“Don’t give him a name and keep he’s un-named until the storm over, if he’s survived, we can call him Skipper Joseph Fidelis”
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Many times had passed (Actually just half year) and many moments had done, but Flipper Joseph Fidelis can’t set his feet afar from the border (of the sea and the land) every morning, He waiting his Wife, Aurora … Skipper’s mother. And the worst, she hadn’t seen his son ‘til now. Until someday he surrenders, he must accept his wife’s death. He heard from Female penguins about his wife was लॉस्ट या maybe dead in the sea द्वारा a Fishermen. In another side, young Skipper didn’t have any friend yet. All of the penguins attended skipper as a foolish-idiot penguin. Skipper head-shape became mock stuff in his colony. He often cried या talked alone, that was makes everything worse. But skipper didn’t develop rapidly, and his growth still slow. Of course, he was the smallest पेंगुइन on his age. He can’t learn and studied anything not as fast than any पेंगुइन in his age. He stayed in first grade for 4 महीना (while another up at the 2nd grade for a month).
“The Dark past…”
Aurora पहाड़ी, हिल (Education center), Antarctic
08:02 AM: Heavy Snow: 31 December 1997
*stap stap
Skipper steps heard from the north. Every ado in the school suddenly stopped. Every view of the people looked at Skipper. Not a proudly looks for become the son of Fidelis या happy looks for his 5th महीना at fisrt grade, just a lot disgusted feel felled every view of the every eyes. The colony that was known as the most advantage colony in Antarctica had the most idiot पेंगुइन in Antartica too, it was hard to accept but it was reality that must be accepted. Today, the school subject was science; the entire grade learned the same subject in everyday. The class was just ahead, but Skipper fear felt from the distances. “Okay, whatever they threw to me, never mind…. Because …. I forget what will I said”
*Skipper entered the class, all of the view directed to Skipper
“Skipper…” the teacher कहा “You’re late again, but 2 मिनट earlier than yesterday…”
“As the usual sir, I always go astray if I want to go to this class, today I’m astray to the अगला clan” कहा Skipper
“Do आप realize that your घर and this class are ADJACENT!!” The teacher कहा
“Ohh, आप just told me. Why आप don’t tell me before?” Skipper replied
“I’ve told you… wait a मिनट (pick up the notebook)… I’ve told आप 31 times this month, that’s means I told आप everyday…” the class began to laugh at once.
“Ooohh...” Skipper surprised with those laugh. So he just कहा “Thank you, thank you…”
“And what are आप doing here?” Teacher said
“I want to learn science, sir…” कहा Skipper with plainly smile. “I want to be smart just like my father”
“.. This class only for the normal, not idiot likes you” Teacher said
“But… but my father was a leader… I want to be a leader too…” Skipper कहा but the Teacher already cut it off.
“So study with your father, I’m not as idiot as your father in Great War I…” Teacher said
“If that can’t be so I want to be soldier just like my mother…” And again, Teacher cut it…
“So, study to your mother!!”Teacher said
“But, she’s not here. She’s not with me” Skipper replied “My father कहा that she’s at the better place now”
“So go, go to where your mother go!! Go where your mother better placed” The teacher कहा “This class is closed for you, this clased only opened for whoever smart and want to be someone success. Not for loser”
“……” Those words felt stab through Skipper’s heart, but he hold his cry as strong as he can. He wont to cry again same as yesterday.
“What… what are आप looking for? Want cry?” The teacher कहा “AAGGHH, आप just make me confused with your idiot speech and tears… Go, go from my class, आप waste my time”
Skipper out from the class, but that was not ended there was still any more…
“AND NEVER COME BACK!!!” The teacher shouted from the classroom
द्वारा the small step and small feet, he out from the school and went to the field
“Hey Skipper…” one of the boy call him “Come here, kid…”
“Me…?” Skipper still didn’t believe if another kid called him as friendly as he.
“No, the Rock… Hello Rock” the boy waved his flipper to the small rock “Of course you, idiot” he turn back to Skipper again
“Why आप called me...” Skipper asked with a small smile “Is that any problems?”
“Yes…” he started to introduce himself “My name is Donnie and this is my friends, Donald and Closky” he said
“Wow…” Skipper got a surprise today, which was still any friend that he could have “Do आप want to be my friend?” Skipper asked
“No, I just want to clean up your flat head…” WHAT?? “I see your father; the commander of Denmark used it for Breakfast table…”
Well, it was just a joke from them (or mock). They were laugh out loud so do the other Penguins in the field… Skipper walked back to his घर with casting down head. Every remembered that moment; he always wanted to seek for revenge. He pray to God, hope he could be better than everyone who thought he was worse than other.
