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a song with every line as a palindrome! :D
weird al
posted by Pennypatch321
Wondering what a palindrome is? Well, it is a word या a phrase that says the same thing आगे and backward! They can involve spaces, but they don't have to. Here are a couple examples with spaces...

Otto sees Otto
Rats live on no evil star

As आप can see, Otto spelled backwards is still Otto. Sees, sees. Rats, star. Live, evil. On no. They look like they are kind of mirrored. (sees cut in the middle; se es).

However, there are palindromes that don't quite involve spaces. आप would have to take the spaces out and add them in as आप are spelling them backwards. Here are some of those examples...

Race fast सुरक्षित car
A Toyota's a Toyota
Race fast सुरक्षित car

These don't look like they are mirrored, however, if आप go from the end to the front, and add the spaces in, आप will get the same thing.

Well, that is what a palindrome is. If आप would like और technical information click on the following link: