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Peacekeepers march us into the Justice Building after the anthem is done. I was still shocked. Katniss. I have to keep her alive in the games. How? Maybe Haymitch could help if he ever soders up. Ill make him some how. How am I suppose to keep Katniss alive if I'm not good at this kind of stuff? Ill find a way. I wouldn't be able to stand it if she dies. I प्यार her.

The peacekeepers put Katniss and I in different rooms. This was the time when फ्रेंड्स and family say goodbye. My room was had hideous blue दीवार paper and a red velvet couch. It was the nicest place ive been in a long time. I sat on the couch. I couldn't hold in my tires. I was crying now. Soon my mother and father came into the room. I wiped away my teirs.

"Peeta, आप will do great." My father sat down अगला to me.

"Maybe we'll have a winner this year. She seems like a winning type." Did my mother just say she? My mother really thinks I will die.

"Peeta, I believe in you." My father says

"I don't think he'll make it." Mother says. I had anger boiling inside me. What kind of person would say that to their son? A monster.

"Gina, just go! What kind a person would say that?" Yelled my father.

"Fine!" My mother got and left

"I'm sorry Peeta. Remember when I told आप about Katniss's mom?"

I shook my head. I remembered. It was the first दिन of kindergarten, and my father stood in line with me to go to school. He nelt down beside me.

"See that girl over there?" Father aked

"The pretty one?" I pointed at a girl with a plad dress and two pig tailes

My father laughed "Yes, the pretty one. I wanted to marry her mother someday. But she ran off with a coal miner. It broke my hart to see her go."

"Why would she pick a miner instead of you?" I asked

"Because when he sang, the birds would fall silent and listen to him. When he was done they would repeat it. Over and over again."

"Oh." Was all I could say.

Later that day, our kindergarten teacher asked us if we knew the words to The Hanging Tree. Katniss's hand shot straight up. I sear that when she sang, all the birds stopped to listen. I knew that after that I didn't stand a chance.

And now I never will.

"I was up set she went with a caol miner, but as long as she was happy I was too." My father says

"You still प्यार her don't you?" I asks

"Yes, I also know आप still प्यार Katniss." Father says

"What am I suppose to do?" I asks

Before my father could say anything the Peacekeepers came in to take him away.

"I will miss आप Peeta." Then he was gone

I sat on the couch. Alone. No one else came to visit. I was ok with it. I didn't want anyone else to see me cry. The Peacekeepers came to collect me and brought me to the Tributes train. Katniss and I stayed out side while people took pictures of us. Soon we were in side the train.

The train was way और fancy then the rooms in the Justice Building. But I really didn't pay much attention to it. Effie took Katniss and I to our rooms. I wondered why we even need rooms. The train was going so fast that we would get to the Capital in less than a day. My room was painted a light green. My बिस्तर cover, black and dark brown wood drasser and night stand. Effie told me I could do, ware, and eat whatever I wanted. That everything was at my dissposle.

The first thing I did was get out of my फूल covered clothes and got into a hot shower. I never been in a शावर, शॉवर before. I would always get into a tub of cold water. If we wanted hot water we had to boil the water. But mother would never let me. When I was done I got out and my old cloths were gone. On my बिस्तर was an green long sleeve कमीज, शर्ट and black pants. I put them on. They pretty nice to ware.

I lefted the room. I needed to find Haymitch. I walked to the room अगला to mine. Locked. The one two doors down from me opened. It wasn't Haymitch though, it was Katniss. She looked so peaceful asleep. I shut the door. I cant. There was no way I could kill her in the Hunger Games. I just hope someone else will get her before I have to. But what I want और then anything right now is for her to win the Hunger Games and go home. She had people who loved her. People she needed to take care of. I had a father that I don't even know if he loves me and a mother who said, right in my face, that she wants me to die. Yep, gotta प्यार them.

The moved three doors down from Katniss's room. I knock on the door. Haymitch answered. He had a bottle of wisky in his hand.

"Well hello there, Peeta right?" Haymitch asks

"Yes sir, I need to talk to you." I say

"What is it my friend? And come in." I walked in and sat in a chair across from him.

