Peeta is my प्रिय character from The Hunger Games, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves him so much. In this लेख I'm going to explain why I like Peeta so much.

There are so many great traits that Peeta has, but I'll start with how he is so selfless. In the पुस्तकें आप can even see that he is selfless long before we get to know him well. We hear the story that when he was 11, he threw Katniss the burnt bread. His mother beat him for it, but he knew Katniss was suffering, so he burnt the रोटी on purpose. Not many people at age 11 would be so selfless. But that's not the only time he shows just how selfless he is. In the arena both times, it is his only wish that Katniss, not himself, make it out alive. When the rule was changed in the first arena that only one could make it out, he didn't hesitate to drop his weapons. He never had any intentions of killing her to save his own life. He loved her that much. Not many people could give up their life for someone like that, especially at 16.

He is also exceptionally brave. As I already said, Peeta never intended to make it out of the arena alive. No coward could go into the Hunger Games, planning to die. When the rule that two could win from the same district was revoked, many people would automatically defend themselves, as to सुरक्षित their own lives. The thought never crossed his mind. He dropped his weapon, and asked Katniss to finish him off. And then in Catching Fire, Peeta volunteered to go into the arena, even though he knew the horrors of it, first hand.

In Mockingjay Peeta faced his biggest problems. He was hijacked द्वारा the Capitol, and couldn't remember what was real and not real. However, under these circumstances, he did not crack as some people might. He was able to begin trusting people again, people that the Capitol had दिया him horrible memories about. Like Katniss, for example. But Peeta got his wish, and the Capitol did not "make him something he is not," because he was still able to find his way back to himself.