of course...
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