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posted by kevyjsgirl
all i do is think about is patrick.
he is like...
i cant exp. he is just sooo my type
i think he is a wonderful handsome guy.
i really really really really really really like patrick as आप can see
he is just about the only person i talk about

im good to go
and im going knowhere fast
it could be worse i could be taking आप there with me
im good to go but it looks like im still on my own

i प्यार that song
i प्यार fall otu boy 2

where is your boy tonight i hope he is a gentelmen maby he wont find out what i know आप were the last good thing about this part of town

my fav song that fall out boy wrote is...
dance dance
my fave video is a little less sixteen candels...

i could go on and on with this सूची

but if i did it would be hours long

from kira

patrick stumps biggest fan
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