Finally, he was out from the school; he didn’t receive a formal lesson since there was conscription in the colony knowing sea lion population explodes, Flipper usually called them “Allies Mimies” but Skipper never known what that is supposed to be mean. The conscription training applicable for every penguin, unless for a small child like Skipper. Spiral kick, axe kick, stab fist, dodge and block all of them he get from his own father, under the night aurora borealis, His father often called him for his private training, using the crossbow या rifle. For the crossbow, it was unused weapon in this 20th century, why did his father teach it. It was still a mystery. Many lessons that his father teach, Skipper (almost) listen all of his father words seriously. आप know what he got? Skipper almost knew all of the moves, but he can’t did all of them. His feet are too small to practice that.
Half साल passed without his mother, Skipper wondering about her a lot. Who was her mother and how does it looks like. He already knows if his mother was a soldier and he… is female, only that. He can’t wait much longer, he never seen his mother face and he wouldn’t know it until Skipper try ….to ask.
“Some Infantry must be placed on the hill, when the enemy down. They’ll suddenly slide through them and that’s the plan. Prepared some sniper and on the tower and placed Panzerfaust there too. They will आग at the Cargo ship with our enemy within” Flipper commanded his team inside the camp.
“Dad…” Skipper steps entering Flipper camp. “Dad…”
“Rest, team” Flipper ordered his team to rest “Okay, what??”
“….. Where’s … mommy?” कहा Skipper. Flipper shock when he listen those word out from his son beak.
“…. She’ll return soon” Flipper replied “She never lied to me…” Even Aurora never spoke he was sure will came back
“You कहा those words one week ago… या maybe three weeks ago” Skipper कहा “Oh no… 2 weeks ago… oh, या 3”
Flipper’s beak closed for a time, his दिल race as fast as the घोड़े knowing it was the worst word he ever says to his son.
“And… आप ever कहा that I have brother, where’s he??” Skipper कहा
“………….come… follow me” Flipper guided skipper to the hill, where was the night aurora दिखाना herself in the sky.
“Finally, this beak says these accursed words….” Flipper pointed at the aurora in the sky “You see that?”
“Aurora Borealis??” कहा Skipper
“Yes, आप mother name was Aurora. She has a hazel eyes, thin beak, and soft fur…. Same as yours “Flipper said
“But my eyes are blue …” Skipper said
“Sure, that’s mine ….” Flipper replied
“Was she beautiful?” Skipper asked
“Always” Flipper said”…. She was …. The most wonderful woman that I ever seen in this world… I प्यार the lady like that, he was good soldiers, well trained, good at strategy and… he always cook for me” Flipper suddenly changed his face expression “But … one day, your mother went for hunting after born you, that’s one of her hobbies….”
“And …..” Skipper कहा “What happen then?”
“She was लॉस्ट in the sea in three weeks when the fisherman took your brother to the dry land…” Flipper कहा “The dry land या desert land, who knows…”
“WHAT???? LOST??” Skipper shocked when he heard the truth about his mother and brother.
“Yes … या maybe she was dead. Because some people कहा that they were found the dead body … with the bullet wound around his body…..”Flipper कहा “It was riffle’s bullet … या even और advance”
“…….” Skipper tears started filled down.
“You brother name was … Skipper too, he was very ... very similar like you. But he didn’t have a blue eyes, he had hazel eyes. The Fisherman take him to sold as commercial on the dry land” Flipper explained
“*cry” Skipper cry become greater, as any child. He cried loudly but not as loud as the new born baby...
“Listen lad, your dark past isn’t affecting anything for your future. आप and me are in same kind, we both have a same life line, huh?” Flipper कहा “One day, if someone asks आप “what kind of you” just asked… “I’m Fidelis, and I’m proud””
Skipper nodded his head as sign of he was understand.
“… But anyway, आप can make your own way. My soul and आप are connection. So, if आप need my help. Just remember me... Okay^^” Flipper showed a small grin to comfort Skipper.
“….Dad..?” Skipper asked
“Uh-huh?” Flipper replied
“Why आप didn’t tell me earlier….. Why dad? Why?” skipper spoke with the tears still remained on his face
“I … I… I don’t want to hurt you…. I प्यार आप …” कहा Flipper
Knowing if his hope to meet his mother for a first time was impossible, He was depressed, stress and annoyed. He slide as fast as he can, run into his cave, where he usually sleeps and lived with his father. He only crying and crying all over the hour. His father saw him from outside the फर curtain (They got this from the seal). Step द्वारा step, Flipper took his step to back to his army. But when he just took his 3rd step…….
Suddenly, the Shots of gun heard from the west. The alarm ringing from the distance, the female run and सुरक्षित their children, many scream heard through the colony.
“The Gate are down, they’re here!!” The scouts are reporting to Flipper “Mammals!!!” Many soldiers shouted
“What kind of enemy they are??” कहा Flipper “Otter? Sea Lion? Monkey? What, Just tell me!”