"I have something I need to tell you. Its about Katniss." I say. I needed to tell him about how I feel about her. That I want him to do anything in his power to keep her safe.

"Let me guess, आप have strong feeling for this girl and आप want me to keep her सुरक्षित in the Hunger Games, am I right?"

"How did you..." I was shocked

"I saw your face when she volenterd for her sister." Says Haymitch. I think its kinds weird that he saw my face out of thousands.

"Um, ok. Well will you?" I asks

"So आप want nothing sent to you, only Katniss?"

"Yes, I want her to win the Hunger Games. Please tell me आप will do everything in your power to bring her home."

"I will try. But if आप will excuse me. I have some thinking to do या posibly some naps." I nodded and left.

I knew he wasn't going to do any thinking in there. Just drinking and napping. Plus, what was there to think about? Im walking and thinking at the same time going back to my room. What if he is really thinking about something? Hopefully a way to get sponsors. How could this of happened? Katniss and I going into the Hunger Games? Out of all the girls, Katniss had to be picked, या at least her sister. She should of been home, with her mother and Prim. Her boyfriend Gale. At least I think they're together. Why wouldn't they be? Gale's strong, handsome, good hunter. What else could a girl want? Not a guy who bakes रोटी all day.

I walked back into my room and laid on my bed. Why would anyone want a baker's son? Why would Katniss? I still would never stand a chance with her. If आप had the choices of a baker's son and a strong hunter, who would आप pick? The hunter. Soon I fell asleep.

It felt like I had only been asleep for only a minuet when Effie Trinket woke me up with a knock on the door.

"Dinner is ready! Come on down now." Effie says

I got out of बिस्तर and out the door. I walked down the hall to the dinning room, that we first walked into boarding the train. I sat in one of the wood chairs at the small wood oval table. There was nothing really fancy about the table. As I waited for Effie and who ever else, I stared out the window behind me. Watching as the districts went by. Right now we were in 5. The people in 5 stooped what they were doing and watched the train go by. It takes about an घंटा to go through each district to go by.

It wasn't long before Effie was back with Katniss. "Where's Haymitch?" Effie asks

"Last I seen him he was going to take a nap." I say. I didn't want to tell them about my little chat with Haymitch.

"Oh well, its been exhausting दिन hasn't it?" Effie asks but I know she is happy he isn't here. They didn't seem to get along vary well.

"Yep." I say

Katniss sat अगला to me and Effie across from us. Why would Katniss want to sit अगला to me? All well. Its not that big of a deal when Im going to die soon anyway. Food. Food. Food! It. Just kept coming! I never seen this much खाना in my life, and that coming from someone who bakes all day. But this खाना I can eat! मेमना, भेड़ का बच्चा chops, carrot soup, salad, and best of all, चॉकलेट cake! Effie kept tell us to save room, that there was और coming, and she was right! Katniss and I eat to our hart content.

"At least आप two have some manners. The two from last साल ate with their hands. Ug, savieges." Effie says

One of them was a girl from the seam and Jake. How could she say that? I was mad, really mad. But I didn't दिखाना it. She wouldn't of कहा that if she knew. Unless the Capital people are the ones who don't care. But Effie doesn't seem like that. After Effie कहा that Katniss finished her खाना with her hands. I snorted. Tha/t was funny. Effie tighten her lips when Katniss did that.

We sat down in the thither car on the train after dinner. We watched people being picked from the balls from each district. They started with district 1 then worked there way up to 12. The youngest that was picked was in 11. Her name was Rue. Poor girl. She didn't cry. Her face was hard as stone. Just like Katniss's face was when she was on stage. Rue was 12. When आप turn 12 that's when your name is in the reaping ball. When आप turn 18 that is the last साल your name is entered. Then it showed our district. Prim being called. Katniss volunteering. Me walking slowly up the stage with a look of shock.

Haymitch walked into the room "I miss dinner?" He asks and vomits all over the expensive carpit. I laughted as Haymitch falls into his vomit.

"Laugh all आप want, but remember that is आप life line!" Effie walks around Haymitch and the vomit and leaves the room.

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