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AWWWWWWW! X3 *Dying of adorability*
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Rico was trying to calm down Marlene, who was hyperventilating from all the things that were happening to her.

Rico: it's ok Marlene, calm down...

Marlene: (deep breathing,deep breathing), ok....I'm fine, I'm sorry Rico, it's just....how can we be in heavenly host elementary school?!, the place was town down 30 years ago!

Rico: I have no clue, but what we need to do is find everybody and get out of here.

Marlene: your right, lets go..

Rico and Marlene were heading for the door when all of a sudden, an earthquake occurred.

Marlene:ahh!! Make it stop!

Rico:ugh! This schools gonna collapse soon if these...
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Chapter 14: Battle Strategy, with a twist

“All right guys, fall in.” Skipper said. “Here’s the plan. Skipper, Mumble, Otulissa, and 25 guardians will go defend emperorland. Kowalski, Soren, Gylfie, Digger, and whatever guardians आप find at the Ga’Hoole पेड़ will defend the Great Ga’Hoole Tree. Sly, Bentley, Private, Twilight, Coryn, and 50 guardians will defend Paris. Gloria, Me, Rico, Murray, and everybody who I didn’t say their names are staying here to defend The Central Park Zoo.” Pat ended.

About an घंटा later, Pat was giving a speech, “Guys, It has come to this, War!...
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Damion's eyes were as wide as his jaw that had dropped in terror. His tight gripp loosened until Private fell to the icy ground.
D: "Dad! Dad!"
Damion fled like a coward, but Private couldn't blame him. Jeff raced up and they both ran for their lives.
A: "Private, are आप okay?!"
She pushed through the paniced crowd to Private, but she still couldn't reach him. All she could do was watch in terror as he laid on the ground getting trampled द्वारा the absentminded, frightened crowd.
S: "Private?! Private?!"
Private got on his flippers, but struggled to get to his feet. Then he heard her angelic voice,...
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100 years ago....

"get him!" a कौआ, कौवा showted, as manny badgers and जानवर ran against Mr. Linert and his पितरेल, पफिन, puffin friend, Mr. Swarget.

They ran, carrying the most precious objects of that moment, they were in Russia, runnig in a cliff, the two birds knew that place like the palm of their hand, no one, except their friends, knew about the hundreds of tunels they had.

"come!" Swarget shouted, they slided and hit a secret tunel, they started running through it.

"you remember I'm claustrofobic right?" Linert said, making his way through the tube, hearing manny sounds, he looked back and he saw one of...
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We all sat at our positions, never expecting what came next, Rico was at the ऊद, ओटर, ऊदबिलाव habitat's top, kowalski was in the चोटी, शीर्ष of the पेड़ in the gorila habitat, and I was at the चोटी, शीर्ष of the clock tower.

"well, what do we have here?" I heard, we had stoped three androids she had maid, but this time, I didn't call the group, instead, I put in on the walkytalky


"skippy" she said, comiing near me "you aren't angry cause of what happened in brazil, are you?"

"no, I'm angry cause o-"

"WRONG ANSWER!" she tried to stab me, but she missed, I grabbed and threw the sword "I AM! आप LEFT ME TO DIE IN THAT...
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A सुरक्षित place is a good place … ?


It didn't took long until they arrived at another clearing. It was surrounded द्वारा trees that stood extra tightly together; it nearly seemed like they were 'protecting' the clearing. Burt had some problems to squeeze through them to get to an old oak, which stood at the edge of the clearing. Strangely, a light glowed inside the tree. As they came closer, Private discovered that the oak had a big hole in two and a half meters height.

Burt reached his सूँ ढ, ट्रंक up to it and somebody that Private couldn't see, took Rico's motionless body inside.

"Burt" कहा Marlene...
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Maybe Skipper is gonna like this version XD Scene from "Last Action Hero" movie
operation break-speare
something is rotten in the state of denmark
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