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hottie23 said:
Summary of the story -
Getting an F on a History exam isn't that bad. But for 17 year old Haley James it puts her in self destruct mode. Now Brooke and Rachel are normal party girls but when Haley joins them at a Tric, three beers in and Miss James can't walk a straight line. Nathan Scott used to have a casual sex realationship with Bevin, that is till she said it was over. Now Nathan is currently deprived of sex and his dad has been riding him extra hard about basketball. What happens when Haley decides to hook-up with Tree Hills number one jock, Nathan. Wait, did I mention Haley and Nathan hate each other with a burning passion! Yeah, can't wait to see what the morning after is gonna be like.
posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना.