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posted by Kai1Seto
Takashi Morinozuka...the handsome,strong,silent type.I looked on at him,thru the crack in the संगीत room door.He was fantastic he seemed so nice..but I could not get close to him!Honey was near him all the time so I feel,I carn't get close to him.
Swoosh!The door bust wide open."Bye आप guy's"Honey declared!I expected Mori to stride out like a soldier so I could admire him!
"Takashi will stay here"Honey cheerfully said.Mori slowly nodded as honey walked down the hallway.
Wow...here was my chance I cried out!I started to walk in slowly;I could see Mori in my eye veiw, I was so close to him."WELCOME...
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posted by smileyAqua
आप giggled as आप walked over to Honey’s house. Today was his birthday, and आप wanted to give him a couple of things to दिखाना him आप liked him. ((You got सलाह on what to give him from your older sister, who was “the expert” on everything, especially romance.)) Walking up to the front door, your Ballet फ्लैटों, फ्लैट्स, फ्लैट crunching in the February snow, आप knocked on it, careful not to drop the कप केक आप were carrying.
Waiting for someone to open the door, आप looked at your appearance through the doorknob. आप were wearing a baby blue dress with ballet फ्लैटों, फ्लैट्स, फ्लैट with a white trench कोट covering...
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 Tamaki Suoh leaving the Ouran Host Club.
Tamaki Suoh leaving the Ouran Host Club.
Come near and stand द्वारा me, baby.
Close enough to reach out and pull आप still closer,
All that is swelling within me,
Must be a language I've never spoken Till there was you,
I fumbled try but I stumbled,
Over all my दिल wants to say now, Je n'ai pas de mots,
Nothing seems to say the way आप हटाइए me,
Rushing through me,
Je n'ai pas de mots,
But a promise has been made आप can believe this,
From the first kiss,
It's good that I dont have to speak to know that it's real,
Je n'ai pas de mots. Come near and talk to me baby,
How did आप know आप were,
The dream of this dreamer,
Oh god how I thank...
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posted by keturahk
I was originally introduced to host club threw फ्रेंड्स as many are. i gave it a try ( i watched the first episode) and low and behold. i thought it was awesome. the idea of doing a manga/anime about a host club isent exactly organelle in its self. But this is certainly a organelle anime/manga. what makes it that way. is of course the wide range of weirdo characters we have on the anime. including our very own Haruh. with twinsest, a silent bad boy, a cool intelligent person, the boy Lolita, a very abnormal heroine and of course the prince they make up a anime/manga that has प्रशंसक girls squealing...
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“Dad! Don’t make me go!” I said. “I don’t want to go to Ouran! Rene calls me everyday, telling me this and that, and he’ll probably bug me with that stupid host club thing!” I argued more.

“The host club is pretty popular. And I want आप to go to the same school as your older brother, because its in your best education interest. Therefore, आप will leave tomorrow, to live at the सेकंड mansion with your brother. As for I, will stay at the main Mansion, with your grandmother. And द्वारा the way: Call him Tamaki, he doesn‘t like being called his real name.” My father said.

I moaned....
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Chapter Two

The अगला day, Haruhi was left alone with Tamaki, again. What did he want this time? She had a bad feeling that she would figure out soon.
“Princess,” कहा Tamaki. “ I have a deal for you. If आप go on a तारीख, दिनांक with me, then I will forgive your debt.”
Haruhi’s mouth hung open. She was startled. No, she was free. All she had to do was accept the offer. But then she doesn’t feel that way for him, doesn’t she? Then she remembered the night Tamaki held her when she was scared. The lightening petrified her. So what did she feel? Either way, she knew her answer.
“Fine,” Haruhi...
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posted by smileyAqua
Okay, आप can fill this out and tell me your results!!! :D


[] आप are French
[] आप are a very romantic person
[] आप flirt with a lot of girls/boys
[] Easily fooled द्वारा things that wouldn’t fool most
[] You’re overly-eccentric in everything आप do
[] आप care about your familly deeply even if they don’t return the feelings
[] Your birthday is April 8th
[] You’re slow when it comes to your own feelings



[] आप wear glasses
[] आप are known for being “evil”
[] Your प्रिय foods are anything spicy
[] आप excel in everything आप do
[] You’re a very calculating...
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posted by babybry97
OHSHC Season 2 part 1

I don't think anyone is planing to make a season 2 of Ouran High School Host Club any time soon. So I will, and I know that all the प्रशंसकों have some ideas for a season 2 so scene the दिखाना left off with Tamaki's return then it should start the अगला दिन after the Ouran fair is over. The Host Club sharing with Tamaki why he shouldn't have left.

