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 Nathan Scott
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How could आप not प्यार him?!
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nathan scott
james lafferty
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I decided to make an लेख instead of a post because I have a lot to say and don't want to be criticized for making an entirely too long post. SO anyways I was thinking the other दिन about all the great moments this दिखाना has had over the years. I have been a true प्रशंसक since the beginning when I first heard about the दिखाना from Hilarie who was a VJ on एमटीवी at the time and was plugging her new दिखाना on the WB. I can't सूची my प्रिय scene because there have been SO many that I've loved in their own way and for different reasons so I have decided to break it down द्वारा category and then सूची my top...
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