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 Madeleina Hypnosis
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Beware of Madeleina Hypnosis!!!!
प्रशंसक कला
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This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर प्रशंसक कला might contain मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

posted by SJF_Penguin2
Note: For a while, I've had an idea about लेखन a short scene with the unseen "My car!" guy, whose car is frequently damaged या destroyed द्वारा the penguins. And today I have written such a scene. I hope आप will enjoy it.


The man sighed and then dialed his cell phone. "Hi, I would like to file a claim for the damage my car sustained this morning," he कहा when his call was answered द्वारा an agent at the auto insurance company.

"What is the nature of the damage to your vehicle, sir?" the agent asked.

"It's totaled. There was an explosion of some sort...
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 but... what's that?
but... what's that?
"it's complete!!!" kowalski shouted as he completed his incredible and new invention: super personality swap

"excelent kowalski, but, what does that excactly does?" skipper asked curiously

"it's a potion that depending on your deepest secrets it changes your personality!"

"I wanna see it!" private shouted running at kowalski, but they crashed and the potion went through the celing

"private, don't rush at nobody like tha-" but before skipper could finish his sentence the liquid splashed in the angry penguin, who fell through an open hole of the swewer, he fell in the water and started to go away...
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Rebekah (OC, sorry, I wrote this a while back and didn't want to change it)

Rebekah: Hey, Skipper! There is this awesome new Chinese restaurant that I think आप should try sometime!
Skipper: Oh really?
Rebekah: Yeah! Here's the phone number for it.
*Rebekah hands Skipper a slip of paper with a phone number on it*
*Skipper dials the number*
Lady: Chinese fooood. May I help you?
Skipper: Yeah, I'd like to place an order.
Lady: How much आप like?
Skipper: Yeah, I'd like, uh, four orders of garlic fish.
Lady: And then?
Skipper: And then four orders of white...
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Chapter One: A New Friend for Private
A young पेंगुइन was creeping along in the shadows, breathing heavily, trying to stay hidden. He looked around the corner only to see nothing. He tobogganed to the अगला wall. Almost there, the पेंगुइन thought. He froze in his tracks when he heard footsteps, quickly pressing himself against the cold concrete wall, hoping that the person wouldn't see him. Unfortunately, luck wasn't with him, and a पेंगुइन saw him.
 "Hey, guys! Look!" the पेंगुइन yelled, pulling the frightened bird from the shadows. "I found him!"
 A group of penguins formed around the two,...
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So Here's My Coca-cola Ad Celebrating The 150th Annivercery of The Company. This Commercial Stars Marlene.

It Starts Of With a Coca-cola Vending Machine, In The Zoo, Then Marlene walks up to it, all wet (she went to the फव्वारा for the money for the drink), Then She Jumps to put the money in the Machine, then as she falls back to the ground she presses the button. It Doesn't come out so she bangs it. It Still doesn't Comes Out, she Growls and Bangs On It About 4 या 5 times, HARD, The Can Stills Doesn't Comes Out, Then She Looks In The thing where the cokes come out, Then she Gets sucked in...
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Hey! Bob here. Bob the Piñata. Lives in the Central Park Zoo at the lemurs' habitat. King Julien really spends quality time with me even though I have no और कैन्डी in my body, after Kowalski was all crazy about my candy-giving powers.

It was a bright, sunny, and bright दिन in Central Park. Tourists visited. Pigeons pooped on the zoo bell. Janitors working hard to clean it up. Yeah, a pretty normal दिन for me and the other जानवर in the zoo.

Meeting at the Zoovenir Shop; 8:30 pm sharp, as I read what was written on the whiteboard in every habitat. After a few और hours later, King Julien,...
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posted by skipperfan5431
THE अगला DAY!!!!!!!!!
The अगला दिन at school, Lilly ignored everyone as she waddled down the hall. She was still upset about having to dump Skipper the night before, and she didn't want to talk. "I feel bad for her.."--"Skipper's never gonna find one like HER again"--"She's single now?"--"who's she going to homecoming with!?" Was some of the gossip going around the school halls. Kowalski and Rico were sitting nect to the lockers. "Man...I can't help but feel bad for her. I know she really liked him." Kowalski said. Rico made a whistling noise and nudged Kowalski. Then an announcement came over...
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posted by fox_tamer_113
I never thought I reach chapter 4! I'm on a roll! :D

I want to thank LeonardFan and egel_0507 for commenting last chapter! :D

Anyways, lets continue on the story!


Dimension 1 (Evil me)
Penguins HQ

Everyone jump at hearing the crash, and almost yelp. Skipper shushed them as they waited for something to happen...

"He-hello~ Anybody here? I-I hope not..." A voice from outside echoed as it opened the entrance and climb down.

"Ma-Marlene is that you?" Private whispered, confused and scared द्वारा the fact Marlene looks... Abused.

Yes. Marlene, which is a friend to the penguins, looks... Abused, in one...
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posted by krazy4kowalski
That special time of साल is now upon us. The Kids Choice Awards are back! Once again, The Penguins of Madagascar has been nominated for Best Cartoon. But we are also competing against three of the best कार्टून on television, including last year's winner, Spongebob Squarepants. The compatition is tough, but we as प्रशंसकों are stronger. We have two virtues that no other प्रशंसक group posseses: Undying passion and endless patience.With these, we can not fail! I call upon all of आप as प्रशंसकों of The Penguins of Madagascar: Go onto Nick.com and click on the KCA Voting button. Vote every day, और than once if आप have time. The Penguins are the first nominee for Best Cartoon on the left, so आप can just keep clicking the first picture until it tells आप that you're done and can प्रस्तुत करे your votes! This is very important to many of us, so try your best. Happy voting!!!
Well thanks to my little freinds on Nickelodeon messageboard here are: canitry115's opinon, Ajjeville's opinon, Kowalski17's opinon, Kowalski28's opinon, Jessi54's opinon, actress101's opinon, Newwolf99's opinon, Skrp1234's opinon, Zakaro's opinon, Privtrcks's opinon, Intelect21's opinon, ayeaye2010's opinon, and garfish's opinon:

should kowalski get over doris?

Date: 01/23/11 6:06 PM
From: canitry155

I've been thinking and when i see how many posts the kowalski प्रशंसक board has i'm like omg kowalski has a lot of प्रशंसकों and quite a few have crushes on him! I also think since he has so many प्रशंसक girls...
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posted by bluesmoke543
Im jack A.C.'s best friend and closest non family
I wanna share with your A.C.'s life, cuz shes suffering , she's not herself and ive never known her be herself ever, and ive know her all my life

Yeah i know this is the pom spot an all but who the f**k cares, I know A.C. only goes on this site and i wanted to share somethings thats been bugging my mind forever
Its about A.C. and how she copes

You know A.C., the crazy britsh hyperactive person who always smile and loves POM? None of thats true, except she loves pom and she is british.
In real life A.C. is just a depressed 12 साल old filling a hole...
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posted by skipper321
Not alot of people know what happend in Denmark with Skipper. So, heres my idea.

Skipper jumped off the plane silently as it headed over Denmark. He was on a mission for the पेंगुइन strike force. They located Blowhole in Denmark and they sent their best spy to go and spy on him.

Skipper landed and headed to a secret HQ to get और information. Unlike the US, they had puffins. There organazation was called The Danes.

Skipper entered the Danes HQ and went to the comando,Hans. Hans told skipper where Blowhole was and he headed for it. Halfway there,he saw a strange man in colorful clothing and long...
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Me and Penguin11 are in a little...argument. She think SHE belongs with Kowalski...but आप know. I don't think that's true! Kowalski belongs with Rico! We are each making लेखाए on who we think should win for the pick we have up. Read both of ours, then go vote!

Reason 1: Their friendship. Kowalski and Rico have been फ्रेंड्स for, like, FOREVER. Wouldn't it be so easy to transition into something more?

Reason 2: Their work well together. Rico is like Kowalskis right hand man. If Kowalski needs anything to do an experiment, who is gonna have it tucked away in his belly? Rico of course! And also,...
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OMG my friend is so weird! she made this story and emailed it to me. O_O
Kowalski: And so Private, thats how आप must be sure your खाना is dead before आप eat it.

Private: but I already knew that Kowalski!

Kowalski: It's Science, you'll have to use it in your life sometimes

Private: B-but. WHY?

Kowalski: Never Mind that, go.. go to Marlene.. या something..

Private: Why is everyone so weird?

*Maurice runs द्वारा in a 14th century type of royal outfit*

Maurice: Oh crap, I'm late! the king is going to kill me!

Private: *blinks...
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posted by penguinsfan2
(from Kowalski’s point of view)
It was a beautiful summer दिन when a new found emotion took over leaving me helpless to ignore.
All the usual was happening, Private was watching T.V., Skipper was पढ़ना the paper while drinking his normal मछली coffee, and Rico was busy with his doll. How I hated that doll she always takes Rico’s attention away from….what am I thinking?! He’s my friend and nothing more! Still how long can I hide the fact that I प्यार him? Though its better I do because two male penguins aren’t supposed to be mating only a male and a female are meant for that. I really...
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~ Of Thursday and the Times ~

“All right, men, none of us want to see Marlene shipped out of here, so we need to come up with the right plan to block it,” Skipper declared as he took his सीट at the तालिका, टेबल with the other penguins. “I want to hear every possible option.”

Rico grinned at the thought of every possible option, and promptly regurgitated a stick of dynamite.

“Kaboom! Kaboom!” he mumbled as he pulled the stick from his mouth. “Ha, ha, ha!”

Skipper shook his head.

“I like your attitude, Rico,” he said, “but what would we blow...
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posted by littlebirdy05
*raises hands defensively* I know, I know, this is already up on Kowalski's प्रशंसक page, but honestly this place is और active, so...

Alrighty, this contains my theory on how the heck it is, Kowalski always whips out his clipboard from nowhere, but in truth, It’s और of a ridiculously long one-shot on Kowalski’s past.

Skipper waddled over to the coffee maker, pouring himself a cup. He turned, opening the fridge. "Hm, where did I put that...?" He mumbled to no one in particular. It was only five a.m. and the others were still sleeping. He always got up before they did. "Eh, there it is..."...
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posted by kowalskicrazy
Kowalski:I have done it!
skipper:done what?
kowalski holds a metal box with a टोपी and brings it over to the तालिका, टेबल to दिखाना skipper.
skipper:group meeting for kowalski's new invention!
private and Rico walk away from the T.V and over to the table.
private:sooo what is it?
kowalski:well this is my new dream machine.
skipper,private,and Rico look at each other and shrug in confusion.
skipper:what does it do?
kowalski:well it will bring the illousions in our mind,which आप call dreams,alive.
skipper:aces kowalski. this may be the best invention yet!
kowalski secretly blushing takes his invention...
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Kowalski is walking down the busy sidewalk and stops when he sees Skipper sitting on a सड़क, स्ट्रीट corner with a tin can to collect change.
Skipper: Spare change for a new lair, please? Over here, I need dough!
Kowalski: Skipper? What are आप doing?
Skipper: Kowalski, I never thought I would be happier to see your brain. How far are we from a new lair?
Kowalski looks in the cup and sees one कैन्डी wrapper along with a button.) At this rate centuries.
Skipper: We are depending on Rico and Private now.
Kowalski: No we’re not.
They see two penguins, Rico and Private, heading toward them.
Skipper: Report....
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(The penguins are enjoying a lovely, peaceful दिन at the zoo, getting bad cases of sunburn without mercy.)
Kowalski: I think I’m getting a बादल burn, Skipper.
Skipper: Right, and can’t आप see my bad case of moon burn? Seriously, man, there isn’t a बादल in the sky.
Private: It doesn’t matter. I have a sky burn. What can आप do for something like that?
Skipper(threateningly): Whack some sense into yourselves या I will do it for you. Actually, Rico, pass me the sky block. SPF 15, soldier. I do like to keep a decent figure.
Rico coughs up the sky block, moon block, and even the बादल block...
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