वन ट्री हिल My प्रिय moments from my प्रिय couples...your favorite?

Pick one:
BL/ 82 Letters
BL/ Wedding Fight
BL/ Goodbye किस
BL/ I'm the guy for you, Brooke Davis
BL/ Rain किस
BL/ Stay...
JP/ I could've held आप in my arms forever♥
JP/ Sometimes they come back
JP/ First time
JP/ We belong together
JP/ Someday♥
NH/ First किस
NH/ First time
NH/ Stay with me tonight
NH/ Rain किस
NH/ 2nd Wedding
NH/ Hearing Jamie's heartbeat
NH/ You're sexy as hell
NH/ Lose her? She's right here and I'm never letting go of her!
NH/ Happy Birthday, Hales!
NH/ I'm pregnant!
BN/ Makeout
BN/ Hug
CS/ On the count of two!
CS/ We burned so bright together!
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