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 Bethany Joy Lenz and Daphne Zuniga
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पहाड़ी, हिल
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This वन ट्री हिल चित्र might contain आकर्षण, अपील, गरमी, आकर्षकता, गर्मता, चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप.

I have watched One पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल for a long time and it has inspired me and made me and laugh and made me cry! I still watch this दिखाना every single week but the truth is every week im becoming और and और dissapionted with the show. Here is why:

1. Brooke is getting hurt over and over. When I watched Brooke and julian break up and brooke crying as she watched julian and alex together I felt like i was watching the early seasons again. They are using Brooke (One of my प्रिय characters) as someone who can get tossed around and used endless times just to make the दिखाना interesting, although i dont...
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Kenzie Dalton showers her fiance Chad Michael Murray’s ex-wife, Sophia Bush, with compliments in one of her हाल का blog posts. Here’s what the 21-year-old former beauty pageant contestant had to say about Sophia:

“I had the टेलीविज़न on The Bonnie Hunt दिखाना as I was getting ready for work yesterday. She is my प्रिय talk दिखाना host. I hear a familiar raspy voice and come into the room to watch actress Sophia झाड़ी, बुश do an interview. I can’t help but respect her for being a smart person, having self respect and doing good in the community. Every time we see each other we always have a...
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Two actors try out for Nathan and Haley. Nathan and Dixon argue. Nathan and Haley walk out and other couples are outside practicing.
At home, Peyton puts a पालना together than was delivered द्वारा Karen and Andy.
Dan and Jamie walk to school. Jamie denies there’s a girl at school he likes but he wants to invite her over to his house. Dan tells him to say something nice and smile.
Julian and Brooke are in bed. He tells her it was amazing. He’s happy to be a part of her crowd. She says he was probably popular. He says he is late for casting. Brooke gets excited.
Peyton shows up to casting. They mistake...
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Chapter 1: The सवाल that started it all

“Sam will आप please stop skating in my store. I can’t concentrate with आप whishing द्वारा every second,” Brooke कहा in frustration is she looked up from the sketch she was trying to finish for the past hour.

It had been 2 weeks since the kidnapping incident, and Brooke and Sam were finally moving on from the nightmarish experience. Currently Brooke and Sam were spending the afternoon at Clothes over Bros. Brooke had been trying to finish one of her sketches and since summer vacation had started, she had dragged Sam along with her to the store....
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So before I start, I want to forewarn everyone who reads this that I am not defending या excusing the mistakes Luke has made over the years. Nor am I expecting anyone to hate या loathe luke less after पढ़ना it. I am simply delving into a deeper reason for his transgressions, which may help us understand the why a little better (kinda like we understood the why behind the other characters').

OK, so I've read and read टिप्पणियाँ about what a schmuck luke's been in the 1st and especially the 5th season. I can't disagree, but I can't share the same strong newfound hate either. Up to season 4, Luke's...
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I'm actually beginning to grow tired of the वाद-विवाद and I'm considering rooting for Lucas to choose Lindsay या run off with Skillz. Im a ब्रूकस प्रशंसक but I strongly dislike the animosity that keeps appearing between the shippers. Admittedly ब्रूकस Vs Leytoners are not nearly as vicious as some of the Nachel/Rathan या the Brathan crowds, I've no idea what that is but some of them just seem plain mean.
There are a thousand reasons for Leyton and a thousand for Brucas, but Im tired of the 'Who should Lucas be with' picks, especially since whenever I read them I seem to catch spoilers without any spoiler...
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"One पेड़ Hill: Don't Dream It's Over (#5.6)" (2008)
[first lines]
Brooke Davis: Alright guys, bring it in.

Haley James Scott: [holding a shot] I guess one shot won't kill us, huh!
[disgustingly, after everyone drinks their shots]
Haley James Scott: Maybe it will. Brooke, what was that?
Brooke Davis: I wanted something that would remind everyone of me... so... they mixed their most लोकप्रिय liqueur with their sweetest...
Brooke Davis: The bartender did name it a 'Brooke Davis'.

Brooke Davis: [to Owen] आप know, not many people can handle a 'Brooke Davis'.
Owen: Well, it's definitely...
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posted by naley_4ever
 The beginning of a beautiful relationship:)
The beginning of a beautiful relationship:)
I am absolutely devastated द्वारा the end of episode 5.10. I am a huge नेली प्रशंसक and couldn't believe my ears when Haley told Nathan she wanted a divorce. I almost cried... I thought that when Jamie fell in the pool, maybe that incident would help Nathan and Haley forgive each other and work on their marriage. नेली is one of the big reasons I watch the show, and if they get divorced, I don't think I would be able to watch it anymore. Actually I probably would watch it, but it would definitely be hard for me. I could barely watch the दिखाना when Nathan and Haley were [nearly] separated the first...
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Haley गाना - crazy girls
पहाड़ी, हिल
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