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Guitarist Josh Farro of पैरामोर पैरामोर will leave for a while (no anger on tour with them) and that's getting married!
Meanwhile, in charge of taking their place in the band is Justin York, brother of Taylor.
But do not worry about not going adejar the band (I thought that at first) it will only stop temporarily to organize your wedding and all that
He कहा this:
Although rare stay, I need to take some time to plan the wedding and all. So I will not शामिल होइए the guys on the tour of the Pacific, "said Taylor." I received much support from the band, were very kind to me and that made everything easier. Justin York, Taylor's brother, is going to take my place as a favor. It's an amazing guy, everyone will प्यार it ... I'm going back soon

Although I still have a tiny bit of fear to leave the band .. Imagine if आप have children and all that, well hopefully not let the band does not?
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