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posted by katiecool21
It didn't make sense, Clarrise was at camp, she told me before the summer break. I had to go to Chiron straight away! I just couldn't do that to my mum, I've run away from her to many times before. This was supposed to be a nice family outing and that's what it is going to be! "Percy in the car," she said, still looking at me as if she knew something was happening (not that she was wrong या anything)! The अगला five words were the सेकंड worst in my life- the first was when my English teacher कहा the words "You have homework!" Anyway back to the story as I was saying the अगला five words were the worst of my life. "Percy, Annabeth is terribly ill."

"I got a call in yesterday from Chiron telling me to keep आप here and that you're not to worry!" I'm not sure how I was supposed to react. My best friend Annabeth was really ill! "I have to go and see her now, mum please let me go!" "I can't I'm not aloud to,"
posted by vlad_todd_fan
Read the fourteen parts before this to understand what's happening in the story. For those who aren't पढ़ना the लेखाए before this u should know the story is almost over. *tear*

Me and Annabeth woke up to the sound of the loud doorbell. I was fully rested and ready to kick some ass. Me and Annabeth got up and quickly changed. After this she started to pack some stuff in a backpack, while I answered the door.

"Morning Percy." Jillian कहा as I answered the door. It was still dark outside and very windy. "Morning to आप to. Come on in." I replied, she walked in with a brown t-shirt and faded...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
Read the thirteen parts before this to understand what's happening.

After Jillian कहा that we were going in the morning I almost
had a दिल attack. It seemed that we had just got here. And now, now were going to be gone again and probably see this place again. Half-Blood Suburbia. We all sat around Jillians very nice family room and talked about what we were going to do once we got there. We were supposed to be talking about strategy but Jillian and Annabeth were the only one's talking strategy, me and Michael were sitting अगला to each other very silently wondering what was ahead of us. Jillian...
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posted by baileyparkgirl
O.k I haven't been लेखन in forever,so i have to make a good 2nd 1st impression. so This is the first chapter of
LAYAID half niaid half god.
(told in first person)

हे I'm Layaid. Even compared to my फ्रेंड्स at camp I'm out of the ordinary. so yeah this why.

"Layaid, your going to be late for school." My adopted mother called from the kitchen.and when i say adopted i mean she adopted me.I ran out to the kitchen, pulled a plain waffle out of the टोअस्टर, टोस्टर slug my bag over my right shoulder, took my lunch money of the counter, hugged my mom and ran the 3 miles to school (, FYI I missed the bus.)

I know its only a paragraph but thats all i got.
Signed coolsness
( In case आप didnt already know thats not my real name) DUR!
posted by lauren777222
Then my thoughts became words."Impossible."I said."No,it is not,we are part of the great civil greeks.The greeks do not believe in us anymore but that does not mean we don't exist."Zelus replied in a firm,serious,tone that made me think that he was right.Now,I understand!"I put in.
He woke up the others and walked us to a shack.It looked so tiny it could barely fit one person.Though Zelus pushed us in.Right when we got in,we saw a सोना marble floor with 2 master staircases on either side with a large,antique chanderlier."Wow,I didn't know this could fit in a shack."Rico joked."Zelus walked...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
Read the twelve parts before this to understand it. Okay... Okay.

Michael helped me off the ground and we both walked to the center pool with the mermaid in it. "Do आप mind if I दिखाना him the lake?" I think Michael was talking to the mermaid, cause she gave a nod and swam under the surface. "Lover boys first." Michael कहा has he picked ne up and threw me in. "Michael wha," I didn't finish the sentence cause I was astounded at the underwater beuty of the place. First off it was massive under the surface, and there was a full चट्टान, रीफ of coral across the bottom and climbing the walls. The चट्टान, रीफ had...
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Read the eleven parts before this to understand what is happening.