"You know boss आप had us worried." Hikaur began.
"Yeah boss some of us could have died because of you," Kaour looked at his bother's cast. Remembering the fall yesterday, then looked around for Haruhi but Haruhi is not with them.
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posted by smileyAqua
You Scowled at your parents. They never told आप They were going to file a divorce! आप knew there would be a probability that they would, due to the fact they always fighted on which family business आप went into. But आप weren’t expecting that until आप were 14. BUT AT THE AGE OF 7?! What the hell was wrong with them? A few days later, आप had your things ready and bid a farewell to your mother, as आप and your father were moving to America. As आप walked out आप looked to your mother for a last time, no longer able to predict your future thanks to your new change.

“But WHY do I need...
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 Haru Chan :D
Haru Chan :D
SMPOV (Sakura Mei, Saki)
"Wow" कहा Cody, Staring At The Huge School That Sat There "Dont Get Scared Cody, Dont Get Scared" I Giggled. "Ur A रे Of Sunshine Like Always" कहा Cody Sarcasticly. Then, We Were Walking In The School, Looking Round And The Frilly Yellow Dresses And Blue Jackets


CPOV (Cody)
"Four Librarys, Not One Of Them Is Quite >.<" I Murmer As I Walk Down The Hall. Then Suddenly, I Find A Door, An Abandoned संगीत Room... But When I Open The Door, I Found The Host Club ..... "Erm... Who Are You??" कहा A Pair Of Ginger Haired Boys " C - Cody Anderson " I Replied,
" Where Did आप Come From?? "

" Canada...."
 Hikaru And Kaoru
Hikaru And Kaoru
Hi, I´m a huge प्रशंसक of the OHSHC and I really wanted to put my info on my प्रिय ऐनीमे characters, Kaoru and Hikaru, from my POV :)

Remember its just my thoughts :)

Hikaru Hitachiin.

The older one of the Identical Hitachiin twins pair of the Ouran host club members. He part his hair to the left and kaoru to the right, and that way आप can easily tell them apart, there voice isn´t the same either, Kaorus voice is a little bit higher than Hikarus, Which is pretty normal for twins, though when they speak at the same time it sounds exactly alike. Hikaru is really clever minded , and they like...
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posted by kamisanta
Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka

Type: Boy-Lolita
Grade: Third Year, Class A
Birthday: February 29 (Pisces)
Height: 4’ 9"
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food:Cake, strawberries, other types of sweets, sometimes spicy

Bio: Honey is a senior, but the blonde cutie looks very much like a young child. The girls at Ouran Academy go crazy for his innocent cuteness and his obsession with sweets and stuffed animals.
“Honey-sempai is the cutest host ever.”

“I just squee every time Mori-senpai carries him on his back.”

Also known as "Honey" and the Loli-shota type. He looks like an elementary school child...
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posted by smileyAqua
((This one shot was inspired द्वारा the book: the Luxe ))

