Okay, this is an alternate universe fiction.

Some things आप should know: Okay, as I कहा , this story is somewhat alternate universe. For instance, Jake and Tim are brothers, and Jake is dating Haley. Nathan isn’t, nor has he ever been an नितंब, गधा to Lucas and Haley, and is completely madly in प्यार with Haley, and she feels the same towards him, and has since the eighth grade. Lucas and Nathan are also real brothers, not half brothers. Karen and Dan are their parents. So, that’s just some stuff that hasn’t happened on the show, and won’t happen, since it’s alternate universe. Lol.

The पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल High घंटी, बेल rang loudly, signaling to the students that it would be in their best interest if they left the classroom, and went out for lunch.

Not that anyone would object, school wasn’t exactly anyone’s प्रिय place to be.

Haley James however, was the last person onto the crowded courtyard. An annoyed sigh escaped her lips. Yeah, she was really going to find her फ्रेंड्स in this crowd.

“Haley.” She felt an arm grasp hers. Apparently she wouldn’t have to. Her best friend, Brooke Davis, slung an arm around her best friend’s shoulder, a large dimpled grin spread across her face.

The pair began to walk aimlessly through the mass of students.

“So, guess what Lucas and I did last night.” It wasn’t a question, और of a statement that required an answer.

“Trust me Brooke, I don’t want to know.” Haley laughed, following her friend’s gaze towards a group of people sitting at a lunch table.

Brooke sauntered over to the table, but Haley paused, looking at the group of फ्रेंड्स that sat so comfortably there.

It had always been that way, since pre-school really. Brooke had been the last to शामिल होइए their वृत्त of friends. She’d moved to पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल at age seven, but immediately, she was the opposite of Haley. Confident.

Lucas Scott, Haley’s best friend since birth had instantly had a crush on the young brunette. He hadn’t known then that young Brooke Davis and himself would be a couple in just years. It’d started during the summer of eighth grade, when Lucas had finally worked up the courage to ask Brooke out. She’d कहा yes, and they had dated since then. Three years and half, they’d been dating.

Then there had been Jake and Tim Smith. She’d met them too when she was in pre-school. Jake and Tim were fraternal twins, and that was pretty obvious. Haley had met Tim first of the two, and he was constantly mean to her, calling her names and such.

She hadn’t understood why. She had only been nice to the children around her, yet he insisted on being mean to her. Tim pretty much thought he was the last Pepsi in the desert, which he wasn’t. He really was और cocky then he should have been.

However, his brother Jake, was the exact opposite. He was sweet, soft, athletic, and completely gorgeous. Slightly curly brown hair, and big brown eyes complemented him well. She’d liked him for a while, to be honest.

But in eighth grade, he’d finally asked her out. And she’d कहा yes. And everything had changed. They’d dated on and off, mostly off, for the past three years. Tim and her had actually started getting along due to the relationship, and she was pretty happy about it. Conflict was something she attempted to avoid.

Then, there was Nathan. Nathan was a completely different story. She’d liked Nathan ever since the fifth grade, when they’d danced at their very first school dance together. She’d secretly liked him all through the eighth grade, even when Jake had asked her out. But her crush had soon turned to love, as Nathan grew nicer, and manlier. Days went by, and she just knew it was love. People could ask her how, but she really couldn’t answer, she simply felt it in her heart.

“Hey Hales, are आप just going to stand there all day?” She was broken out of her trance द्वारा Lucas’s voice.

She made her way towards the table, finding a सीट अगला to her boyfriend. He draped an arm over her shoulder casually, and she instantly tensed up. She calmed herself down, and rested her head on Jake’s shoulder.

“Hey, you.” He whispered to her, pecking her on the lips.

“Hi.” Her voice was soft and sweet , and that was what he’d always loved about her.

Brooke clasped her hands underneath her chin, making an ‘Awwwwww’ sound. “You two are so cute.”

“Yeah,” Nathan mumbled from his seat, “Just adorable.”

“Lucas,” Brooke whined, burying her head in her boyfriend’s shoulder, “I don’t want आप to go to college अगला year.” Lucas was a senior, a साल older then the rest of them.

“Brooke, I’m going to Duke, I can आप see आप a lot.” He played with a stray curl of her hair, tucking it behind her ear.

She pouted, resting her head against his chest. “You’ll also be seeing those Duke cheerleaders a lot.”

“You’re the only cheerleader I want.”

Haley laughed, covering her mouth. Brooke shot her a questioning look.

Haley was attempting to sustain her giggles. “You two are just so cheesy.”

“Oh, thanks.” Brooke smiled sarcastically.

“Any time.”

पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल was a rich town. To be honest, it was filled with a lot of rich people. But Brooke’s house was huge. Enormous. Bigger then any other house Haley had ever seen, although Nathan and Lucas’s followed closely.

Brooke’s shiny blue Volkswagen Bug pulled into the courtyard of the large house. And although Haley had been there at least a million times before, she still couldn’t believe how huge it was.

Brooke pretty much lived in it alone. Her parents were never around, and Haley was the only one that ever seemed to come over, besides Lucas, and maybe Rosario, the maid.

As the door closed, Haley jumped when the sound echoed throughout the large house. She followed Brooke into the kitchen, seating herself down onto a रसोई, रसोईघर stool. Brooke put some पॉपकॉर्न in the microwave, then sat down with Haley.

“So friend,” She smirked, “Done anything with Jakey lately?”

Haley blushed. “No, not yet.”

“Just not ready, huh?”

Haley avoided answering the question. Maybe she was ready, but Jake wasn’t who she wanted to be ready with.

“I guess.”

“Jake seems like he would be really good, too. It’s a shame.” Brooke shrugged, picking at a perfect nail.

“Thanks for the reassurance.” Haley rolled her eyes, shaking her head at Brooke.

“It’ll be great when आप do though, and आप so know आप have to tell me every complete detail.”

“It will be. His first time, and my first time..” Haley trailed off, stopping herself. She seemed to be reassuring herself that sex with Jake would be good.

“Wait a second. His first time?” Brooke drew back, obviously shocked.

“Well, yeah..”

“That’s sad.”

“What’s sad?”

“He’s sixteen and still a virgin.”

“I’m sixteen and still a virgin!”

“Yeah, but he’s a guy.” Brooke shook her head sadly.

“What are आप talking about?”


“Brooke, how old were आप when आप लॉस्ट your virginity?” This was something the two had never discussed, because Haley hadn’t wanted to know. Her two best फ्रेंड्स having sex? Wasn’t a pretty picture.

“Fourteen.” Brooke blushed at the memory, thinking of when she’d been so inexperienced and scared.

“Is that normal?” Haley bit her lip nervously.

“Probably not.” Brooke was still in dreamland.

“So, I guess neither of us had sex at the age you’re really supposed too.”

“Guess not.” Came the faraway reply.

“Brooke!” Haley snapped her fingers in front of Brooke’s face.

“Yeah, sorry, I’m listening.”

A disgusted look crossed over Haley’s face. “You were thinking of sex with Lucas, weren’t you?”

Brooke smiled sheepishly. “Maybe just a little.”


“No, very yummy, actually.”