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 Woah! What happened to Dode????!!!
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Source: Endangerous Species
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This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र might contain ज्ञानतीठ, पढ़ने डेस्क, लेक्शर्न, रीडिंग डेस्क, लगान ज्ञानतीठ, and पढ़ने के लिए डेस्क.

Waiting 01.02.16

Note: Happy New Year, everyone! My resolution is to try and find और time to write and get things published. We’ll see how that works out for me. And, to kick off this new year, here’s a Skilene ficlet for your entertainment. Enjoy!

— § —

“Hey, Skipper,” Marlene said, walking up to the पेंगुइन leader with a smile. “Are आप excited? We only have a couple और hours!”

“Copy that, Marlene,” Skipper replied. “It feels like 2012 just flew right by. No pun intended.”

Marlene smiled. “I agree. It seems to feel that way every New Year’s,” she noted.

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Am I the only one who feels like these crossover trailers make the फिल्में twice as interesting? द्वारा Riconator Productions.
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Source: I drew it
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Source: ME :3 S2E41
It was lunchtime....private went to his locker and grabbed his lunch and went to the cafeteria....he opened the door and saw 100s of जानवर eating lunch...he was nervous..he had no one to sit with...he slowly walked inside and looked around for that पेंगुइन who helped him in the hallway earlier... Kowalski was it..? But had no luck...he decided to sit down all द्वारा himself....he opened up his Baggie of मछली and begun to eat... Suddenly out of nowhere....a young पेंगुइन came up and sat with him...,he looked a little taller then private...

??: do आप want me to sit with you...?

Private looked up...
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V1. Young Private has a दिल of gold,
Trying to find out why the world's so cold.
Why both his folks are who knows where
Even Uncle Nigel was barely even there
Helping others was his goal to achieve
To all the other birds, he seems naïve
Using rainbows to wipe away tears
In order to hopefully sugarcoat fear.
Accused of being weak, he is told to get strong,
Even though he says fighting's just dead wrong.
People accuse him to possess stupidity
Forcing him to be internally snippity.
Private's now फ्रोज़न on a path on his own
Trying to separate hell and home
No other choice but to go and not pack
Finding out...
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skipper couldn't help but feel akward at the movies, so instead of focusing on marlene, his date, he focused on everyone elses, Kowalski and doris were admiring the gadgets on screen "hmmm, that's a genius idea, freeze रे opera glasses, I must try that" "oh don't be so modest Kowalski, your मछली jetpack could trump that" "doris that's very flattering....", private and Angelina, a skinny pigeon with Brooklyn accent (weird, skipper had never thought private would get an american girlfriend) were spotting every single land mark in the background of the movie, "and that's big ben, tower bridge,...
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हे this is my first fanfic, so plz no hate! :)
Also this might be the last chapter, but I'm not sure yet!

Just then Marlene came in and yelled "I have a crush on you, Skipper! There! I कहा it! It's TRUE!"

I couldn't control myself, and before I knew it, I started a fight with Marlene

"HE'S MINE!!!" "NOOOO!!!"

Skipper's POV:
How come none of आप told me sooner?"
End of Skipper's POV

"Because I knew आप wouldn't take it well! I know you!" Marlene कहा sadly and stopped fighting

"That's what I thought" I कहा while tears started forming

"So what do आप want me to do? pick one of you?"...
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Marlene had ran घर to tell Leslie about how it had worked and how the plan actually was working so far. "See, I told आप he would say yes, was skipper jealous?" Asked Leslie with a smile on her face. "I don't know I didn't ask in front of him, but in sure Rico has told them about it, can आप help me get ready for the तारीख, दिनांक tonight?" कहा Marlene. Leslie agreed and the two began to set the तालिका, टेबल for Marlene and Rico(oysters and fish), grabbed some फूल and candles, and cleaned the place up. Meanwhile, at the penguins place, Rico wa getting ready for his तारीख, दिनांक with Marlene, while the boys...
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They dashed through the water. Rocky waves thrashed above. A stormy sky blew its wrath upon the ocean. It was like a child's tantrum, pelting rain to the water's surface non-stop. Every trace of light from the sky was masked द्वारा the clouds.
Beneath the surface of the water were the five penguins. Rico was occupying himself द्वारा snacking on every मछली that swam by. They were actually quite beautiful with a certain grace. Their vivid colored scales shimmered under the reflected light.
Skipper turned his head to find Private missing from his side. He stopped, and scanned around for his soldier. His...
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Skipper stood silently at the edge of the overhang that eventually lead to the pool. The wind was strong, like rocks being thrown at you. Wind being so strong, Skipper still stood there, staring into space.

Kowalski rose from the HQ, giving Skipper a curious look.

"Skipper, what are आप doing?"

No answer.

"Skipper? Hello? आप there?" Kowalski asked again.

Still no answer.

"I wonder what's up with him." Kowalski thought.
Kowalski presented Skipper to the others.

"Is Skippah OK?" Private asked with a worried look.

"Not sure what it is, but he's been standing there all morning, just staring into the atmosphere."...
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"You shouldn't have come Ringtail!" Skipper held the quivering figure of the बंदर, लेमूर in a hug. The two were beaten, bloody, battered. They grasped onto each other like their life depended on it. "I should have forced आप to go back to the zoo... It's my fault," The penguin's voice cracked. His face was riddled with pain.

"No... It is being my fault, Skipper. I am always trying to be tagged along with आप on missions," He leaned his head farther into the crook of Skipper's neck. The commander was going to ask him what he was doing but then he realized that the king was sobbing. Skipper placed a...
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The Flock's Return

*hiding in an old abandoned home, the trio of penguins watch the penguins coming into the living grounds*

*all whispering*

Kowalski: "Hey! There's my parents! And...They're..."

Skipper: *looks* "Oh. I'm sorry, amigo."

*they see Kowalski's parents holding another hatchling*

Rico: "Hey! Therine!" (Translation: "Hey! There's mine!") *starts to go to them, but stops when Lithia & Jordan start laughing*

Kowalski: "I'm sorry, Rico. I know how आप feel."

Skipper: "Hey! Don't look so upset! There's gotta be another explanation for this...I'm sure they still mis--"

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Prof. Horrible’s Sing Along story

This is sort of a crossover between the original Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog online musical sensation and Penguins of Madagascar, but I’d like to keep it in the PoM spot just because nobody’s really going to read it if it’s in a crossover section. The events of Dr. Horrible, and the songs, with the PoM characters अभिनय out certain parts. (Yes, Rico can talk.)

Acting Roles:
Kowalski..... Dr. Horrible/ Billy
Marlene …... Penny
Skipper....... Capt. Hammer
Baboon Trio…..Bad Horse Choral

I will like to point out that Jackandjill2...
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posted by skipperfan5431
"Let's हटाइए out gentlemen, were burni'n day-light." Skipper orders. The penguins and Marlene then head out for the zoo gates. Just as the boys walk out of the gates, Marlene stops and starts freaking out. " Im sorry guys." cries Marlene. " I can't go outside and risk going crazy on आप again!" Lilly looks at her dear friend and smiles with relief. She didn't want to risk Marlene connecting with Skipper again, like they did in the sewer. " Oops. Im sorry Marlene. Looks like आप just have to stay here. We'll bring आप a nice, big snowcone, okay?" Skipper turns around. "Hello? Are आप ladies coming...
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