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"Skipper!" Private cried, running to his leader's and friend's side.
The middle aged man ran off into the jungle.
"Come here, Private," Skipper said, his voice a hoarse whisper. "I need to tell आप some things, and I don't have much time. First thing is I प्यार you, but आप already know that. सेकंड thing is that you're my son."
"I'm your son?" Private gasped.
Skipper nodded.
"Who's my mother?" Private asked.
"Doris. Please don't tell Kowalski. She broke up with him because of me. We were dating for about two years. Then she decided she wanted you...well, a kid, so we...uh...well, I'm not going into...
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I have been going around this spot and have noticed something that everyone seems to agree with. Practically everybody is upset with the OC on here. I have written this लेख to sincearly apologize. I am one of the BIGGEST OC drawers I know, and Im sorry if I have made too many contributions. I don't want to go on the other spot because there are barely any people there, so I have decided to just stop drawing and posting POM प्रशंसक art. I really don't wanna ruin this spot anymore than I already have.
Thanks for your time.
posted by skipperfan5431
One afternoon in the Central Park Zoo, the penguins were watching tv. All of a sudden, the lights went out. "Ahh!" Someone sqealed. "Lilly! It's okay. Im here." Skipper कहा as he held Lilly in the darkness. She pushed him away defensively. "Hey! That wasn't me! It was Private!" Lilly stated back as Rico puked up a flashlight. He held it to a corner where little Private was shaking his tailfeathers off. "What can I say...darkness gives me the willies." Private कहा in an innocent voice. Then, as quickly as they turned off, the lights came back on, but the penguins saw something. Something that...
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