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posted by VampRose
Gym passed द्वारा very slowly today; our team won every game in volleyball. That was of course because of Sammy and Kessiah. Coach 2 let us go change early, and द्वारा the time I was done Landon was their waiting for me. I came out of the bathroom, and Landon grabbed me up in a big भालू hug and gave me a kiss. He put me down and grabbed my hand. We walked to class just like this: hand in hand. We had English together to so I'd get और time with him. Blair and Blake were already there sitting together. It was weird because wasn't Blake dating Jamie. I choose a सीट in the back of the room right next...
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From 2 to 11 comments... wow. I'm impressed at आप guys. O.O Maybe 15 this time? Please!?!? LOL. I'm fine. But please leave comments. टिप्पणियाँ are my heroin. ^_^

Edward’s POV

We just got onto the airplane on the way to England. We sat in First Class. It was excruciating to see happy thoughts everywhere I go. It’s sad to see that everyone was happy, anyone but me. Then I have gotten thinking about Bella again.

How is she doing?

Is she happy?

I shook my head once again, I can’t think about her anymore.

“It’ll be as if I never existed”

Those words that came out of my mouth will haunt me for...
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posted by VampRose
“Run, Blair, run,” I heard my mother scream. I didn't seem far away, but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. हे didn't I pass that door like two मिनटों पूर्व I thought. “ Mom, I'm running trying to find you, but where are you? I can't see anything it's to dark.” आप know how आप get this sick feeling when आप know something bad is about to happen. Well thats the feeling I have right now and it stinks. Out of the blue I heard a voice saying, “run, Blair,run, your momma needs you.” No, where's my mom आप horrible monster what have आप done to her?!” I round the corner...
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Just 2 comments? Come on! I know आप guys can do better than that! Please leave टिप्पणियाँ it's not going to kill you! Hope आप guys are enjoy this!

Edward POV (queue the girly screams!)

Year 2011 (5 years after Edward left Bella) (2 years after the prologue)

Currently our family is staying in Alaska for the last couple of years. I’ve been staying in my room locked out, and only coming out when I needed to hunt. I’ve been lifeless without Bella.

I missed her चॉकलेट brown eyes that gave me access to her soul.

I missed her laughs that always warmed my cold and immortal heart.

I missed everything...
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I gotta say, welcome back for me! Haha.. It’s been long. I haven’t written since Halloween, weird huh? Well, I need to thank everyone who have been encouraging and I’ll try to do my best, and see what happens. This is just the beginning, the prologue, got it?

Love is stronger than death even though it can't stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can't separate people from love. It can't take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death.”

3rd person point of view
Year 2009 (Bella is supposed to be 21 if आप can’t do the math)

Kristen and Anna...
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I've been getting petitions written out all over my email, फेसबुक page (email), and EVERYWHERE for me to come back writing. Sheesh, is it just me या is this like crazed या something? Well, gotta say, it got me motivated....

Well, I gotta say, आप guys are special (THAT'S FOR SURE) I'll be TRYING to write again, but not every day, maybe once या twice a week, alright? But I'm still not going to continue Deal?

Then I shall announce....


I have read over 300 stories and I'm improving my ways of लेखन here, to get some taste of
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First thing first.

I'm still very sorry for disapointing many of आप about my writing, and I decided that I should start over, and my parents agree as well.

I will stop लेखन all of my stories that haven't been completed. Here's the following:

Amore ( I know MANY of आप प्यार this story, and I'm SORRY)
Evening तारा, स्टार (posted the link for Edward's Eclipse)
Incarnate (Check out, there are MANY different version for that plot)
Unreal (check out as well)

If आप guys want और stories based on these, check out my प्रोफ़ाइल and click on " प्रोफ़ाइल Page", scroll down...
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स्टैफ़िनी मेईर
स्टैफ़िनी मेईर
oprah winifrey
posted by patrisha727
Hey... umm...

I'm sorry about the Evening तारा, स्टार incident and I apologize to Poweredtwilight for the thing. :S

आप can check the लिंक्स for the complete story, and REMEMBER I'm only 12.

I know NOTHING about plagarim and I recognize it now. I'm really sorry.

The rest of the stories are owned द्वारा me.
I wrote Bella's Lofe (along with sasie_kaje88)
Amore, Incarnate, Unreal, etc...

I'm sorry I didn't know better.
For now, I'm just going to retire for लेखन and will get back to आप as best as I can.

I have school, and activities to work with through the year. I may write when I have time, but not anytime soon. I feel bad about that so much and I apologize.

I am going to post suggested stories from and it gave me inspirations from my लेखन that I REALLY done. Sorry.....

This is REALLY cool!
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Can't wait! Haha....
न्यू मून
 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
After Daniel left I could smell the भेड़िया pack getting closer. I hoped that Daniel was far away from here so that none could see him. Suddenly out of no where a huge russet भेड़िया came out ready to attack. It took me a सेकंड to realize it was Jacob. He was ready to attack me. But why would he want to attack me? Then it hit me that Daniel's smell was here. Aka the smell that was in my room. Jacob must think I'm Daniel because Daniel's smell must be around. And Jacob would attack Daniel if he was here. But I was the one here with Daniel's scent around me.

Jacob was running like a bullet try to...
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