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"What?" I yelled. "Of all things for them to trick us into, they trick us into that! None of them were there. Artemis was the only one who knows what happened. There is only what 50 half-bloods left in the world! We are going extinct and I don't want to be reminded of it!"
"I don't want to go either." Dad said. "My only son died in that war, and I sure as heck don't want to see his tumbstone every day. It will kill me."
"We have to go. There are so many new campers plus There are triplets of Hades, twins of Zues and you've got a new little sister down there, Percy."
"Thanks for all the encoragement,...
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posted by baileyparkgirl
I ran घर crying. I hated him और now than I ever had या ever will. I mean seriously a girl can't make an indoor blizzard in peace any more. My name is Ashley. Ashley Thorn.
I was outside, hiding behind the football scoreboard as usual when kyle Johnson saw me make a minature blizzard on the tip of my finger. Right then I got exspelled again.
To be continued........................

I have a book that I'm planning to come out in the summer called 'In office '( nothing to do with PJTO ) And another one that I want come out in the अगला fall called ' Cold ' I have a feeling they will be good टिप्पणी दे and read the books.

Thanks! Sincerely,

daughter of Aphrodite.
Lauren lead me out of the cabin. We walked in silence to the Archery range. I walked in, fallowing Lauren. There were CEASE FIRES throughout the range. I walked with proud to an empty lane. Everyone's eyes were on me. I pulled my arm back, and lined up the scopes. I breathed in. As I exhaled, I let go of the arrow. i heard it soar through the air. There was a thunk when it hit the target. Before I even pulled my bow down, there were gasps across the quiet range. I looked down range, as my eyes adjusted.

"Woah! The new girl just got a bullseye!" some kid down range from me. I looked through my...
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Here's Part two!

"Well?" I asked Percy, "Go on." Great. Another addition to the Hermes cabin. I thought to myself. How are they gonna fit this guy at the lunch table?
As Percy walked in he tripped TOTALLY making a fool out of himself(how did this guy defeat The Minotaur? I'm not too sure.)
I looked at Percy as he steadied himself then looked back at everyone else staring him down.
"Percy Jackson, Please meet केबिन eleven." I कहा loud so everyone could hear. Then one of the Stoll brothers asked, "Regular या Undetermined?"
I didn't want to give them the bad news, but i कहा "Undetermined."
Of course...
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posted by percyandpotter
The light reappears, and I look back down at my arm where Rose grabbed it. I knew almost nothing about her, but I could tell that woman holding her was her worst fear. My arm's its normal tan, but with red-white streaks across it from her finger marks. Some बिना सोचे समझे guy starts talking to the blonde girl, whose name I think is Annabeth, pointing at me and gesturing wildly. She just nods, and turns to me and kneels. I take a step back, realizing I was too absorbed in my arm and shock to notice they were all kneeling.
The sudden light that had revealed Rose's captor was still lingering. I looked...
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Here's Part Three(:

Percy looked angry. He's nostrils flared, but i was just so angry. He's supposed to be THE one. Shouldn't he be proving himself?
"What's your problem?!" He screamed, "All i know is that i killed some big सांड, बैल guy-" I didn't let him finish. He didnt know how lucky he was. I would प्यार to go out there in the world and fight monsters like that.
"Dont talk like that!" I told him(my voice kind of scared me actually), "You know how many kids at this camp wish they had your chance?" He looked angry, but still confused. "To get killed?" He asked.
"To fight The Minotaur! What do you...
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posted by RonGetYourWand
I understand that everyone likes different shippings, but have आप ever seen those प्रशंसकों that are so into shipping that they skip part of the book? The ones that the first time the go through the book they just look for hints of their OTP (One True Pairing)?

I have a few things that annoy me about this:

1. It's an action story with some romance.

I know people say this a lot, but if आप look it up द्वारा genre it's not a romance. I'm not saying there should be no romance in it, I'm saying don't get to influenced द्वारा the romance आप forget the plot.

2. The relationships influence the plot.

Given, they...
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posted by thehuntress99
This is what I think would happen if Percy लॉस्ट the duel with Kronos and if Annabeth wasn't as strong.This is a poem.

Fights bravely sword in hand,
Inside this duel to the death.
Silver flashes bronze clangs.
For just one घंटा they fight.
He is wounded but still strong,
Then a flash of silver and black,
He is not fast enough,
Scarlet blood flows freely,
Red pools around him.
With his last dying breath,
He mumbles his loves name.
As she kneels and weeps,
For her fallen warrior.
She picks up up her प्रेमी bronze sword,
And kills the unsuspecting enemy.
She raises her dagger,
And plunges it into her chest.
After the whole thing with Grover I haven’t been in the best mood. I keep और of a distance from Percy too, actually the only time I talk to him really is when I teach him Ancient Greek every morning. Even then, I would just listen to him read and watch him write and when we were done I'd just walk away One thing that I knew was, he was getting on my nerves. He had a major quest coming up for him and he’s not even making a plan. What’s he going to do, wing it? Not with me coming he’s not. So, I-being the nice person I am- plan every night for this thing, and I write everything I think...
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This one's kind of short, 15 is longer, टिप्पणी दे please! Thanks for पढ़ना :)

After about 20 मिनटों I decided to head back to the big house to see what I was missing, because I didn’t like to miss much. I got there just in time to here Percy say,
“So let me get this straight, I’m supposed to go to the अंडरवर्ल्ड and confront the Lord of the Dead.”
“Thank आप Captain Obvious,” I murmured to myself slipping on my Yankees cap.
“Check,” Chiron said.
“Find the most powerful weapon in the universe.”
“And get it back to Olympus before the summer solstice, in ten days.”...
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I pushed as hard as I could but this thing had it's mind set on killing me. I heard Lauren come over.

