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This is REALLY cool!
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I'm getting the feeling that September 20 is too far away. It's not even September yet! Do आप guys want to change the तारीख, दिनांक to be SOONER?

If आप don't want to change the date, that's fine. But I just want to ask आप guys if आप DO want to change the date. Maybe..... September 12.

Are आप guys ok with September 12? It still..... exactly 2 weeks until then for आप guys to finish up, या start your stories.

Tell me what आप think about the date. I suggest for it to be earlier because I may not have much time to be on here for so long. But if I have to, we can stick to September 20. Thanks.

It turns out that one of आप lucky readers got the judges correct. I won't say who got it right, but all of आप get the विवरण along with the अगला chapter YAY! Does this make up for not लेखन for a couple of days? I hope so. Oh BTW: Happy Birthday to Just_bella yesterday on August 27. Hope आप had fun. ^_^

Jacob turned around and saw me. He automaically smiled and walked towards me.
"Is that आप Bella?" he asked.
I stood there frozen, not sure what to say. He laughed.
"Yup, she's Bella alright." he laughed.
"What are आप doing here? I didn't expect to see आप again until I finish college!"...
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School is such a drag. But I finally got time to write :) Just for a reminder, the story contest's entries are due in less than a महीना now! (Sept. 20)

Chapter 10: Legends

After speeding away from the La Push boundary line, I drove aimlessly for a few minutes, not knowing where to go. I didn’t feel like going home, as I would end up staring at the clock impatiently, and would certainly end up making everybody else anxious, particularly Jasper. I thought about waiting at Bella’s house, but quickly decided against it. I was already crazy with worry, and being surrounded द्वारा her scent wouldn’t...
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It just happens I have NO homework at all today so don't expect और लेखाए from me until Friday. ^_^

Singer? What did Alice mean द्वारा that? I can't sing at all! I once sang for the talent दिखाना when I was 7 but that was about it! Alice must had seen my expression so she explained.
"I meant as a your blood sings to him." Alice clarified.
I could understand it a bit better, but not much.
"So are आप saying that Edward wants to drink my blood?" I winced at the last word.
"Honestly, all of us are tempted for your blood."
I automatically moved away from Alice.
She laughed.
"Don't worry, Bella. We've been...
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OK! WOW! This is the 200th लेख पोस्टेड on this spot! AMAZING! What a perfect way to officially complete Bella's Life!

Bella's POV

It was two days after the wonderful wedding with Edward, and now I was officially his wife. Just the thought of it makes me giddy. I know, I have been with Alice too much. It was a normal Saturday, and it was just Alice, Anastasia, and me in the Cullen's. The rest were out hunting, and Leah is spending time in La Push.

"Bella!" Alice shouted.
"Did आप remember the prank calls we did before?"
"Oh! The Victoria Secret prank call to Mike?"
"Exactly. I had a vision...
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*snif* This is the last chapter of Bella's Life. I know that most of आप guys will hunt me down in Chicago area to convince me to write more. I feel like I'm loosing a child... (despite the fact I'm actually 12) Now I'm sobbing, jeez, I'm such a dork.

Bella's POV

We headed back to Forks, along with Renee, Charlie, and Anthony. Since then, Alice and Esme had been preparing with wedding. I sware that everytime Edward looks at Alice, he was grinning. That soooo can't be good......

Wedding Day: June 3

"Come on!!!!" Alice yelled across the room.
"The wedding isn't until a few hours Alice!"...
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Ok, I see that A LOT of आप are asking सवालों about the story contest. Here are the contestants so far:


More are welcome to still compete. Send me a message if आप are joining.

OK here are the सवालों A LOT of आप are asking me.

What's the minamum and maximum words for आप story?
minamum is 1,500 words, maximum is 4,000 words

How do आप sudmit the story?
Post it on this spot, in the लेखाए section, where I post my stories.

What is the तारीख, दिनांक the story has to be sudmited?
September 20, 2009

Can I publish...
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This chapter is inspired द्वारा Timbaland's song, Apologize. ^_^

Bella's POV

Charlie looks like he's about to faint. I honestly couldn't blame him. I sighed.
"Dad?" I asked, nervous.
All of us jumped at his sudden outburst.
"Why not dad? I प्यार Edward और than my own being and I want to be with him for the rest of my life!" exhistence I edited in my mind.
Edward rubbed my arm, trying to calm me down.
I sighed and moved towards Charlie.
"Why not, dad?" I asked, in a soft tone.

"It's hard enough to think that आप were dead, Bella. I don't know if I'm strong...
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The लेखन marathon continues! Let's see how many लेखाए I'll put up today. ^_^

Chapter 8: Target

Alice dropped Bella at घर in the morning, as I was still “camping” as far as her father knew. I had to wait at least an घंटा या so before दिखा रहा है up at her house, so Charlie would think I had just arrived home. It was hard for Bella to constantly lie to her father, even if it was for his own good. She hated lying to anyone about anything, and she was terrible at it when she tried. I was surprised Charlie believed as much as he did, but that was और Alice’s doing than Bella’s.

I was anxious...
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Looks like Jacob is going to be in the story! Don't worry though, Jacob is going to be a minor character in this story, for those who don't want Jacob. Ok, sorry for the long wait, here is Amore!

I looked at the whole Cullen family wide-eyed. How did they find out about me so fast?
"How do आप know?" I asked, suspicious.
"Alice told us." Jasper clarified.
I looked at Alice.
"You weren't here." I stated, confused.
Alice took a step आगे towards me.
"I was here, actually. I was hiding. I saw आप looking on the computer last night, and looking through the yearbooks. I couldn't do anything else, you...
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Like I कहा before, I'm going to post as many aritcles as I can this weekend. ^_^


Bella's POV

Location: Forks High School

Occupation: Guide

As Angela and I were working on our project, the receptionist, Judy, from our school office came into the room.
"Isaballa Swan?" Judy asked.
Angela and I turned around to look at her.
"Yes?" I asked.
"We need your help." she कहा politely.
I turned back to Angela.
"Can आप work on this alone?" I asked.
"Don't worry, Bella. We are almost done. I can finish it, go ahead." Angela कहा kindly.
"Thanks." I whispered and walk towards Judy.

"So why do आप need...
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Ok आप guys. आप have seen that I have been skipping days from writing... including today. I am soooooo sorry for that! I have been getting busy with Summer activites and my personal like.

*Sigh* I am heartbroken and angry.... but since school is coming up for me, I can't write so often anymore. I won't be able to write on the weekdays, but I can on the weekends if I don't have much homework and tests. If it wasn't the fact that my mom is cruel, I will write. Don't worry though, I'll be still around fanpop... just won't be able to write.

I AM MAD!!!!!!!!
Ok to दिखाना आप how sorry I am about all...
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