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Don't resist, don't resist. My main is stylest Portia. My prep team that's working on me now is Kitty, Marco and Sparks. Kitty, a girl, wares a चूना, चूने green wig and suite, she had a light गुलाबी colored skin. Marco and sparks are mails. Marco had dark skin and ware a सोना suit. Sparks ware a suit with lights of all colors. These people are nuts! What is with these people? There accents were all most British like. I don't know how to explain it.

"All most done, now. So happy you're not trying to hit us like the last girl. Ugh, she was a monster. That's why we asked for a boy this year. So easy. I wonder how its going with Cinna." Sparks say

"I ever do wonder also. Shall I call Portia now?" Marco asks

"I think he's ready. Yes please do." Kitty says

They waxed my arms and lags. It hurt so bad. I didn't दिखाना it, या tried not to. They lefted me alone sitting a the wooden तालिका, टेबल the put me on. I am warring a robe. I guess Cinna is Katniss' stylest. I never heard of Cinna before. They didn't interview him last year. I wonder if he's new. Portia isn't. A girl walked in warring a simple black कमीज, शर्ट and jeans. Finally someone normal for once. Her brown hair was down and wavy.

"Hello, I am Portia. Lets eat." I wasn't that hungry but I'm going into the Hunger Games so I need to put on a few pounds. We sat at a small round तालिका, टेबल outside on a deck. Prefect दिन for the tribute parade. Portia pressed a bitten on the side of the तालिका, टेबल and खाना was brought out. All that was brought was a pot of मछली पालने का जहाज़, स्टू and bread.

"Lamb चौडर, चाउडर, चावडर soap. Vary good." She took a bite and I did the same. It was good. Better then the खाना on the train.

"Now Peeta, Haymitch has told me about आप like Katniss." Portia says

"Oh, um, I have for a long time." I say and blushed

"Don't be embarrassed. This is good. It will help get आप and Katniss sponsors." Portia says

"How?" I asks

"People will feel sorry for you. Stare crossed lover's fighting to keep one another alive. People will प्यार it." I take a bite of my stew.

"Katniss doesn't even like me. She has a boyfriend, I think he is her boyfriend." I say

"Think, आप don't know." Portia and I finish our खाना before talking again. Why did Haymitch tell her? Was he really thinking last night and this is what he came up with?

"So about your outfit.... Cinna and I have thought of something." Portia says

"Is Cinna new? I never heard of him before." I asks

"Yes, just came this year. We didn't want to do coal. Its just to original. It doesn't stand out." See the stylus have to dress the tributes up with the theme of their district. District 12 is coal. Jake and the girl last साल were nacked covers in coal bust. Poor Jake. That must of been horrible.

"Like what?" I asks

"Like fire." I have lump in my throut now. Did she say fire? I got brunt द्वारा आग plenty of times to know how much it sucks. To me, it the worst pain आप can go through.

"Fire?" I asks to make sure I heard right.

"Yes, fire. Don't worried. आप wont get brunt. The suit will protect you. Come." Portia lead me to the room I was before but now there was a mirror.

Portia handed me a black कमीज, शर्ट and pants made out of leather. A few hours later I had it on. It was a black unitard that covered me from head to toe. Shiny leather boots that went up to the middle of my shin. My hair was was combed back with jell. And a cape. Portia covered my bruse with makeup. I looked nothing like myself.

Portia lead me to where Chinna and Katniss are. Katniss ware the same outfit I wareing. But her boots go up higher then mine. They go to her knees. Her hair was done the same way it was on reaping day. Cinna had dark skin and सोना eyeliner was the only makeup he wore. My perpteam, katniss' prep team, follow as Chinna and Portia lead us to the bottem of the Remake Center.

All the tributes are getting on their chariots. Each chariot as a team of four घोड़े that pull them. Our घोड़े are coal black. I never seen a horse before. I never been so close to one. Cinna and Portia help us in the chariot. They messed will our clothes.

"What do आप think, about the fire?" Katniss whispers to me. I bet she thinks I'm not scared of the आग because I'm a bakers son.

"You rip off my cape I rip off yours." I say

"Deal." Katniss says

Good, maybe we wont get as brunt if we do. It wont matter to the Capital anyway. They will through us in the arena no matter what. That's one, out of the thousands, of the reasons I hate the capital

"I know we promised Haymitch we'd do exactly what they say, but I don't think he consiterd this angel." Katniss says

"Where is Haymitch anyway? Isn't he suppose to protect us from this sort of thing?" I say

"With all that acahole in him, its probably not advisible to have him around open flame." Katniss says and we doth laugh. That was funny. I guess we are both so worried about being BBQ that we're not being sensable.

The संगीत starts. The doors slid open so आप can see the crowds of people that want to watch us die. The ride last about 20 मिनटों and ends at the City Cricle were they will welcome us, play the anthem and take us to the training center. That will be our prison until the games begin. District one goes out first,then two then three. In no time it was our turn. आप could see the sky now. It was getting dark. District 11 leaves and Cinna come with light torches.

"Here we go then." Before we can do anything he lights our capes on fire. I heard Katniss gasp. I didn't feel a thing. Not even the heat. Cinna lights our head dresses and smiles "It works! Remember heads held high and smiles. They are going to प्यार you." He jumps off the chariot and shouts something. I think he कहा hold hands. It was hard to tell with the music.

"What's he saying?" Katniss asks me. Katniss looks great with the fake flames

"I think he कहा hold hands." I say as I grab her right hand and I look at Portia to make sure. She nods her head yes. And that was the last I saw of her before we went on with our ride.

Everyone cheered as we came out. All eyes were on us. Everyone will remember us. The district 12 tributes of the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. Katniss tighten her gripe on my hand. I looked at her. She was dazzling with the fire. She looked और powerful. Great. She was blowing kisses to the crowed. Smileing a waving. I never seen her like this. Everyone was cheering her name "Katniss, Katniss!" Someone even through her flowers. I didn't do that. My head was rises high and I smiled a little smile. I wasn't going to acted happy around people I hate और then anything. I had to find a way to keep her alive. I had to keep Katniss Everdeen alive. The girl who was on fire. Soon we were in the City Cricle when Katniss.loosens her grip on my hand and I tighten my hand on hers.

"No don't let go of me." I say and Katniss looks in my eyes "Please, I might fall out of this thing."

"Ok." Katniss tightens her gripe again

I feel safer holding Katniss' hand. I don't want her to let go. This might be the closest I'll ever get to hold her. All the cameras are on us. They try to get the other tributes but they mostly stay on us. The chariots make on last trip around when we head back to the training center. The doors close behind us. My prep team embraces me and tells us how great we were. As I glance around I see the other tributes shooting us mean looks. And I know we've out shined them, literaly. Katniss lets go of my hand. We rub our hand

"Thanks for holding on to me. I got a little shaky at the end there." I say

"No problem. I'm sure no one noticed." Katniss says

"Yea no one noticed. They only noticed you. आप should ware flames और often, they suit you." I give Katniss a smile. Wait, did I just flirt with Katniss? Oops. Katniss blushes and gives me a किस on the cheek, right on my bruis from Haymitch. Dude! Did she just give me a kiss? I feel like I'm going to melt.

I can not say how sorry I am that this took so long for me to finish. I am so sorry! Anyway thanks for पढ़ना and I need टिप्पणियाँ to continue!!! Belongs to S.C