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 Hans X Skipper
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“We Meet Again”
November 4, 2013

    “Skipper, remember last week when आप couldn’t remember where आप laid your mug?” Kowalski asked, coming out of his lab with a small device.

    “Yes, but I found it. What’s your point?” Skipper answered.

    “Well, Skipper, with this device, we’ll never forget anything ever again! I call it, the Forget-Me-Not!” Kowalski replied, holding up a device that looked like a helmet.

    “Kowalski, are आप sure about this? What if it — I don’t know — fries our...
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Operation: Skilene
Author’s Note:
I started on these a while ago, and have decided to finally प्रकाशित करे them. Most of these shorts were inspired द्वारा a game on फैन्पॉप called “What would Skipper say (WWSS) Game” on pages 40-43. Thank आप to 27Kowalski (on Fanpop), also known as SierraTangoEcho on deviantArt, for helping me with ideas and scenarios. Credit goes to her for the few drawings. I hope आप enjoy पढ़ना them as much as I enjoyed लेखन them. They are in no particular order, other than the sequence they were written. Please review!

PS, for those following my “Operation: Challenge,”...
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The संगीत that the uploader had to add to this scene is too funny.
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i am dave
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Are आप Challenging Me? 02.15.16

Note: This shot is dedicated to link and his little brother, who requested it from me. I hope आप like it and that I didn’t disappoint you.

— § —


That was the only way to describe the atmosphere in the HQ. They’d recently returned from a mission to thwart Hans’ latest scheme, which hadn’t gone as planned.

“Skipper,” Kowalski called as Skipper violently prepared his बिस्तर for the night. Kowalski rolled his eyes. “You’re being ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous?” Skipper snapped, turning to face him. “I’m not the one being ridiculous. I had...
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Waiting 01.02.16

Note: Happy New Year, everyone! My resolution is to try and find और time to write and get things published. We’ll see how that works out for me. And, to kick off this new year, here’s a Skilene ficlet for your entertainment. Enjoy!

— § —

“Hey, Skipper,” Marlene said, walking up to the पेंगुइन leader with a smile. “Are आप excited? We only have a couple और hours!”

“Copy that, Marlene,” Skipper replied. “It feels like 2012 just flew right by. No pun intended.”

Marlene smiled. “I agree. It seems to feel that way every New Year’s,” she noted.

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all hail king julien
king julien
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I प्यार Skipper cause he is my प्रिय :D
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