Jillian sheperded me and Michael out of her house. It seemed that the walls and hallways had changed because the वॉलपेपर was different and it smelled of some exotic फूल and cinnamon. We finally made it to the glass door. "Bye आप guys I'll take good care of her." Jillian कहा as she pushed out the door, and closed it gently behind us. It was amazingly cool and breezy outside, but the sun was still shineing brightly. "So, where is this lake आप were talking about?" Michael started walking, I followed. "You'll just have to...
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If आप are पढ़ना this note,it means आप are the अगला savior.Read carefully,for this will help आप someday.Let me introduce myself.
My name is Dakota Parker.I'm 13 years old and live in Athen,Greece.I grew up there.I trained there.I killed here.By the time आप read this note get started on your mission to find my locker.The combination आप ask?It is 03/22/33.
Here's the story!
I woke up and looked at my alarm clock....How could I be so stupid?I forgot to set the alarm!....AGAIN!I ran down stairs,brush my teeth,and got dressed.My mom was in the मांद, डेन so I tippytoed passed her so she won't...
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posted by Anya2001
suddenly every-body was unfrozen.aphrodite girls in mid-scream ares kids in mid-cheer(wonder why)once every-body noticed luke wasnt there they all got preety scared.later i told annabeth what had happend.she new what to do.(wonder why).she told me that द्वारा your life he meant the life of a loved one.i was furious.BUT EITHER WAY THATS GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i screamed.if i give the sacrifice ill lose a freind.but if i dont ill lose थलाया and shes our freind! so either way someone that isnt luke dies!not if i can help it annabeth said.i asked her what she was talking about.she brougt me to...
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posted by Anya2001
i was at camp figting with an apolo kid and i was beatin his bum sudenly i heard some one laughing and this wasnt a normal thats-funny kind of laugh this was a evil kind of laugh like some-one had just caught a prisoner that they had spent a life-time searching for i paid attention to this laugh i reconised it kronos the appolo kid didnt seem to notice am i going crazy? i thought,suddenly the laughing died,i must have been hearing things.think again कहा a voice in my head i shook it away,sudenly the laughter came back this time the apolo kid noticed,every one did,perceus jackson! the laughing कहा people drew there swords aphrotite kids screamed suddenly a big fiery figure appered it was luke! only he was on आग perceus jackson he reapeted
posted by Anya2001
हे people!!!!heres an update abou camp h-b well percy is still rockin out on sword-fighting thank the gods!but he has been getting distracted latley...due to annabeth and her gray eyes-or should i say x-grey-eyes cuase she has put on new blue contacts zeus knows why!(or not...)you see for once annabeth is paying attention to how she looks!(finnaly)as a matter of fact she is forgeting her studys and putting on make-up odd isnt it?well chiron belives this is either a curse या a blessing don द्वारा the aphrotite girls its hard to tell...any-way chiron is sure that it will wear of...but percy is not rushing that to happen now is he?any ways clarrise has FINNALY come to her senses and leaves percy alone...since she has a new target jhon baker an aphrotite guy who is a real wimp,WHAT???? आप thougt she was going to give up bullying???never,EVER,will that happen (Lol)well thats it!
posted by lauren777222
"So,there is four different pathes,which one we take?"Jolie said.We just shruggerd our shoulders."How about the with the big,black castle?"Chandler asked.We started down the path.On one side of me I would see spirits tortured.Everything gut-wrentching punishiment u could think of,they had it.On the other side was a peaceful pasture.The souls were leaving in a normal,mortal way.For on the other side on the castle,was a beautiful,golden island.Before I could even look the other way,I was looking at the large,grey,drab,pavement.To me that was awkward,being in the air while we were underground.Strange.Anyway,we...
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posted by katiecool21
I thought harder but still nothing came to the चोटी, शीर्ष of my brain. There wasn't much that could be happening because I had just saved the world from my new enemy Luke
and travelled to the underworld! I heard somebody coming, I quickly slipped into a cubicle and kept my mouth shut. " Right where is she tell me!"shouted an angry voice from outside my cubicle. " Not here but please don't hurt me!" कहा a rushed voice. It was like something from High School Musical, like one of those scenes when the big school bully pulls a nerd into the bathroom and starts questioning him about बिना सोचे समझे things! "You...
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posted by katiecool21
I should have been happy, out and about with my mum in the holidays getting a drink in the cafe आप know everything was perfect, but I had this feeling inside me that something was wrong at the camp. I didn't know what या why but I knew there was, some how. "Percy, what do आप want?" asked mum. I knew she कहा something but I was in to much of a gaze to even listen to what she said.

I knew I should start listening because द्वारा then she must have been getting annoyed.
"Yeah...sorry, just water," I कहा (wonder why I picked water).

I decided to go into the bathroom to think about this because now people were starting to stare! I must have been making a funny thinking face या something. "I'm just gonna go to the bathroom, one sec" I कहा rushing, she looked kind of suspicous but was laughing a bit.

Thanks for reading! I आप think I should keep लेखन please say! This was just a tester to see if आप liked it!!!x
posted by percyandpotter
I woke startled, not because of my alarm, set early to allow time to beautify myself, but because Angelica, the girl in the pale गुलाबी canopy बिस्तर beside me, slapped me into consciousness. She looked apologetic, but not sorry she'd done it.
"Everyone needs to get to Half-Blood पहाड़ी, हिल immediately, Kacey. Chiron's orders- some sort of disturbance within the borders," she कहा in a serious tone the sweet eleven-year-old hadn't seemed capable of when I'd gone to sleep.
I yanked on my zebra-print special-edition Ugg boots over my pajamas, and ran outside, clutching the sword I used as a backup when Adrastos,...
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Hello, I'm hoping that someone is still पढ़ना my प्रशंसक fictions because it would make me cry if आप weren't, haha. This is all I could finish for tonight, but I'll have और up tomorrow because I think I'm going to be snowed in for the दिन and I hate snow so I'll write for the दिन :)

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters except the ones I create. Stop rubbing it in my face, Mr. Copyright... geez...

“Lauren! Chiron wants to see आप in the big house. Now,” Madeline कहा running over towards me.
“What does he need?” I asked still looking down at the sword I was giving...
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posted by bernzzbabzz
Where have I been all of your lives? School! But it's the weekend and I'll be लेखन all night and I'm doing a short series of "Without Annabeth" up to part five :)
Here's part three for everyone, and part four will be up tonight :)

“Malcolm get out of bed, Annabeth कहा I am in charge while she’s gone and that means आप have to listen to me, so get the Hades up!” I told Malcolm as I shook him rapidly. He groaned and pulled the covers over his head.

“Breakfast is in ten minutes, and if you’re not up I’m going to have to take the blame because I’m in charge so get up!” I...
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posted by Lightning98
This artical is about Annabeth when she meets the Cyclops but i will make other one about he other ones.

"Come on!" Luke yelled, "We have to go!"
"I can't!" I cried, "I am to tired."
"Annabeth, we have to," Grover called back, "or else we will be eaten up द्वारा monsters and I personaly-"
"Grover!", थलाया called, "shut up!"
"I am only telling the truth!"
"Fine, but could we take a rest later?" I asked.
"Yes sweety ", Luke said, "once we get to Brooklyn."
"Do आप promise"
"Sware on the River Styx."
"We coud talk about this later now lets keep running!" थलाया called from the back

We had to keep running......
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posted by emiehs96
 Giving आप an idea of petrified wood.
Giving you an idea of petrified wood.
Ch. 5

:D Continue...

  "Bye Abbeline." I looked up into the sad face of Annabeth.Her stormy grey eyes were stormier than usual.I haven't even known her for that long and we were already saying goodbye.
  Well,this sucks.After रात का खाना last night,I was told that I would be leaving for my quest in the morning and that I should pack.My half-siblings were giving Allen and I sad looks as we shuffled around the room,packing up all the things we would need.
  Now,I was standing on चोटी, शीर्ष of camp half-blood पहाड़ी, हिल with Nico and Allen standing अगला to me.Chiron's lower body had been compacted into his wheelchair...
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posted by lauren777222
To my demigod friends:Blake,Kade,Ty,& Thorian.
I woke up on a ferry boat.I do not know why I was on the bpat या how I even got there."Right over there is an albino alligator."said a tourguide,pointing to a white reptile.Over to my right was a lady that was at least in her her fifties.For some reason,I felt the same about her.On either side of me were a boy& a girl.
While we were getting off,I saw a sign that said,"Don't disturb wildlife."Apparently,that was not flying with two large jocks that were throwing the lunch,hamsandwiches at a heron.
"Hey Cecelia,liked the trip?"asked the boy...
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