पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर Which of these running gags always makes आप laugh and never gets old?

Pick one:
"My car!" ~Unnamed "My car!" Guy
The feet-touching/Mort kicking.
When Kowalski's inventions blow up या inevitably fail.
Skipper slapping the team.
Kowalski's unnecessary long-winded explanations.
Rico blowing stuff up.
"Whatever!" ~Alice
Private's Lunacorn fandom.
Skipper and Julien's love-hate rivalry.
Skipper's fear of needles.
Kowalski's longing for Doris the dolphin.
Julien's प्यार for dancing/partying.
"Pen-gu-ins." ~Dr. Blowhole
Private's fear of badgers.
(Former) Officer X trying to catch the penguins.
The teasers on the "Denmark incident".
Something not mentioned. (Please state in comments...
Something not mentioned. (Please state in टिप्पणियाँ so I can add it.)
Kowalski's high-pitched voice and screaming.
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