वन ट्री हिल Which Bethany Joy/Everly song that has been on the दिखाना is your favorite?

Pick one:
Season 1- Joy: Elsewhere
Season 2- Joy: Let Me Fall
Season 2- Joy/Tyler: When the Stars Go Blue
Season 3- Joy: Halo
Season 5/6- Joy: Feel This
Season 6- Joy: Karen's Cafe
Season 6- Joy: Scheming तारा, स्टार
Season 6- Joy: Mrs. Scott
Season 7- Everly: Quicksand
Season 7- Everly: Maybe
Season 7- Everly: Flying Machine
Season 7- Everly: We Belong
Season 7- Everly: Girl in the Moon
Season 7- Joy: Never Gonna Be
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