आप heaved an audible sigh of relief as आप finally got the chance to walk up to your room. Who knew that the grand ball your best friend Penelope threw could take so much out of you? Lifting your heavy shepherdess costume dress and walking up the grand staircase in which led to your room, आप took a last glance at your mother and your sister, Haruhi. It was quite sad that आप couldn’t speak your mind to them like आप used to, back when आप were little.
Finally approaching the door that led to your bedroom, आप put your hand on the elaborate...
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posted by smileyAqua
Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka
Mitsukuni Haninozuka (埴之塚 光邦 Haninozuka Mitsukuni?) was born on February 29 and is 17 years old at the beginning of the series. The लेखक has joked saying he only ages every four years because his birthday only comes on leap years.[6]
Honey is depicted as a childish and cake-loving boy who is much older than what his elementary school appearance would indicate. He is also a strong fighter who can send people flying with one kick. When Haruhi is warned about his legendary fighting skills, the point is illustrated in the ऐनीमे द्वारा a मशरूम बादल erupting...
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posted by Hairam101
OK.....I have only one thing to say.... that is that I am a प्रशंसक of Kyoya+Haruhi!!!!!!!!!! It is true. But I do hate how it ended up being Tamaki(no offense to those who प्यार Tamaki and Haruhi)but I don't see how Tamaki(with his stupidity)is the one for Haruhi. In my own opinion Kyoya( with his smartness)is the one for Haruhi.There's nothing wrong with choosing sides.........BUT STILL!!!! I really don't understand anything in what Haruhi see's in Tamaki. But I won't judge those of आप who think it should be Hikaru, Kaoru, Mori, या even Hani. So this is why I chose this लेख to be opinion. Don't blame me for liking Kyoya. DO आप HEAR ME PEOPLE!? DO NOT BLAME ME!!!!!

Kyoya+Haruhi rules!!!!!!!!

Go J.Michael Tatum (voice of Kyoya)
posted by Kai1Seto
I looked around me the redrose sky was sure beautiful tonight just like the perfect rose garden I was in! I may have had to stay up all night doing thouse host club bill's but it all worked out I thought.I looked around me the garden was so carm and peacefull that annoying Tamaki isn't here to disturb me my mind cried out! But he can be rather funny in his own way!Bang my दिल thumped, my whole brian swirled, blackness coverd my vision.I was up later than this before and they never closed the सड़क, स्ट्रीट lights down before."Kyoya" a faint voice cried...but it must have been loud because whoever...
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I Will Do My First Ever लेख For The Ouran High School Host Club. My First Story That Is, And I Will Do It Based On The 1991 डिज़्नी Movie "Beauty And The Beast". So Here I Go With The Cast:
Mrs. Potts-Mori
Bimbettes-Renge, Kanako And Hinako
And That's The Cast For My First Ouran High School Host Club Story Based On "Disney's Beauty And The Beast" Let Me Know If I Need To Change Anything. Enjoy The Story, Thank आप For Reading!
posted by shortynme
A funny poem I wrote for kicks and giggles :)
Please, don't take it seriously, it's just for laughs! Written December 18, 2008

Anime guys are like dreams come true,
doesn't matter your taste there's pleanty of them to choose.
If आप like them pale, angry, and immortal, Sesshomaru would be your best choice.
Perhaps Howl and his moving castle, although his name has nothing to do with his voice.
If tough Shinigami guys are और your taste,
Bleach with Ichigo and Renji is your perfect place.
If genius, and a little darkness, is your desire,
Light Yagami and एल would be best with their angst like fire.
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Tamaki doesn't really get all the stuff about people saying he's in प्यार with Haruhi but he is bothered द्वारा it.
The Host go on a trip to a market and they all decide to compete to buy something for Haruhi. Whoever buys the thing she loves the most wins! (They're always doing stuff like this! lol)
Tamaki ends up buying her and him matching rings that is made to look like expensive tuna (the खाना they're always teasing her about that she wants to try. lol)
Haruhi, having figured out that she does प्यार him, adores the ring. She laughs and thanks Tamaki. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom (or...
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posted by Twin-Me
Look here nnnnoooowwww! Who thinks there should be a season 2 to Ouran High School Host Club ( if not do not read anymore)?I hate that when they do some ऐनीमे with one season! Go to the site www.petitiononline/mod_perl/signed.cgi/ouran27,but if आप cant remember write it down on a piece of paper because this site might help get a season 2 for Ouran High School Host Club या maybe even और lie a season 3,4,5,and maybe more;also a movie या फिल्में remember do it before december 2011.If we are प्रशंसकों we should do this imagine even और fans,products या फिल्में in theaters with popcorn,candy,and soda. So Thank-you for reading.