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 **~percyandpotter productions~**
**~percyandpotter productions~**
Sitting on the steps, I heard a hollow noise that meant someone was walking over to me. द्वारा means of just turning my head, I saw that it was Percy, who sat down beside me. We were quiet for a few minutes, just looking out at the cloudless sky and the to-the-death satyrs vs. demigods बास्केटबाल, बास्केटबॉल, बास्केट बॉल game. Just after a buff-looking girl pelted a javelin at a satyr, causing him to drop the ball, Percy said, "I know how आप feel. About being here."
I shook my head. "I'm not sure आप do, man."
"I think I do. I came here in the pit of night with my mom and a satyr-Grover- in a cheap car. The car blew up,...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
If आप haven't read the nine before this one आप won't understand it.

I walked through an ornate mansion completely made of coral and limestone with lights made of pearls swirling around the ceiling like spotlights. "maybe i'm in my dads house" i thought "dad... DAAAAAD... POSEIDOOOOOOOOOON". there was no answer but someone appeared out of the दीवार (literaly) and walked towards me. I tried to go the other way but the floor moved towards the man. A sword melted away from the floor and jumped into the guys hand, he continued to walk towards me, and i kept sliding towards him.He was right in front...
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Well, here's chapter three hope आप enjoy it!PLease comment. :D
I Teach a Demigod Greek Mythology

Again I had a horrible dream.
This time, instead of जानवर fighting there were three men. They each wore a tunic. One was trimmed with blue, another in green, and the last in black.
They were fighting on a stormy beach, palm trees crashing and waves roaring. But they didn't seem to notice.
The harder they fought the और the storm raged.
Give it back! I heard the one in blue screamed.
No you! shouted the one in black.
Suddenly, just like in the other dream a huge black shadow came across them...
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"Come on out Annabeth. I've heard a lot about you"' the Horse man thing said.
I was only slightly creeped out that this person thing knew my name.
"Annabeth. This is Chiron, he is the activities director here at camp", Luke कहा as he pulled me out.
I got a good look at Chiron. He had a white stallion body but instead of a regular horse head, he had a middle-aged man from the torso up. This was really confusing me. A friend I had just met had just been turned into a pine पेड़ and now there was this weird Chiron dude that some how knew me.
"How do आप know me?" I managed.
"Grover Iris-messaged...
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