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Hi! I know I haven't been active here for a while, I was caught up in things. Doubt anyone remembers me, but I have written many प्रशंसक fictions. And then the movie came out and ruined some of my प्रशंसक fictions. In a good way.

So I was पढ़ना up about the movie, and I found something saying that the movie and the दिखाना where set in parallel universes. I was surprised so I wrote something down about it. And some more. And ended up लेखन this about the penguins and alternate realities.

Sorry if I get off topic, I was literally just talking and Siri was लेखन it down. So here we go!

The Penguins of Madagascar Analysis and Theories: Parallel Universes

The दिखाना and movie penguins are in alternate universes. The दिखाना is where the Madagascar gang stays in Africa while the penguins go back to the zoo, Julien somehow tagging along. Either that या the Madagascar gang didn't exist in the first place.

I'll play it this way.

The penguins got out, with the chimps, and where caught. They did what they did on the ship in the first movie, went to Antarctica, then headed back and ended up on Madagascar. They met the बंदर, लेमूर tribe and amazing weather. They would have stayed for the weather, but the बंदर, लेमूर tribe was being very annoying and much too friendly. So they devise a way to leave, but Julien and Maurice tag along, and Mort टॅग्स along to them. अगला thing they know they are back at the zoo. Much smarter from experience, but still very annoyed from the lemurs.

Then the movie universe.

They go through the first three फिल्में as in the फिल्में as they are the same universe as that. The movie penguins are in the same universe as the Madagascar gang. Then as they're in the circus, still, all the fun stuff happens. Dave and the North Wind get involved and all that stuff.

Now we get into the fun part.

If there WAS a villain trying to take over the world and put penguins to extinction, don't आप think a certain डॉल्फिन would be involved? We're not sure he isn't, but he probably is not. Then is he still in that universe? Maybe. But chances are he didn't become evil. या at the least get his flippers on the needed technology. Another one of my theories आप might find pretty crazy.

Dave and Blowhole might actually be the same person!

Think about it a little. According to the spoilers, they both grew up in aquarium/zoo/water park. They were interrogated until the point if pure evil. They both have about the same sense of humor (that we have seen) and hate penguins. Blowhole also always uses that evil flare in saying it, pen-goo-ins. Maybe Dave has a similar thing. Both are flexible, and have the similar smooth skin, and are aquatic जानवर that don't live in water. Another thing is eyesight. As we saw, Dave needs पढ़ना glasses, and Blowhole has only one eye. They also have their minions. Red minions, that can be easily healed, are loyal, and strong enough. Also, we have their alternate personalities. Dave has his Dr. Octovious Brine, and Blowhole has his Flippy. They still look like themselves, but are still as slightly different that if they change back not everyone can recognize them. And their names, all have three. Dr. Blowhole, Francis, and Flippy. Dr. Octavious Brine, Dave, and David. There is one alternate personality, one real life name, and one nickname used as villain name. Flippy and Dr. Brine, Francis and David, and then Blowhole and Dave. Another thing, Doctors. Dr. Brine and Dr. Blowhole. It is कहा that Blowhole got his PHD off online internet courses, for real. He probably has it for science. I have no idea about Brine's, but I can easily guess it was probably also real and for science.

I have so many और reasons, but I think that is enough to convince आप guys.

Now अगला things: references. There have been several references in the दिखाना about the फिल्में and the Madagascar gang. Let's sort that out.

The easiest to depict is, obviously, Alex being in the episode 'The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole'.
Alex claims to be their old zoo mates, but even after Skipper regains his memory, he continues to forget Alex's name and never tells the rest if the team it was indeed Alex. As quote, "Oh, I'm talking to an invisible lion." He also never says anything और about the zoo mates thing. And at the end he says something around the lines of 'nice meeting you'. With that reference, even with his memory back, Skipper doesn't remember Alex. But as I explained earlier, there was no Alex या Marty या Gloria या Melmen to remember. So how did Skipper's 'remaining memories' generate a creature who wasn't a memory. Well, it did create Snow Monkey, whom at that time we thought as a pigment if imagination. In the later episode, Lunicorn Apocalypse, he ends up being the main protagonist. And Skipper knew about him. So he must have gotten stories या pictures या things about him before. And with Skipper's high-tech mind he was able to create an image if him that was just about the same as the real thing.

But now Alex. He was probably a creation in Skipper's mind, but how did he end up having the exact same everything minus mane style as the real Alex from the other universe?

In this show, we have been shown सूपरनॅचुरल elements and time travel, along with magic. So it would be fair to say one of these elements could and probably was responsible for this. Chances are it would be a magic या supernatural.

I'm voting supernatural, as maybe something happened to the Skipper in the Madagascar movie realm. And everyone had to help him get over it. But Alex helped him the most. That's one of my theories.

या we could do the magic theory. There was just that magic element there that was able to create the Alex from the other world because he would be the best guide out of them all.

Then there is the time theory. Since time and अंतरिक्ष are related, I'll be able to say that there is a chance that the Madagascar movie realm and the दिखाना realm are actually in the same universe. Considering the size of the universe (infinity) there is a 100% chance that there is another solar system about 99.9% the same as ours. There actually might be several. (Note, I'm not using science fiction, these are facts, minus the percentages, I don't know the actual percentages.) At least one of them have birth to life. And chances are the life would work the same way, as the climate is the same along with the other factors.

Uh, I'm off topic.

So not in the parallel universe, but the other same world, some tiny details would change it so the Madagascar gang would exist. Then time made a mistake on which Skipper लॉस्ट his memory. It would give him the Alex from the other galaxy, knowing he would help but not knowing that the TV दिखाना Skipper didn't know him.

Then the अगला Madagascar movie reference wasn't as out there. It is once again about Alex, and Nana. In ZooTube we heard one person say something along the lines of 'Did आप see that crazy lady? She was like smacking the lion with her pocketbook.' This opens up an interesting can of worms. Was it really Alex and Nana? या was it some other old lady and lion?

Remember in Madagascar 2 when we got the flashback of how Alex got to the zoo? What if in their realm, the Madagascar gang exists but are somewhere else? What if a शार्क made an extra turn to put Alex not in New York? Just wanted to put it out there. This isn't relating to the last theory, because growing up in a different place would require Alex to have a different personality, plus in no way in the world would either of them know each other.

My guess is that it was probably Nana, but not Alex.

That's it for movie references I've found in the show. If आप can think of any more, than please tell.

Now I'm going to turn tides and see the lemurs. Mostly Julian. In the movies.

Why? Well, if आप haven't noticed, he really isn't that stupid. He just has his small brain capacity. Why, again? Also, with such a dumb mind why would any of the lemurs worship him? Here's my theory.

आप know in the first movie how Julian mentions many things that couldn't have existed in the Madagascar 'wild'. For example, after his talk, he goes "Now who wants a cookie?!" Those could not exist in Madagascar. Well, they could, but they probably wouldn't have the same name. Them he had the same names for the people. They wouldn't regularly be around, so where would the word came from. Also his robot dance at the end.

Call it coincidence, but I think there is something going on. The lemurs, या at least Julien, must have access to the outside world. How? Why?

In the show, he refers to the Sky-Spirits as the 'gods' the lemurs worship. Except the Sky-Spirits are actually meant to worship him and give him praise and shiny things.

On Madagascar 2, he refers to then as simply 'gods'. Along with a sacrifice needed. That makes them probably close to Greek, Roman, या some sort of Aztec like religion. They दिखाना mercy and helpfulness but require praise and sometimes sacrifice.

Then again in Madly Madagascar, Julien claims that those gods made him into the 'King of Love'. So the religion is probably not like Aztec, and और like Greek and Roman.

Allow me to also tie in the factor of immortality. In Merry Madagascar या Madagascar Julien implies that his father died 50 years ago, या he was born 50 years ago. I really am not sure about this, but I was just derping around online and found something that talked a little about this. I really forget most of it, bit I remember it somehow mentioned this.

So I'll just go with this and say that Julien is around 50 years old. I don't have time to research, but I'm guessing the average बंदर, लेमूर lifespan is about 15 years या something. All I know fact wise is that it is definitely not 50 या higher.

Another factor would be time. How does this बंदर, लेमूर tribe measure time? It can't be the seasons, considering it is shown that Madagascar seems to be warm साल round. I would say that their only measurement would be the sun या moon. Or, like in Merry Madagascar, when the 'Red Goblin' comes.

Then again, there must be intelligent lemurs in the tribe. I mean, at their parties, आप can hear music. And later it shows them hitting logs and blowing शंख shells in very smart and orderly practice. It is usually very hard to learn an instrument, especially with as limited supplies as them. But they still sounded really good.

Woooow, I got off topic. Back to the immortality thing.

So there are intelligent lemurs in the group. There must be a measurement if time somehow.

Now back to my original-original thing.

So lemurs have access to the outside world. They're probably smart enough. But do they have time? How? Why? Where?

I have an extra extra EXTRA crazy theory. It would bend the boundaries of अंतरिक्ष and time. But that's what we like here.

So my theory is that the Juliens from the parallel universes are actually the same person.

Call me crazy, but really.

Same brain. They share the brain. There is only one brain between them. Each body gets half, but they can still control the other with it. Through the parallel universes.

Julien knows his brain doesn't have much capacity, and uses the majority of it in the Madagascar movie, as his life there is bigger. But back at the zoo it is boring and he jut relies on the penguins and Maurice.

I'm not really counting on this theory bit it could be pretty cool.

That's really all the analysis I have for the parallel universes of the penguins. If anyone has और ideas about any of this stuff, या any और observations arrive with और spoilers, possibly the दिखाना या another दिखाना coming back, I'll be sure to write और about it.

Until then I will be लेखन और Penguins of Madagascar Analysis and Theories. अगला up: Parallel Universes part 2
Prof. Horrible’s Sing Along story

This is sort of a crossover between the original Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog online musical sensation and Penguins of Madagascar, but I’d like to keep it in the PoM spot just because nobody’s really going to read it if it’s in a crossover section. The events of Dr. Horrible, and the songs, with the PoM characters अभिनय out certain parts. (Yes, Rico can talk.)

Acting Roles:
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Okay, I'll try to explain this the best I can. So we all know (if you've seen the movie) that Skipper, Kowalksi and Rico adopted Private as their younger brother, so he's not their REAL brother so we can scratch Private out of this. Okay, so in the TV दिखाना episode: The Trouble With Jiggles. Skipper says: "Anyone whose last name doesn't end in -OWALSKI have any options [to stop the jiggli]?" It is thus shown that Kowalski is actually Kowalski's surname. But does that mean that Skipper and Rico's last name are also Kowalksi. I think it could be but I also think it's not because Skipper uses the last name against him, making it seem like he is the only one who has that last name. So, we're Skipper, Rico and Kowalksi फ्रेंड्स who became soldiers together? What do आप think? Let me know!
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