“They…….” Somebody shot him from behind, but it was not crossbow या राइफल as in Denmark …. It was a gun.
“HUMAAN!” Flipper shouted and ran to avoid the bullet of the gun. Human… but why, why they’re here? Here is South Pole, No one human step and settle here.
“Support Gunner, Surprise attack!! MOVE!” The scout sliding on their belly like a plan it was.
Flipper ran to a group of Riflemen, Flipper rose his flipper as a mark for shooting their bullets but when his flipper down.
“AAARRRGGHH” Flipper got a shoot द्वारा someone…
Flipper fall to the ground with some bullet piercing in his body, it seems like he was injured द्वारा shotgun. The Riflemen formation was broken down, their morale was instantly decreased when they saw their general, a really great general die in tragic (or also in honor). Meanwhile, the Penguins and humans was fought in the crossfire, the female group gathering children and other female to surviving them from the invaders, when they call Skipper inside his cave…
“Skipper!!! Skipper!!” the female penguins called him
“What …… the ..?” Skipper got out and saw the Scout and the Human are fight. His first meet with Human.
“Come … We must escape through the south पहाड़ी, हिल before it’ll be too late!!” The female penguins call Skipper again.
“Where’s my daddy??” Skipper looked everywhere, but there was no Flipper in his sight.
“We don’t know!! Come, they’re still a lot of children remain in this village!! Not just you!” The lady said
“DAD!!” Skipper ran passing the armies and humans that still fight.
“HHEEYY, Come back. Don’t ….” The female penguins called him but she got a आग too.
“DAD!! DAD!!” Skipper called his father repeatedly. “DAD!!” Nobody replied his shout, until Skipper found the routing injured scout.
“HEEY, आप THERE!!” yelled Skipper
“Where’s my father??” Skipper asked
“NO, आप MUST GET OUTTA FROM HERE!!” The Scout pushed skipper body out
“I’M HIS SON!!! WHERE’S MY FATHER, NOW??” Skipper shouted to the scout. Whew, his first anger.
“In the राइफल hill, your father was fall in battle. He was got a आग few मिनटों ago” the scout said
“WHAT???” Skipper continued his ran to the पहाड़ी, हिल and he saw his father walked hobble. His body was full of wound, piercing wounds. There was so many blood, just imagine, the small पेंगुइन got a shot from a big shotgun according to his size.
“DAD!!!” Skipper ran to his father when his father falls to the ground because he can’t hold it out anymore.
“S…s…son” Flipper कहा with a few blood out from his mouth. “I’m sorry…”
“Dad….” Skipper said
“I...I’m sorry Skipper, I can’t give the best…f.. for you. Now, this is my time” Flipper said
“Dad, if you’re gone. Who’ll be my अगला parent? I just know my mother died and my brother captured, and now I must lose my dad too?? It… It is unfair!!” Skipper was cried, but not as hard as few hours ago. “Am I must be captured too? Same as my brother…”
“Listen to me, son. My live would be unused if I not die... Okay” Flipper caress Skipper head and kissed his forehead for his last time. “I’m the man of faith… and I have my own faith same as those human”
“…..” Skipper beak became quiet for a moment. But it doesn’t mean if he’s not sad again.
“Keep alive… was not the important one, but ... to die with honor. That’s make आप become a real man” Flipper’s caress become slower and slower & finally …. His flipper dropped and he breathed out his last breath. “Sooner या Later… we will meet again, my son…”
“DDAADD!!” Skipper’s tears drop and finally his status “Parented” finally ended here. Since this second, Skipper became an Orphan but he still has one brother. Just need an effort to find him^^. After all his conversation with his father, Skipper decided to bury his father with चाय spoon. But when he wanted to drag it…
Suddenly, Skipper fall to the ground cause द्वारा …. Anasthesia dart pierced his back, now his entire body fallen, yes he was weaker than any penguins in his age. He can’t हटाइए anymore, he suddenly feels horrible sleepy, his view became darker and darker. He wanted to close his eyes, and the Humans put their hand on him to capture him. Those fishermen put him in the cage and brought him somewhere just like a big raft. He saw the uniform of the Humans, Hhmm random? It was impossible if the organized army wears the बिना सोचे समझे clothes, and he saw the नाव too. It was not too big, he ever saw it in the western sea, Nnahh, Skipper know, who was the boats belong to, The Fisherman. His vision became quite dark, his eyes can’t open much longer anymore, he want to sleep. So, knowing if he was so sleepy & maybe he can take a nap. His suffering just began here.

Skipper continued his ran to the पहाड़ी, हिल and he saw his father walked hobble. His body was full of wound, piercing wounds. There was so many blood, just imagine, the small पेंगुइन got a shot from a big shotgun according to his size.