"Lauren! What are आप doing just standing there! Help get this thing off!" I screamed.

Evidently, none of the tourists on the समुद्र तट were paying any attention to the little 11 साल old getting mauled द्वारा this demon creature thing.

"Chiron!" Lauren yellped.

"Who the heck are आप talking about?" I screamed once again. Lauren wasn't paying any attention to me.

The galloping on the shore, was coming closer. Maybe this "Chiron" was on a horse.

"Lauren. Take this. Give it Artemisia," a deep voice said. No...
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Read the first six parts before this या आप won't understand it at all.

The अगला दिन संगीत started again if आप could call it that it was just a trumpet going off like आप would hear at a boot camp. "hmmmmmmmmmm its to early for this nonsense." Annabeth कहा like she just कहा up all night. (over the intercom) "Well its not my fault-" it was Michaels voice "we got here so early, welcome to the south." after he कहा that a jass tune started to play "come on Annabeth lets go see what there's to see." I कहा
"hmmmmmmmm okay" she replied. Once we left the quite comfy seats in the very back we...
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Hi chapter 2 here. I am so sorry about the last chapters typos
):•( × 1000000000000000000000. And even worse I wrote this chapter then accidentally reloaded the page!!!!! Yeah this is tough. so chapter recap: Nico dreamed about his crush missed a canooing lesson with his crush and was saved द्वारा all time hero, damn freaking world saver Percy Jackson.


Nico fryer to follow all time hero, damn freaking world saver Percy
in a way that suggested he was not so exited that he might explode. " हे Nico why are आप 'walkin funny?" Asked...
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posted by Mikey098
Chapter 3
Like A Hollywood Movie

​It was like a Hollywood movie, with the special effects and full body armor. There were some people sword-fighting, some people going into their cabins. A centaur led him to the Hermes केबिन (which is for the Hermes offspring and the undetermined) when Percy and Annabeth told the centaur that he was Apollo’s offspring.
​Ellis was led to केबिन #7. Percy and Annabeth कहा goodbye and headed to their cabins. Ellis noticed that Annabeth was going to Athena’s cabin, and Percy was going to Poseidon’s cabin—
​Wait, what? Ellis thought.
​“I thought the...
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posted by Mikey098
Chapter Two
Flash Floods and Birth

​Ellis felt like he was thrown into another world. His dad was Apollo. But nothing ever suggested that could happen when we learned Greek mythology last year, Ellis thought. How did this happen to me? That was one of his सवालों swirling in his mind.
​Soon, Ellis saw himself thrashing about in the waters, heading to Long Island. He was on the shoreline द्वारा then, coughing in the murky greenish water. There was a pine पेड़ ahead. He crawled over to the पेड़ and sat there, dripping and exhausted.
​Two people had come out of nowhere and helped him up. Ellis...
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posted by Mikey098
That सवाल was answered with a splash. The skylight seemed to have broken, and now there was water and tempered glass rushing with the force of a tornado through the house. The water was so strong, the thermostat part where people change the temperature was forced from seventy degrees to sixty-one degrees.
​Two और jingling sounds.
​Flash flood warning in effect.
​High wind watch in effect.
​The rest of the family didn’t seem to notice much that they were being swept downstairs.
​Ellis noticed a piece of paper lying in the raging rapids in their house. He fished it out with his hand and read it. It was his birth certificate.
​“What?!” Ellis screamed. It took him three मिनटों to read the dad part.

(Thanks for पढ़ना Chapter 1! Chapter 2 is coming to this site soon.)
Someone stumbled out of the brush. I squeaked and snapped my fingers again, causing this unknown person to fly up into the air, hoisted upside-down द्वारा the ankle. At first I wondered if this guy was just extremely clumsy, या if he या she tripped, या what.
Okay, a little backstory of why I'm so paranoid. The war between Kronos and those monsters and demigods really got me scared of everything. I've been so scared that non-repentant demigods that were on Kronos' side might all of a sudden create a "Reformation-of-Kronos-Party," या some psycho monsters would revolt या something. End of story....
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posted by Kat-chan
हे PJO FANS!!!! So, it’s that special time of the year, आप all know what I mean. What आप don’t? Well then I’ll tell you. It’s all of our favourite author’s B-day!!! ...Or at least it was when I started लेखन this...HAPPY BILATED BIRTHDAY RICK!!! So in his honour, I decided to post a fanfic after so many years. That’s why I’m currently sitting in front of computer in a CH-B T-shirt, jeans and sneakers drinking blue नींबु पानी, नींबू पानी (Go खाना colouring ^.^). This story (hopefully only this chapter) is co-authored with my friend skinneyjeans112. Please read her stories! Anyways, ENJOY!!!!!...
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posted by llrulez
Chapter #1-My Life Goes "BANG"!!!

That was the last time i was going to hear the school bell,well, at least for a few months.
I walked out my last class, hoping i would never walk in there again!!ive had some bad experiences in there,really!!being dyslexic and having ADHD isn’t a walk in the park!!
i forgot to introduce my haylie worth and im 15.ive got brown hair and light blue eonly thing im good at is art.i प्यार drawing an di never leave anywhere without my sketchbook!!

Anyway....The अगला Morning..
my dad opened the door.
"wake up!you do remember that...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
The drill? आप know it...don't you??? :-)

I shuffled through the many activities that were designed to help the younger campers. Who might I say were so small and just made me, awww. Until finally, the big दिन was here! Friday! All of the campers lined up in front of there respective cabins. We all, with much talking walked toward's the Pavillion. The naiads and dryads melted from the forest and the ocean carrying platters of vegetarian food. I was quick to accept the change but...sometimes I craved a burger.
We all placed some of our finer vegetables into the Hearth tended द्वारा a small...
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