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That's good...because i give a चूहा नितंब, गधा on आप too!
हे cinderella! anything for आप
Brooke(at hte phone): ahhh..I HATE YOU..Lucas: she's बुआई करना, बोना sweet!!
Brooke: I किस two guys...Lucas: I किस आप twice!
I will miss the girl behind the red door...
Brooke: I've got to हटाइए away..Lucas: What we gonna do?
Lucas: she's the one for me.....
I'm the guy for आप Brooke Davis!
I wanna be with you...not peyton!
I know we are just friends...but it's just how i feel..!!
Do आप kiss?? only if आप ask for a kiss...Do आप do और them a kiss??maybe...
I प्यार आप too...pretty girl
See आप later boyfriend!!
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