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 Mort touching th eroyal feet in real life
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This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र contains मेडागास्कर बिल्ली, अंगूठी पूंछ बंदर, बंदर catta, अंगूठी टेल लेमर, and लेमूर कट्टा. There might also be बंदर, लेमूर, गैलागो, bushbaby, झाड़ी बच्चे, गैलेगो, बुशबैबी, बुश बेबी, galago, बुश बच्चे, बेड़े बैलिस्टिक मिसाइल पनडुब्बी, and फ्लीट बैलिस्टिक प्रक्षेपास्त्र पनडुब्बी.

Very Mature Take One
Rico: *sticks tongue out* KABOOM KABOOM KABOOM KABOOM KABOOOM!!!
Cowtails: Very mature Rico.
Skipper/Kowalski/Rico: *mocks* Very mature Rico.
Director: Cut!! Private, आप were supposed to mock, too!!
Private: *whimpers* I can't!! It's mean!!
Director: *facepalm*

Very Mature Take Two
Cowtails: Very mature Rico.
Penguins: Very mature Rico.
Cowtails: *huff* आप guys are so immature for army guys! Unlike me, I'm very mature.
SP: *holds out a plate of cookies* Want some?
Cowtails: *squeals*...
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posted by legendary7
Every one stood in shock from what they had just seen. Celeste still seemed deep in thought. But the thing on her mind was wiped away, when Private wrapped his fin around her waist and pulled her toward him. She smiled, as her दिल raced. His saphire eyes gleamed at her golden ones. It seemed hard to breathe.
"All right, let's get back to set up our shelter." Skipper said, clearing his throat at the awkward feeling for the rest of his boys.
"Right," Celeste answered obediently.
All the rest of the afternoon, Celeste acted peculiar. Something was upsetting her. Private was competely bewildered...
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Scene 1


"It's coming! Dan! Come quick! He's hatching!"

"Coming Teressa!"

*Teressa & Dan watch as their first egg hatches*

Teressa: *picks up hatchling & cradles it* "Oh, Dan! It's a boy! What should we name it?"

Dan: "Um, how about Skipper? It means leader."

Teressa: "Yes! That's it! Baby Skipper."

Skipper: "Mama!"

Teressa: "Yes, darling! Mama. And Dada." *gestures toward Dan*

5 Years Later...

Skipper: *runs up to Teressa & Dan* "Hi mom! Hi dad!"

Dan: "Hi son! How was school?"

Skipper: "Oh, it was a lot of fun. Is it okay if I go to Jake's to play?"

Dan: "It's alright with me. Teressa?"...
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At the रात का खाना table, the feast is blanketed with silence, above the background noise of protestors against me. The smuggling pressure of my father's constant want for a different son, and the crowd's demand for Cain as prince, makes me realize I don't even want the throne. It is if there is no place for me. The only one I feel refuge in is my mother. Only is my father cheerful, on this dark night. His eyes beaming with excitement as he instructs of how to defeat my foe.
"And if आप lose you'll end up like this fish: On the seal's रात का खाना plate." He chuckles, gulping down a plump grouper. My...
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Knock knock
Who's there?
Rico's bomb
Rico's b-
(this joke takes place on Private's first दिन at the zoo)
Private: Wow! This place is huge!
Kowalski: It really isn't that big.
Private: Who else lives here besides आप and Skipper?
Kowalski: Rico, Johnson, and Manfridi.
Private: I like the name Rico. Tell me और about him.
Kowalski: Well, he loves things that explode, he likes to make things explode, आप can just say that he is an exploding machine!
Private: Is there a problem with that?
Kowalski: Yeah, no off button.
What is black, white and red all over?
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posted by RockOnPoM
Chapter 1: Who Calls At Midnight

Marlene's Habitat, 11:57PM

Marlene was sitting down, waiting for a specific Dragon Fly to appear. Finally, he arrived.

"Hey Marlene. Ready to plan all o' this?" asked Scouter.

"Of course I am. Look, I kept a map of the पेंगुइन lair. Ya know, in case of emergencies. There are 4 main enterances. First one is the hole hidden द्वारा the penguin's खाना bowl. The अगला are the two windows underwater from the पेंगुइन habitat. The last one is the air vent. But I doubt I would be able to fit in those pipes." Marlene explained.

"I got an idea. How about I go through the pipes,...
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Still leaning closer to see the पेंगुइन that was staring at the recorder finally looked up blinking his dark sea blue eyes twise then squints them now looking straight tword me.
"Who's Manfredi?" The पेंगुइन कहा as he starts to get up waddling tword me but then stops. I noticed a chain around his on of his ankles but that was the less part I noticed. What I mostly notice was how when the पेंगुइन when he was standing up was the scars on his side. I became so very curious because he looked so very formilar. I just could not put my flippers on it. Who was this guy then? Why am I here stuck with...
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I expect to see some COMMENTS!!!!!!

Kowalski, on the night of Savio's death, had made a decision to never let Adrian out of the सुरक्षित confines of his mind ever again. He'd stuck to it for two weeks now - seeing Marlene the way she was had been cause and motivation enough. He'd done other things with the experiment - watched reaction of the chemicals as he added different substances to them. He'd made little to no progress, but he was determined to stick to his decision.

But now, after two weeks, something different...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly closed Rico's eyes, and sadly walked twoards Marlene. " So...what did he say?" Marlene asked. Lilly's voice trembled as she spoke. " H-he wanted me to tell Juliete he loves her. Let's just keep going okay." Then she led the way to their अगला game. Suprisingly, Marlene and Lilly walked into a super bright room with light grey wallpaper. " I wonder who's in here......." Marlene said, poking her head out from behind Lilly's back. In the overwhealming light, Marlene was able to find a large, black tape recorder. " Wait! This is Skipper's!" She realized. Lilly's दिल sank in her chest. (This...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly knew Skipper wasn't expecting the egg to come so soon, but hey, what was he expecting? Only mammals stay pregnant for 9 months! (nit-wit!) " Well....Yeah. The only thing we need to sort out is gow were gonna hide our kid." "We, could keep him in the lab until we find a foster zoo." Skipper suggested, Lilly honestly didn't have the most, uh.....enthusiastic reaction. " आप want to give him away? I thought---" " Thought what? That we were gonna KEEP him? Lilly, that's just too dangerous for our reputations. We discussed this!" Skipper कहा sternly. " So....NOW your true रंग are revealed...."...
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posted by skipperfan5431
As soon as Lilly dozed off, the guys came back from their late-night recon duty. " HELLO SKIPPA!" Private Yells jollyly (is that a word? oh well, it is now). Kowalski, seeing that Lilly was asleep, smacked Private up-side his little head. " Skipper, are आप okay? आप don't look very well." Private asked, rubbing the back of his head which was now very soar. " Boys, get to bed. I need some quiet time." Skipper कहा softly. The boys didn't move. " That's an ORDER!" Skipper commanded, and with that, the boys jumped into their beds and automatically knocked out! Skipper sat in the scilence...thinking....
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Lilly woke up soon after, holding her stomach. " आप do know आप have to tell Skipper about this. Right?" Gloria asked sternly. Lilly shook her head. " Yeah, I know. But I don't know how he'll take it."
LATER IN THE HQ!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilly was on the floor, trying to wake Skipper up. "W-w-what happened?" Skipper asked dazily. Lilly looked at him. " Im pregnant." She कहा bluntly. "Oh yeah." Skipper replied, then he fainted again.
2 HOURS LATER!!!!!!!!
Skipper wakes up YET AGAIN! " Will आप STOP DOING...
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posted by Tripenguinman
***Author's Note: I never plan an ending in mind while I write, so be prepared if my stories suck. Just thought I'd let आप guys know.***

For how long will आप try?
How long until आप walk away?
Your facade can't disguise
That you're in misery!

-Facade द्वारा Disturbed

So let the war begin!
You're far from innocent!
Hell, I just don't know where it'll end!
You are the one to blame!
You've made a habit of fucking up my life!

-Deciver! द्वारा Disturbed


I opened my eyes slowly and looked into the darkness just outside. Another दिन was coming... another damn day. God, it'd be easier if someone...
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 run as fast as आप can and don't stop for any reason.
run as fast as you can and don't stop for any reason.
Dark clouds romed the winter night sky of New York. a cold rainy night was coming. Down below in Central Park a mother लोमड़ी, फॉक्स was watching her pup playing up ahead as she walked behind.

"Ok little one, i think its time to head back to the den." The mother कहा in amuzment as she got close to her kit.

" Aww, but mama its not that late" The kit protested.

"No, but it will rain soon and i don't want to get wet when its this cold out." She pointed out. "now come on." she turned and started to walk the way where their मांद, डेन was.

" Okay!" the kit कहा as she pranced her way beside her mom.

There was silence...
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added by PripperNKicoFan
Source: The Return Revenge Of Dr Blowhole
posted by Aquade

Skipper waddled in one of their escape tunnels. He didn't care where he was या where he was going. After a few मिनटों of walking, he finally sat down and stared at the envelope in his flippers. When he couldn't take it any longer, Skipper ripped open the envelope and began to read.

Dear Skipper,

If you're पढ़ना this, then I cannot believe आप actually miss me. I have to admit that I balked a little when I was about to write this. I didn't think that आप would read this, but then I thought about everything we have gone through, and the words began to flow smoothly.

I suppose you're...
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Note: This chapter is not in Nathan's PoV. Read on and you'll see why.


It had been a week since the mission with X. Private woke up first, much to his surprise. Stretching, he yawned and jumped down from his bed. As he looked around, Private felt as if something was missing. He looked around again and soon discovered what. "Everybody wake up! Nathan's gone!"

Wide awake, the other penguins flipped out of their bunks. "What?" asked Skipper.

Wordlessly, Private pointed to the empty bunk. Kowalski waddled over to it. He spied a note on the बिस्तर and picked it up. "He left a note."

"What does...
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As I dodged a frantic grab from X, I glanced at the other penguins. We had certainly come far from our starting point. There was no doubt that we would beat X and get out of here. I launched a kick at X, but was batted away. He really was as good as they had कहा he was. As I flipped to break my fall, I skidded around. "Any ideas?"

They all shook their heads. I turned to Skipper. "You कहा that we needed some prayers, right?"

"It was a figure of speech!"

"It's the only thing we have!"

"Oh don't worry; I'm sure we've all कहा और than enough prayers to last us for a lifetime."

"So the only things...
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posted by Aquade
"I have a plan, but you're not going to like it," I said.

Skipper glanced at me doubtfully. "I have a feeling that I'm not going to like it too."

Kowalski turned his gaze on me. "What is it?"

I looked at Skipper. "This has something to do with the deal we made earlier. I'll distract X while आप guys escape."

"Hey!" argued Skipper. "When I made that promise earlier, I didn't plan for this."

I glanced sharply at him. "We made a deal, so don't आप tell me that you're going to back out of it."

We reached a dead end. I looked at them all in turn. "Don't आप see? I'm not going to let another पेंगुइन die...
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Just as I jumped into my room, I heard alarms begin to ring throughout the compound. I grinned to myself. Private and Kowalski must have finished letting everybody go. I glanced at the surprised faces looking at me. "Who wants to get out?"

Everybody yelled with joy. As I unlocked the different cages, I came to one with a squirrel. "You must be Fred," I said.

He looked at me. "Is the hotel stay over?"

I stared at him. He continued. "The room was okay, but the खाना is horrible. They don't even have acorns!"

I shook my head and decided to play along for the sake of everybody else. "We're having a...
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