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15 everyone! Read and टिप्पणी दे my peeps<3
Hope u enjoy and thanks for readinn. ;)

I ran back to my केबिन and took out my light blue drawstring bad and started putting extra changes of clothes, notebooks, pencils, and of course my पुस्तकें into it. When it was full to capacity I pulled the string and it flipped over and hung the strings on my shoulders. I kept my dagger in my front pocket of my jean shorts and my Yankees टोपी in the left back pocket. I couldn’t help but smile, I was actually going on this quest. It was official.
I turned around to see all my half siblings smiling at me, Lauren...
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आप need to read the first five of these to understand so far please comment

after the mess in the subway station was over we got onto the train wich was totally empty except for me, Annabeth and Michael. (who was at the wheel though i dought he knew what he was doing)but suddenly we took a sharp left turn, "what was that?" i yelled annabeth looked at me as if i was dumb "who do आप think it is seaweed brain?"
"oh right." and then we heard this over the speakers
"lady and gentleman tonight entertainment will
be-" he did a drum roll "only exception द्वारा पैरामोर for my brother and his girlfriend"...
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Please read commit and reveiw.

The Dark warrior
Found my life

I seen fog, darkness, but it wasn’t night, no if it was night I would feel at ease, I always felt good at night. Relaxing, my dad told my last night about Greek myths, yes he told me, his nine साल old daughter that she was half Greek god. He had been drinking that night to so I figured he was just crazy, he never had anything to do with me, I was just, Here. He slept through the दिन and was up at night. He name is Dreke Fiser. I was done with him, I couldn’t take it, and I’m glad I left, for I found the best place in the world...
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My name is Michael Gavin and I have been officially been confirmed as a son of Poseidon(YES) anyway I heard from a little birdy (literally) that Percy Jackson my older brother just saved all of olympus and I wasn't there to see it (darn it) so I knew I had to meet him in person for the first time. I always had a strong connection to water and i always felt at घर in it but my mom never let me शामिल होइए the swim team (even though I could beat the lifegaurds in a race at the local pool) probably to keep my powers from getting to strong. I like seafood, (MMMMMMM) swimming, I'm not very good with...
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" सूखी घास, घास Percy what's up" he smiled and कहा nothing and we just kept walking to the pervilion and went to the तालिका, टेबल and ate

just as i was walking i saw Percy going to the lake and i followed. i decided to sneak up on Percy and just as i was sneaking up he called "i know your there" i cursed and कहा आप caught me. he smiled and " i knew आप were following me from the being so what's wise girl" i smiled and shrugged my shoulders and कहा nothing and sat down अगला to him.

Percy pov (a/n) i know आप wanted to know what he was thinking)

i was thinking about that किस and i smiled Annabeth कहा "what...
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